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The ARIES Fire Alarm/Suppression Control Unit is a compact ... the ARIES was designed to satisfy the market demand ... A UTC Fire & Security Company ...
A UTC Fire & Security Company

Intelligent Detection and Controls for Your Most Important Applications— ARIES™ Control Unit The ARIES Fire Alarm/Suppression Control Unit is a compact, multiplexed control unit suitable for either stand-alone or peer-to-peer networked applications. The ARIES advanced features handle the demanding operational requirements of waterless fire extinguishing systems, and provide complex command and control capability for multiple suppression systems at the lowest total-installed cost. Superior in performance than anything else in it's class, the ARIES was designed to satisfy the market demand for a fully-featured control unit in a more cost-effective package. In addition, the ARIES is backward compatible Kidde ARIES™ with the installed base of SmartOne® initiating and control devices, preserving your investment in the Kidde fire suppression system products that you have acquired over the years. Kidde ARIES™ features: • 5.4A Power Supply • 1 Signaling Line Circuit (255 SmartOne devices) • 2 Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) • 2 Releasing Circuits (2 Solenoids) • 2 Combination NACs/Releasing Circuits (1 Solenoid) • 4 Form-C Relays (3 Programmable/1 Trouble) • 80-Character LCD Display • RS-485 Communications Circuit • USB Device Port • Optional Web Accessible Component • Five-year Warranty

First Suppression Control Unit to Achieve UL864, 9th Edition Listing

Applications for Kidde ARIES™ • Manufacturing Plants • Gas Turbines • Railway Traffic Controls • Packaging Plants • Universities • Medical Facilities • Control Rooms • Libraries • Archive Rooms • Computer Operations • Electronic Equipment • Art Galleries • Airport Signal Traffic Controls

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