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Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store ... Canadian credit card support ... Give your patrons FREE BarLink credits with AMI promo codes.
GETTING CONNECTED AMI Music is free to download. Within minutes, a patron can connect to your jukebox and start playing music. •

Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store

Create a free AMI account on the app

Add funds to the account wallet via a credit card or with

Select a venue and start rocking out!

Apple Pay®

HOW DOES IT BENEFIT ME? AMI Music app users have been shown to increase weekly collections by an average of 55%. Why? •

AMI Music promotes your venue to app users

Patrons love the convenience and cool factor of mobile control

Patrons enjoy the anonymity mobile control provides

Mobile control eliminates the need to wait your turn at the jukebox,

Bonus Credit feature rewards patrons for purchasing songs through

Canadian credit card support

More music means more wet sales

allowing multiple patrons to make music selections at once the mobile app and encourages more play

Give your patrons FREE mobile credits with AMI promo codes.

AMI MUSIC APP Looking for an easy way to increase jukebox revenue? The AMI Music app lets patrons find, purchase, and play music on your jukebox without even leaving their seats! It’s free, fun, and packed with tons of great features that make it easier than ever for patrons to make your AMI jukebox part of their night out.

HOW DOES AMI MUSIC WORK? AMI Music makes it easy for patrons to get the most from your jukebox. •

View what’s currently playing on the jukebox from your phone

Browse the top 40 artists and songs played at the venue

Browse the jukebox’s selection of 1-credit plays

Browse artists by albums, top songs, or songs A-Z

Build playlists of your favorite music for quick access

Find the song you want to hear and press play

Funds are subtracted for each song played

Available in Spanish

AMI MUSIC APP • 800.393.0201