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ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AND FLU PANDEMICS ... This article will present the "other side of the fence" relative to a pandemic flu, namely the alternative medicine or ...

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Subtitle: The Alternative Medicine Comments On: "Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic" by Dr. Grattan Woodson, MD

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Introduction The superb article written by Dr. Grattan Woodson, MD, which is linked to in the header above, should be read by anyone interested in pandemics. There is a lot of important information in that article that will not be repeated here. Dr. Woodson, being a medical doctor, discusses solutions that involve vaccinations and prescription drugs. While vaccinations and prescription drugs may be of some limited value during a pandemic, they are certainly not the only option for dealing with a pandemic flu. Nor are they the best option. This article will present the "other side of the fence" relative to a pandemic flu, namely the alternative medicine or natural medicine perspective. As of the date of this article, the avian flu virus has NOT mutated to the point that it presents any type of danger to America. It is impossible, with current technology, to predict whether it will ever mutate and become a pandemic. It is far more likely, if there is another pandemic in the next several decades, that there will be little or no warning and it will be a virus that is unknown to the world until just weeks before the virus starts to spread. This possibility is important to understand because it takes a minimum of several months to create a vaccine after the virus mutates to the point it is a pandemic virus. Vaccines made using grandparent viruses, which existed prior to the final mutation, may be of limited or no use.

The Nature of Microbes The most important thing to understand about microbes is that viruses can exist in a state of what I will call "hibernation," during which time they cannot be killed and are almost indestructible. When in this state of hibernation the virus is sometimes called a "somatid" or "microzyma." Several people have independently discovered this state of a microbe. Here is more information on somatids. Viruses can exist in this state of hibernation during the time a vaccine is made, and thus they can be very much "alive" after the vaccine is manufactured, meaning they can be in the vaccine. In other words, the process of making vaccines cannot kill any virus in hibernation, nor can they be filtered out. Once in the human body, via the vaccination, the live virus in hibernation can come out of hibernation (as ambient conditions change) and morph into a full virus (thus the term: "pleomorphic," though the orthodox definition of "pleomorphic" fails to take into account the full range of how much microbes can morph).

This is why, as one of many examples, so many children get autism after an MMR vaccination (i.e. autism is frequently, but not always, caused by a live measles virus which was in the MMR vaccine). The bottom line is that vaccinations which are designed to prevent disease; can actually cause disease. Vaccinations bypass the body's immune system and are injected directly into the blood and may on occasion contain viruses in hibernation. Furthermore, the flu vaccine you take this year is based on the flu of last year. Viruses frequently change so much from year to year that this year's flu vaccine (which is based on the prior year's flu virus) may be ineffective. This is because it takes several months to make a flu vaccine and distribute it. While this year's flu vaccine is based on a 5 to 8 month old virus, pandemics may not provide that much warning!! However, orthodox medicine will sell you a vaccine whether it works or not. There is a lot of good news and a lot of bad news with regards to the issue of pandemics. All of the really good news comes from natural or alternative medicine. The first good news is that there is a 100% cure for any disease caused by a virus. The cure is the Bob Beck Protocol (generally called the "Beck Protocol"), which is a treatment using electromedicine. It will work every time if it is started early enough. It will be discussed later in this article. However, even though any type of flu is easy to cure, let us begin with how to prevent a viral attack. Even though the flu can be cured, a person would be far better off to prevent the symptoms of the flu, because the cure will take a couple of days to stabilize the disease (and reverse its progress), during which time the patient will be very sick. The cure will take 21 days to insure all of the viruses are killed or disabled. Thus, it is better to avoid the disease altogether. Another reason to prevent the disease is because equipment to cure the disease may be in short supply. Before going on, it should be emphasized that hydration (i.e. giving a person lots of liquids) is very, very important. Dr. Woodson emphasized this very strongly so it will not be emphasized here.

How the Flu is Spread and the Use of Hydrogen Peroxide Everyone says that the flu is spread by contact, but such a statement misses the key way that the flu is generally spread.

While it is true the flu can be caught by eating or inhaling the flu virus, in most cases the flu is caught through the ears. The ears have absolutely no defense mechanism to kill a virus. Thus, any virus that enters the ear (either through a finger being put in the ear or viruses in the air getting into the ear), will live, breed, thrive and get into the body. To prove this is very simple. First, have some 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide handy (generally you have to buy food grade hydrogen peroxide over the Internet at some percentage higher than 3%, and then you will have to mix it with distilled water to get it down to the 3% level). While it is best to use food grade H2O2, most likely you will go to the drug store and buy the intentionally contaminated 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is intentionally contaminated so people won't take it internally. Now, the next time you catch a common cold or the flu, do the following: lay on a bed and put 5 to 10 drops of the 3% hydrogen peroxide in one ear. Do not move for 10 minutes. You will hear bubbling. This bubbling is the hydrogen peroxide killing the viruses. If it doesn't bubble in the first ear, try the second ear. Chances are that one or both of your ears will create a large amount of bubbling. This is proof that your cold entered your body through your ears. Before I learned how to prevent colds, I used this technique several times on myself. It helped if I caught the disease early enough. Thus, when the pandemic hits, or even when the common cold is "going around," be careful to wash your hands, and especially your fingers, before sticking a finger in your ear. However, the flu can spread through the air into the ears. If the pandemic is in full swing in your area, you should put the 3% H2O2 in each ear, at least once a day, even if you do not have the symptoms of the flu. If you hear any bubbling, immediately start using the treatments for the pandemic flu mentioned in this article. This will be your first and earliest warning sign that you have been exposed to a virus. If you get the flu, such as a pandemic flu, the first thing you need to do is put the 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear, for 10 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a day. This will help the body fight the flu because not as much flu viruses will get past the ears. The earlier you start this treatment, after noticing your symptoms, or hear the bubbling, the more effective the H2O2 treatment, and other treatments, will be. If you hear the bubbling, or have the symptoms of the pandemic flu, You should also put 50 drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide into an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it. Do this every half hour for 6 straight hours for as long as you have the flu. For children use more diluted solutions of hydrogen peroxide in every case mentioned above, such as 1.5%.

Preventing Any Type of Flu

Stabilized Oxygen There have been ways to prevent the flu since the 1940s, and even long before then. One of the most effective ways to prevent the flu is by using a product called "stabilized oxygen." If an adult (all doses in this article are for adults, it is up to the reader to decide on the dose for children) wants to prevent the flu or a cold, they should take 20 to 30 drops of a stabilized oxygen product every day, generally in a fruit drink, but it can be taken with water. It would also be wise to take a similar number of drops of a liquid mineral supplement, such as "Cell Food," or a supplement such as Essense Health Blend, to enhance the effectiveness of the stabilized oxygen with minerals, vitamins, iodine, EFAs, etc. Among the many brands of stabilized oxygen, the brand I use is Aerobic O7 (that is an "Oh," not a zero, which stands for Oxygen). It is even better to have potassium added to the product, which is called Aerobic KO7. Just put "Aerobic K07" into Google (include the quotes) and you will get about a thousand hits. Aerobic O7, without the potassium, can be purchased at some health food stores. Once there is known to be a pandemic in the country you are in, certainly double or triple that daily dose as a prevention measure. A pandemic flu is a more potent type of flu and needs stronger prevention measures. If you start to get symptoms, take 25 drops every half-hour for 6 straight hours, every day, until all symptoms are gone. For further information see this article: [Click on the article: Fighting Viruses and Winning]

Proteolytic Enzymes Proteolytic enzymes are another way to prevent and stop viruses in their tracks. The right enzymes, in high enough doses, will strip the protein coating surrounding the virus, and they will not be able to attach to cells and breed. If viruses cannot breed they are harmless and the body will get rid of them. Also, without the protein coating, the viruses will also be more exposed to the body's immune system. Warning: Proteolytic enzymes are a blood thinner, do not overdose and do not EVER use them with prescription drug thinners. No more than 30 capsules a day should be taken, but only for very short periods of time, and only while there are symptoms of the flu.

For prevention, use 5 to 9 capsules a day. But remember it is a blood thinner. All of these things will be in short supply once a pandemic hits, so stock up now, not because there is any immediate danger, but just as a good habit to get into. Some items, however, do not store for more than a year. Other items will store for many years (e.g. silver wire, if stored properly, to be discussed later in this article). Sunshine There are a plethora of items that are claimed to prevent the flu and colds. Among them are: Vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, zinc, etc. etc. All of these things will help, but once the news media breaks that a pandemic has started, these items will be off the shelves within hours, especially Vitamin C, which does not store well. Of special mention is Vitamin D. It has been scientifically shown to prevent people from getting the flu. The best thing about Vitamin D is that the best way to take it is by going outside in the sunshine!!! Since Big Pharma has not yet figured out a way to stop the sun from shining (which would increase their profits), they do the next best thing and convince you to use a sun screen or suntan lotion, which causes skin cancer. The lotions cause skin cancer because the sun's full spectrum is filtered by the creams. That is why there is an epidemic of skin cancer. The orthodox medicine solution is for you to use even stronger sun tan lotion!! One excellent way to prevent the flu is to get outside for a couple of hours a day. Expose as much of your skin to the sun as you can. Once the pandemic starts, you better do that very thing every day no matter what else you do. If sunburn is a potential problem due to where you live, and the season of the year, build up to the 2 hours a day, or at least go outside as much as possible. From a pandemic flu perspective, the suntan lotions and sun blockers will diminish the effectiveness of the sunshine at preventing the flu!! Colloidal Silver Another major thing to prevent the flu is colloidal silver. Silver was the primary method of orthodox (yes, orthodox) medicine to kill microbes until Big Pharma started coming out with antibiotics, etc. in the late 1930s. Antibiotics have never worked very well against viruses, but orthodox medicine shut down colloidal silver anyway to increase their profits. You can make your own colloidal silver at home. However, you should know that you should use a "pure" silver, not a silver compound, such as silver chloride. Never, never

buy your silver from a jeweler. They add nickel to their silver, which is highly toxic if taken internally. Four ounces of 10 PPM (Parts Per Million) per day, or 8 ounces of 5 PPM per day, will probably prevent any type of flu. Of course, once the pandemic hits, double that dose as a prevention measure. It is important to note that silver chemically reacts to sunlight. It is necessary to store the finished product (i.e. any that will not be consumed immediately) in a dark brown bottle and store the bottles in a pitch black storage area which never sees the light. An alternative would be to store it in a pitch black storage area, such as under a box. If you start to get the symptoms of the flu, increase your daily dose to 36 ounces of 10 PPM, or as much as you can make if you cannot get to that dose. A special article tells you how to make 1 gallon of 6 PPM to 8 PPM colloidal silver - at home. See this article: If you have the symptoms of a pandemic flu, one thing that may help colloidal silver target anaerobic cells (i.e. the cells which are breeding the virus) is to take some DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) at the same time you take the colloidal silver. Part of the silver will bind to the DMSO in the blood (if the silver particles are small enough) and the DMSO will allow that silver to target anaerobic cells because DMSO targets anaerobic cells and will carry anything it binds to inside the cell. This is a way to get the colloidal silver to target anaerobic cells. The DMSO should be taken externally (or it could cause nausea), meaning rub it on your arm or leg. It may cause a little body odor, but note that by definition you have a pandemic flu, so body odor should not be your main concern!!! Rotate the places on your body where you rub the DMSO in order to avoid rashes. In summary, put a tablespoon of DMSO on your skin each time you take a large dose of colloidal silver. If you mix the DMSO with the colloidal silver before putting the DMSO on your skin, that spot of skin may turn black (because the silver will chemically react to light), but that is only temporary and it is no big deal. It is not the same thing as argyria. So far, the 6 most important things you can take to prevent the flu are: 1) Protect the ears and use H2O2 daily if the pandemic is in your area, 2) Use the H2O2 in other ways, 3) Stabilized oxygen, 4) Proteolytic enzymes, 5) Pure sunlight (no lotions) 6) Colloidal Silver (add DMSO if you have the symptoms of the flu)

All of these things should be taken as a general prevention, and in higher doses should the pandemic flu be in your area; and in even higher doses as part of your treatment. Now let's talk about how to cure any type of flu.

The Bob Beck Protocol - The Cure For All Viral Diseases The Bob Beck Protocol will cure any type of flu if used early enough. One thing to realize is that the Bob Beck Protocol equipment must be in your house before anyone gets the symptoms of the flu. You cannot buy this equipment at the grocery store. It must be used immediately when symptoms start. The basis of the Bob Beck Protocol was the discovery of two medical doctors in 1990, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. They discovered that a very small electrical current (50 to 100 microamps) could destroy a key enzyme on the surface of the HIV virus. This rendered the virus harmless because it could not attach to white blood cells and thus could not reproduce (i.e. the electrical current "attenuated" or weakened the HIV virus). In reality, they discovered a cure for AIDS / HIV in 1990. They developed two different ways to cure AIDS, and either of these ways will cure any pandemic flu. However, orthodox doctors are forbidden to use these cures for AIDS / HIV or a pandemic flu. To date, procedures using their discovery have been successful against every tested microbe, which includes many viruses, yeasts, molds, bacteria, etc. Thus, orthodox medicine knows how to cure any pandemic flu. Many, many people know that a cure for AIDS / HIV and any pandemic flu exists, but the media will never mention these cures because of the billions of dollars a year they get from Big Pharma in advertising money. Nor will the AMA allow their doctors to use these cures for any disease under any circumstances. Kaali and Lyman should have won a Nobel Prize, but their discovery would not have increased the profits of Big Pharma, so they did not win any prize. In fact, the Nobel Prize awards are generally a sham because they ignore the vast majority of the major discoveries. It should be noted that the discoveries of Kaali and Lyman are highly public information. This is not a case where Big Medicine has suppressed any information (though they tried hard to suppress it). The information is readily available, mostly in the patent office and the Internet. What Big Disease has done is suppress the ability of medical doctors to use the technology and they have stopped Big Media from talking about it. It doesn't matter how

much truth there is on the Internet, it will not be widely known unless Big Media makes it widely known. The Internet is like a thousand acre haystack, with only a few needles in it. But Big Media is in bed with anyone with a buck in their pocket. They are the biggest whores on earth, next to politicians. In any case, the late Dr. Bob Beck, who held a PhD in physics from USC; and had over 30 years experience in electromedicine at the time, found out about the discovery and created a simple and inexpensive way to cure AIDS at home. Obviously, Big Disease was not happy about that!! Dr. Beck found himself staring down the barrels of multiple drawn Big Bully (i.e. FDA) guns at 3:00 in the morning one day. Dr. Beck spent many tens of thousands of dollars of his own money to develop the protocol, and never tried to earn a single penny from the sale or use of his devices. This is what kept him out of jail. His treatment will also cure any type of virus, even a pandemic flu. The treatment consists of four pieces: 1) Blood Electrifier or Blood Purifier (an electromedicine device) 2) Magnetic Pulser (an electromedicine device) 3) Colloidal Silver, discussed above, 4) Ozonated Water The ozonated water was the last item added to his protocol, and is not considered to be critical to the cure, but it is nice to have if you can afford and obtain the equipment (about $300). This is mentioned in case you cannot obtain this piece of equipment meaning you can still go on the Bob Beck Protocol without the water ozonator. The Blood Electrifier attenuates all the microbes floating in the blood. The Magnetic Pulser attenuates all microbes which are stationary, such as in viral colonies in the stomach or lymph nodes. Dr. Beck made the schematics of both the Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser public domain. The schematics for both of these things are readily available on the Internet, and the parts can be purchased at any Radio Shack. Pre-assembled Bob Beck equipment can also be purchased on the Internet. During a pandemic, many thousands of Blood Electrifiers and Magnetic Pulsers can and should be made. One set of equipment can be used by as many as six people every day (4 hours each) and can be sequentially reused over and over again. The only limitation is getting the electrical parts to make them. Using the Bob Beck equipment during a treatment for cancer or AIDS calls for 2 hours a day on the Blood Purifier. If you have the symptoms of a pandemic flu, use the blood purifier for 2 hours a day, twice a day. This is where the 4 hours per person came from above. The Magnetic Pulser should also be used twice each day.

The problem with the Bob Beck Protocol is making the colloidal silver. Like vitamins and other natural supplements, colloidal silver will not last long on the shelves. It is easy to make (this was discussed above), but you still need the silver wire. It is obtaining the silver wire that is the problem during a pandemic, not making the colloidal silver equipment. Silver wire (99.99% or 99.95%) can easily be obtained on the Internet and can be stored in a pitch black box (silver reacts with light) and stored until the pandemic hits. Then the Bob Beck schematic parts can be dusted off and the unit put together. Here is just one vendor of bulk silver wire: The two electromedicine products can be made at home by anyone familiar with simple electrical circuits. Here is an article on the Bob Beck Protocol for cancer patients. Much of it applies to someone with a virus. This article also links to a vendor and other relevant websites, including videos of two of Bob Beck's speeches: WARNING - READ CAREFULLY: It is important to remember that for patients with a pandemic flu, the equipment should be used more often than for a cancer patient. It is also important that someone with a pandemic flu should NOT stop the treatment if they experience symptoms of detox!!! If they experience detox symptoms, they have no choice but to continue using the equipment. There is NO BUILDUP for pandemic flu patients!!! Pandemic flu patients start at the maximum times and doses the very first day, and do not stop for any detox symptoms!!

Preparing Long in Advance For a Pandemic Flu So far we have talked about several treatments for the flu. During a pandemic, some of these treatments may not be available. This subject has been discussed above. In fact, some very good treatments will simply not be mentioned due to lack of availability and lack of ability to store the product for long periods of time. For example, 4 ounces of Tahitian Noni Juice would be a superb way to prevent the flu. But the stockpile of Tahitian Noni Juice, and many other products, would not last a single day if they were spread around to family and friends. So we need a long list of potential cures, or at least things to increase your chance of survival very significantly. The focus, however, is on things that may be available at least during the first days of the pandemic. Sunshine and the two Bob Beck electromedicine devices would probably be sufficient to cure a person with the pandemic flu, even if nothing else were available. And sunshine

and the parts for the two Bob Beck electromedicine devices are almost always easy to obtain. The items that can only be purchased from the Internet, of course, must be purchased in advance, since deliveries may cease once the pandemic starts. The easiest thing to stockpile is silver wire. This is important by itself, and as part of the Bob Beck Protocol. Colloidal silver liquid, which has already been made, does not store forever, unless it is stored properly (it should not be refrigerated). Thus, it is best to store the silver wire in a pitch black place, and to store the parts needed to make many electrical devices, rather than storing the colloidal silver drink. Thus, as a minimum you should store the schematics for the Bob Beck equipment (including the colloidal silver maker), the parts for the Bob Beck equipment (actually the parts for several Bob Beck equipment machines), or prebuilt Bob Beck equipment, and the 99.95% or 99.99% 14-gauge silver wire (as many feet at you can afford so that many people can make their own colloidal silver maker). The stockpile of this wire may not last long during a pandemic (sadly, many people will try to profit from buying the existing wire).

More Comments Vitamin C The first thing to remember is that the avian flu is closely related to a type of scurvy. Thus, the logical solution would be to buy Vitamin C. However, it would take large doses of Vitamin C to cure the avian flu, and large doses of Vitamin C will simply not be available once the pandemic hits. However, foods that contain Vitamin C may be available longer than the actual Vitamin C supplements. Lemons, limes and grapefruit juice are particularly high in citric acid. For those who live in the right type of climate, and have enough land, they may want to plant lemon or lime trees. These juices can also be used for prevention. Never add sugar. Tomatoes are also high in Vitamin C, and tomatoes can be grown indoors or just about anywhere. They can also be stored (i.e. canned) fairly easily.

Foods that FEED Viruses (i.e. Foods to Avoid) [VERY Important] In terms of diet, during a pandemic, it is best to avoid all sugar, white flour, meat, and other foods that are known to feed viruses. If you go into a hospital with the flu, the "nutritionists" of the hospital will no doubt feed you all kinds of things that feed the microbes in your body. It is important to eat whole, raw vegetables as much as possible and to avoid processed foods. Also avoid products which contain caffeine, tobacco or alcohol.

Actually, your "inner terrain" has a lot to do with whether you survive a pandemic flu. The more junk food you eat the more your chances of survival will drop because you will be feeding the virus. It is necessary to eat highly alkaline foods when the pandemic is in your area (and remember a pandemic usually hits in two or three waves). An article for cancer patients (who also need an alkaline diet) will teach you exactly what foods you should eat when a pandemic is in your area:

Root Canals When a person has a root canal, it becomes a safe haven for microbes. Numerous experiments have involved extracting a root canal tooth from a person with a disease, and surgically embedding that tooth in an animal. In every case the animal got the same disease the human had - even rheumatoid arthritis. This is not because the root canal caused the original disease in the human, it is because once a person has a microbe-related disease, microbes from the disease enter into the root canals and live forever in peace and total safety from the immune system and all medicines: orthodox or natural. What this means is that if you survive your bout with a pandemic flu, there is a chance it will come back at a random time as the viruses come out of the root canals many weeks or months later. The best way to deal with this possibility is the Magnetic Pulser, which is part of the Bob Beck Protocol. Only electromedicine is able to reach inside the tooth and attenuate the viruses. The problem is that when you use the Magnetic Pulser for your teeth, mercury may be released from dental amalgam (dentists are going to get you one way or another). The lesser of two evils is to get rid of the microbes. If you do end up using the Magnetic Pulser pointed at your teeth, make sure you use some type of chelating agent to pull the released mercury out of your body. If none of these things are available now, and if you get the pandemic flu and survive, have your root canal teeth pulled by a biological dentist or a holistic dentist (orthodox dentists are in denial that root canals are a safe haven for microbes, no matter how much evidence there is that they are) and / or take the Bob Beck Protocol using standard doses.

Other Websites Worth Visiting: Walter Last: Alkalize For Health: Bird Flu Stopped: Len Horowitz: The Oleander Plant is Also an Option for Treating a Pandemic Flu:

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