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8th Grade Honors Language Arts Syllabus. Instructor: ... The Honors section of 8th Grade English differs from the conventional 8th Grade English in that expectations ...
8th Grade Honors Language Arts Syllabus Instructor: Mary Lou Bruchman [email protected] 256-428-8380 Hampton Cove Middle School’s Language Arts Mission Statement Literacy involves the ability to analyze and respond orally and in writing to a variety of texts. We believe our Language Arts classrooms will open the doors to literacy and prepare students for future learning in all disciplines.

I. Overview: In the eighth grade, students will write and read with a more critical eye than they have in the past years. The eighth grade year is often a bridge between middle school and high school and is, therefore, a pivotal year of instruction. Their use of language in speaking and writing will become more sophisticated as they learn new techniques of rhetoric from reading the work of master writers and as they use these techniques in their own compositions. Eighth graders who have been using Pre-AP strategies (Advanced Placement classes are where the majority of Honors students are headed) can be expected to use language correctly and precisely, having had a firm foundation in grammar and composition during sixth and seventh grades (Laying the Foundation: A Resource and Planning Guide for Pre-AP English Grade Eight). Students will become frequent visitors to our school library as they complete two research projects - one per semester. Students will also engage in studies fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and drama.

In addition to our state standards, Alabama is transitioning to the Common Core Standards. Here is a link: http://alex.state.al.us/ccrs/node/69

II. Objectives: At the conclusion of this course students should be able to: • Expand vocabulary and language skills • Identify and describe various literary forms and techniques, using the appropriate terminology • Respond to literature through oral and written expression • Practice critical reading, writing, and thinking skills • Enhance their writing ability • Appreciate a wide variety of literary forms for their biographical and historical context

III. Expectations: The Honors section of 8th Grade English differs from the conventional 8th Grade English in that expectations are higher, the course is paced differently, and the subject matter is geared towards the gifted learner. Students will be held accountable for instruction that took place in their sixth and seventh grade classrooms.

IV. Textbooks: • On-line textbook: Prentice Hall Literature

V. Required Daily Materials (these are on the supply list): All English 8 students are required to have the following materials on a daily basis: • Binder with loose-leaf paper and 5 dividers (English notebook is not to be shared with any other subject). • Highlighters (yellow, blue, green, and orange) • No. 2 Pencils for testing • Black, blue, and red ink pens • Personal computer (fully charged)

VI. Evaluation Tests and quizzes may include multiple choice, matching, identification, short answer, and/or essay questions. Tests will always be announced in advance, unless they are used for diagnostic purposes. Individual or group projects, essays, and oral presentations will have assigned test/quiz values. Take-home essays MUST be typed and double-spaced and typed in 12 point font (Arial or Times New Roman). If the final draft of your take-home essay is hand written it will not be accepted.

Breakdown of Grades: 75% tests/projects/quizzes and 25% class work/homework

VII. Classroom Policies Make-up Work: The day a student returns to school following an absence, standing (routine) assignments or assignments given prior to the absence are due and will not be accepted at a later date for credit – but must be turned in. Tests previously announced must also be taken as soon as it is convenient for the teacher. The student is responsible for making up all assignments that were given while absent - teacher will give an appropriate amount of time and IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO SEE ME about makeup work (all Huntsville City Schools’ guidelines will be followed). I allow students to make up tests Monday or Wednesday during 7th period (or before or after school with an appointment). REMINDER: AFTER TWO WEEKS TIME, TESTS NOT TAKEN DUE TO ABSENCE WILL BE ZEROED.

Leadership, Responsibility, and Accountability: As we prepare students for high school, it is imperative to stress these attributes to our students. Work is due at the beginning of class on the date specified. All required assignments must be completed; however, late work will not be awarded a grade and will be recorded as a zero.

Class Guidelines: Treat yourself, the subject matter, your classmates and teachers with maturity and respect: Wait your turn to speak. Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Follow directions the first time they are given. Be prepared for class because you may not be allowed to go to your locker during class. Enter and exit the classroom quietly and in an orderly manner. It is imperative you are on time. If you are tardy, you must present a pass to the teacher upon arrival. An unexcused tardy to class will result in a Silent Lunch detention. Teachers, not bells dismiss the class. Do not pack up your materials until you are given permission to do so. Disruptive behavior is unacceptable because it is a form of disrespect. Parents will be contacted as needed.

Plagiarism (passing someone else’s work off as your own): Any student caught plagiarizing another person’s work will receive a zero on the assignment and a Silent Lunch detention (subsequent offenses result in a disciplinary referral and of course a zero). This includes copying another person’s homework, using on-line sources and claiming them as your own, in addition to copying other forms of print media and claiming them as original. Anyone allowing another to copy his work will receive the same punishment - never loan your work to another student. Anything they need they can get from me.

Homework: Homework is an essential part of this course: It is the best way to reflect upon, practice, and reinforce what you have learned in class and it will be given an academic grade.

Notebook requirement: It is vital to keep your notebook organized. You will only receive one copy of any given handout so keep everything you are given and remember you will have a comprehensive semester exam. Make sure all papers have your name, class period, date, and the assignment labeled on them. Papers with no name will be discarded.

Accelerated Reading Quizzes: Two tests per nine weeks must be taken and the grades will be averaged for a single test grade.

Extra Credit: If a student chooses to take more that the required number of A.R. tests in a given quarter, additional passing grades on level appropriate books will be considered for extra credit. Ten points per test (limited to ten per quarter).

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