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Beat by Dr. Dre, Beatbox. Bose. SoundDock I (with 12V to 5V charging adapter), ... X-HM501V-S, X-SMC1S, X-SMC1-W,. XW-NAV1-K. Polk. HD Radio I-Sonic.
Auris, Inc. has tested skye with many music Docks, but not with all. The following music Docks were found to be compatible during our testing. Altec Lansing Apple Bang & Olufsen Beats by Dr. Dre Bose

Bowers & Wilkins Cyber Acoustics Eton GEAR4 Geneva Harman Kardon Craig iHome

iLuv JBL JVC Klipsch Logitech

Memorex Microlab Onkyo Philips

iM600, iMT325, iMT620, M202, M402, T612, iM7, iMT810 iPod Hi-Fi (with 12V to 5V charging adapter) Beosound 8 Beat by Dr. Dre, Beatbox SoundDock I (with 12V to 5V charging adapter), SoundDock II, SoundDock 10, Wave System III with Connect Kit for iPod Zeppelin, Zeppelin Mini CA461 Soulra XL Solar Speaker Black Bird PG543G, Helmet Pig PG552G, PG309LK Model L Go + Play Micro, Go + Play Stereo CHT910, CMB3209 iA9, iA5, iA17, iA63, iA100, iD37, iD8, iD91, iH16U, iH4, iH5, iH6, iP1, iP2, iP4, iP9, iP11, iP21, iP23, iP37, iP87, iP90 iMM747, i9200 JWIN Mini On Time, Onstage 2, On Stage 3, On Stage 4, On Beat, On Time 200P, On Time Micro EX-S1S, RD-N1W, UX-G616, UX-VJ5 iGroove iPod Dock S135i, S315i, S715i, Pure Fi Anywhere 2, Pure Fi Anywhere S-0001, Pure-Fi Express Plus, S315T, S00014, S-00078 MA9010MS, MI3005 iMove, MiHTS302 MD331 DS-A4 AD330, AJ7040D, DC220, DC320/37, DCB291, DC315, DCB293, DCB352, DCB852, DCD132, DCD7010, DCD8000, DCM230/37, DCM250, DCM713/93, DCM2020, DCM2055, DS9, DS1100, DS1110, DS1200, DS1210, DS3000, DS3010, DS3020 DS3510, DS6100, DS6200, DS6600, DS7550, DS7700, DS8530, DS9000, MCD785


Polk Pyle Rambler Ravon Rubik Samsung Skullcandy Sony

TEAC Yamaha

STZ-D10S-L, STZ-D10T-G, STZ-D10Z-R, X-CM51V, X-DS301K, X-HM71S, X-HM201V-S, X-HM301V-S, X-HM401V-S, X-HM501V-S, X-SMC1S, X-SMC1-W, XW-NAV1-K HD Radio I-Sonic Home PiDock 1 C2, HIF, M35, M360, M500, M600 i50, i226, i233, T282 Q31, Q50 DAE550, DAE650 Skull Candy pipe, Vandal S7LACZ-04, 57LACZ-04 AIR-SW10Ti, ICF-7iP, ICF-C05iP, ICF-C1iPMK2, ICFCS15iP, RDP-M15iP, RDP-M5iP, RDP-V20iP, RDPX30iP, RDP-XF100iP, RDP-T50IP SR-80i, SR-L250iB CRX-040, CRX-330, CRX-332, ISX-112, ISX-800, MCR-140, PDX-11, PDX-13, TSX-70, TSX-80, TSX112, TSX-130, TSX-140