8th Grade Syllabus

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8th Grade Humanities Course Syllabus ... but not be limited to, the use of the textbooks Holt Literature and Language Arts (Second Course) and History Alive:  ...
8th Grade Humanities Course Syllabus Mrs. Fedoryk Room 28 Contact Information: [email protected]

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to promote academic excellence in English Language Arts and the Social Sciences through enhanced experiences in literature, research, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking.


The content will include, but not be limited to, the use of the textbooks Holt Literature and Language Arts (Second Course) and History Alive: The United States Through Industrialism, the study of contemporary and classic novels, application of the writing process for a variety of purposes and audiences, the study of advanced vocabulary, practice of formal and informal speaking and listening activities, utilization of critical thinking skills in class and in the completion of projects, and career information and opportunities related to language arts.


This is a GATE class. As such, there will be greater expectations and responsibilities. You are expected to exhibit strong academic behaviors and conscientiousness throughout the school year. You can expect this class to be challenging, but as long as you stay organized, use your class time wisely, follow directions in class carefully, work hard in class and at home, you will be successful and make yourself proud. You will also be gaining the knowledge and work habits that will contribute to your success in high school and beyond.

Materials Necessary for Success:

Students will need to bring the following items to class every session- • 3-ring binder organized with 5 tabbed dividers • Pens and/or pencils (it is your responsibility to have an eraser and lead) • Pencil sharpener with a cover • Binder paper • 8 MB (or smaller) flash drive

Class Rules:

1) Respect yourself and others 2) Stay on task 3) Raise your hand to speak 4) No gum, candy, or cell phones (should be turned off, in backpack) 5) Follow all rules in the student handbook


1) Verbal warning 2) 10 minute time-out 3) Detention/parent is contacted 4) Referral to principal

***Students who have consistent behavior issues will not be allowed to attend privilege activities, such as field trips, dances, and rallies.

Late Work:

• Late work will automatically be marked down by 10 percent.

Missed Work:

• It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the assignments, notes & any other pertinent information that is missed during an absence. • Work assigned or completed during your absence will be due within the same number of days as you have missed.

Course Grading Scale: Coursework Weighting:

A = 90-100% Tests 25% B = 80-89% Classwork 25% C = 70-79% Writing/ Projects 25% D = 60-69% Homework 25% F = 59% and below

Homework and Grade Information for Parents:

Students will receive a monthly calendar and assignment log. This log will contain all assignments, due dates, points possible, and points received. Please review your child’s homework and assignment log regularly and initial the log. In addition, please check your child’s grades on a weekly basis on Zangle. You will also be able to see due dates for upcoming projects and assignments. Email me with any questions you may have about homework, grades or upcoming assignments. If you have any questions about how to log on to Zangle, please contact the front office at 433-5062.

Students: Please have parents review this syllabus, sign, and return THIS PAGE ONLY by ______________________________. Keep the syllabus in your binder for your reference.

PRINTED STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________ PRINTED PARENT NAME: _____________________________________ We have reviewed the course syllabus for Mrs. Fedoryk’s Humanities class.

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