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2015 ASME BPVC, please contact your local IHS representative OR call +1 800 854 ... ASME BPV III, Section III changes to implement revised Bolting Sm values.

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Summary of Changes: Section III-Division 1-APP

The summary of changes contained in this document were provided by ASME to IHS as reference information. This information does NOT and should NOT be used as a replacement to the Code itself. To purchase your copy of the 2015 ASME BPVC, please contact your local IHS representative OR call +1 800 854 7179.

2015 ASME BPVC Section III-A – Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components – Division 1 – Appendices List of Changes in 2015 Edition •

Update Section III Appendix III to reference Section II Part D Appendices 1 and 2

BPV Code, Section III, Division 1, Code Case N-62-7; BPV Code, Section III, Appendices

ASME BPV III, Section III changes to implement revised Bolting Sm values

Change to F-1440 Core Support Structures

BPV III Appendix F-1334.5 does not provide a correct definition of allowable Level D stress for Linear Supports in Equation (21) of NF-3322.1(e)(1).

BPV III Section III Appendix XI Table XI-3221.1-1 and Appendix E Table E-1210-1 --- replacement of asbestos material with mineral fiber.

ASME BPV Code, Section III Appendices, Appendix VI Review.

Appendix W-2000 update

BPV III App W-4000 Summary of Other Damage Mechanisms

BPV III W-3000 Summary of Embrittlement Damage Mechanisms

Revision to ASME BPV III, Non mandatory Appendix W Article W-1000

Appendix Review - Nonmandatory Appendix R

Appendix Review - Mandatory Appendix XXI

Appendix Review - Nonmandatory Appendix D

Appendix Review - Nonmandatory Appendix M

BPV III BPV Code, Section III, Appendices, Appendix XXIII

III BPV Code, Section III, Appendix XXIII, Table B6

Deletion of duplicated tables in Appendix E

Pipe Bends in NB/NC/ND-3642.1

Incorporate Code Case N-755 into Section III

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