2015 UPI Scholarship Recipients - United Producers, Inc.

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students and college or technical school students in each of UPI's 16 ... College: Northwest Missouri State University ... High School: Maryville High School.
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2015 UPI Scholarship Recipients Through its scholarship program, United Producers encourages deserving young students to pursue careers in agriculture or agriculture-related fields of study. UPI is investing in the future of the agricultural leaders of tomorrow. In 2015, $1,000 scholarships were available to eligible high school students and college or technical school students in each of UPI’s 16 districts. Eligible students were required to:

• be a Preferred Member of UPI or a child or grandchild of a Preferred Member,

• be a 2015 graduating high school senior enrolled in a college or technical school, studying an agriculture-related field, or

• be a post high school student currently attending a college or technical school studying an agriculture-related field.

Sydney Thummel Hometown: Sheridan, Mo. Parents: Jeff and Deb Thummel High School: Worth County RIII College: Northwest Missouri State University Major: Agricultural Businness

Hometown: Sweet Springs, Mo. Parents: Doug Loges and Diana Ernst High School: Sweet Springs High School College: University of Missouri-Columbia Major: Science and Agricultural Journalism

Olivia Loges


Allison Stien

aryville, Mo. Hometown: M and Ann Steins Parents: Gary h School Maryville Hig High School: uri rsity of Misso College: Unive ture Business Major: Agricul

Logan Ch


Hometow n: Human sville, Mo Parents: Ja . mes and M elissa Ch High Scho aney ol: Weaub leau High College: M S chool issouri Sta te Univer Major : Ag sity riculture Business

Hometown: Deepwater, Mo. Parents: Brenda and Terry Strope High School: Appleton City High School College: University of Missouri- Columbia Major: Animal Science Pre- Veterinarian


Rachel Strop

Hometown: Fillmore, Ill. Parents: Tom and Amy Knodle High School: Nokomis High School College: Lake Land College Major: Agribusiness

Lacey Kno


Adam Reeder

Eli Lueke Hometown: McLeansboro, Ill. Parents: Jeff and Michele Lueke High School: Hamilton County High School College: Rend Lake College Major: Agricultural Business

Hometown: Dar lington, Wis. Parents: Terry an d Connie Reeder High School: Dar lington High Scho ol College: Kirkwoo d Community C ollege Major : Agricultu re Production M anagement

Emily Lueke . cLeansboro, Ill Hometown: M e d Michele Luek l Parents: Jeff an ty High Schoo amilton Coun H l: o ho Sc h Hig rsity of Illinois College: Unive Science Major: Animal


a Plank

Hometow n: Carson City, Mich Parents: E . ric Plank a n d Holly Ak High Scho in ol: Fulton High Scho College: M o l ontcalm C ommunity Major : An College imal Scien ce


Elizabeth Ve

eford, Mich. Hometown: D ma n and Lisa Vene Parents: Marti h School Cass City Hig High School: versity gan State Uni College: Michi Science Major: Animal

Hometown: East Lansing, Mich. Parents: Norman and Holly Buning High School: McBaln High School College: Michigan State University Major: Agribusiness Managment

Nathan Bu


Samantha Pasm


Erica Drake Hometown: Ann Arbor, Mich. Parents: Steven and Leslie Drake High School: Saline High School College: Michigan State University Major: Dairy Science

Hometown: Lans ing, Mich. Parents: Daniel an d Angela Poirier High School: Stan dish-Sterling Cen tral High School College: Michiga n State University Major : Masters in Food Safety

Austin Cook

Calla He

wler, Mich. Hometown: Fo ook y and Scott C ile R ey ac St s: Parent School Fowler High High School: y College ing Communit College: Lans tural Tech. Major: Agricul

nr y

Hometow n: Conner sville, Ind. Parents: M ichelle and Steven He High Scho nry ol: Conne r s v ille Senior College: W High Scho ilmington ol College Major : Pre -Veterinar y Medicin e

Hometown: Arlington, Ind. Parents: Shawn and Michelle Orme High School: Rushville Consolidated College: Purdue University Major: Animal Science


m Michaela Or

Hometown:Vallonia, Ind. Parents: Thomas and Ruth Hackman High School: Trinity Lutheran High School College: Purdue University Major: Food Science and Dietetics

Allison Hackma


Graham Ormis


tts a R n i Benjam

Hometown: Hel tonville, Ind. Parents: Candice Ormiston High School: Bedf ord North Lawre nce High School College: Lake La nd College Major : Animal Sc ience

Hometown: Salem, Ind. Parents: Dean and Kym Ratts High School: Salem High School College:Vincennes University Major: John Deere Ag Tech Program

den Grace Nor Hometown: Napoleon, Ohio Parents: Terry and Karen Norden High School: Napoleon High School College: The University of Findlay Major: Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science

Michaela Bre


Hometown: Alv ada, Ohio Parents: Brad an d Laura Breece High School: H omeschool College: The U niversity of Find lay Major : Animal Sciences and Bi ology


Demi Snid

Hometown: Kenton, Ohio Parents: Dave and DeDe Snider High School: Kenton Senior High School College: The Ohio State University Major: Agricultural Communications

Hometown: Xenia, Ohio Parents: Doug and Rachel Anderson High School: Cedarville High School College: The Ohio State University Major: Animal Science, focus in Swine Nutrition

Brooke Anderson

Hannah Frobose Hometown: Pemberville, Ohio Parents: Dan and Vicki Frobose High School: Eastwood High School College: Butler Community College Major: Agribusiness


David Seid

Hometown: Greenwich, Ohio Parents: Rob and Michele Seidel High School: South Central High School College: Wilmington College Major: Animal Science

Cur tis Har


Hometown: Radnor, Ohio Parents: David and Michele Harsh High School: Buckeye Valley High School College: Iowa State University Major: Agricultural Business

Devin Coon Hometown: O ak Hill, Ohio Parents: Tracy and Bobby C oon High School: Oak Hill High Sc hool College: Ohio State Univers it yATI Major: Biochem ical Sciences, Pre-Veterinari an

Hometown: Thurman, Ohio Parents: Andrew (AJ) and Angela Owens High School: Gallia Academy High School College: Ohio State University-ATI Major: Animal Science-Beef and Swine Production and Managment

ens w O w e r d n A

Hometown: Hillsboro, Ohio Parents: Clansey and Jaime Simmons High School: Fairfield Local High School College: The Ohio State University Major: Animal Sciences with Bioscience focus

Brenna Simmons

Justin Yount Hometown: Eminence, Ky. Parents: John and Lynne tte Yount High School: Henry Coun ty High School College: University of Ke ntucky Major : Animal Science


Emily Hum

Hometown: Taylorsville, Ky. Parents: David and Tonya Hume High School: Spencer County High School College: Murray State University Major: Animal Science