Bar Drinks - Indigo Bar & Grill

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Packaged Unit. Cobra Alcohol Free 330ml £2.95. Budweiser 330ml £3.25 ... Vodka 50ml. Stolichinya £4.00 .... Red Bull 250ml £2.95. Zumo Fresh Orange Juice ...
The Beers & Fabs

Draught ½ Pt Pint

Peroni £2.50 £4.25 Kingfisher £2.25 £3.95 Cobra £2.25 £3.95

Packaged Unit Cobra Alcohol Free 330ml £2.95 Budweiser 330ml £3.25 Stella Artois 330ml £3.25 Guinness Draftflow 330ml £3.25 Fullers London Pride 500ml £3.95 Magners Irish Cider 568ml £4.25

The Top Shelf 50ml

Vodka 50ml Stolichinya £4.00 Absolut Regular, Mandarin £4.50 Sky £4.50 Smirnoff No 55 black £5.50 Grey Goose Classic, Orange and Lemon £6.00 Belvedre Classic £6.00 Ciroc £7.50 Pinky £8.00 Diva £8.00 Snow Queen £8.00 Wyborowa Exquisite £13.00 Kauffmann £13.00 Roberto Cavalli £16.00

Gin 50ml Gordons £4.00 Bombay Saphirre £4.50 Hendricks £6.00 Tanquery 10 £7.00

Rum 50ml Bacardi £4.00 Malibu £4.00 Captain Morgan £4.00 Havana Club £5.00 Cane 10 £6.00 Element £7.00

Whisky / bourbon 50ml Famous Grouse £4.00 Jameson Irish £4.00 Johnnie Walker Red £4.50 Johnnie Walker Black £5.50 Johnnie Walker Green £7.00 Johnnie Walker Gold £8.00 Johnnie Walker Blue £16.00 Chivas Regal 15yrs £4.50 Chivas Regal 25yrs £25.00 Royal Salute £15.00 Jim Beam £5.00 Jack Daniels £5.00 Jack Daniels Single Barrel £7.00

Malt Whisky 50ml Bowmore 12 yrs £6.50 Laphroaig £6.50 Talisker £7.00 Isle Of Jura £7.00 Glenfiddich £7.00 Glenlivet 12yrs £7.00 Glenmorangie Original £7.00 Glenmorangie La Santa £8.00

Cognac 50ml Hennessey VS £5.00 Hennessey VSOP £6.00 Hennessey XO £11.50 Remy Martin VSOP £6.00 Remy Martin Excellence XO £13.00 Courvosier XO £11.50

Tequila 50ml Jose Cuervo Especial Gold £5.00 Patron Silver £7.50

Sambuca 50ml Sambuca £5.00 Sambuca Black £6.00

Liqueurs / aperitifs 50ml Martini Rosso £4.00 Martini Bianco £4.00 Martini Extra Dry £4.00 Pimms £4.00 Midori Melon £4.00 Tia maria £4.00 Archers £4.00 Kalhua £4.00 Baileys £4.50 Amaretto £5.00 Grappa £5.00 Southern Comfort £5.00 Drambuie £5.00 Pernod £5.00 Jagermeister £5.00 Cointreau £5.00 Galliano £5.00 Grand Marnier £5.00 Goldshager £5.00 Absynth Hapsburg £6.00

Port / sherry Tio Pepe Dry Sherry £4.50 Harveys Bristol Cream £4.50 Cockburns Ruby Port £5.00 Taylors Late Bottled Vintage £6.00

Soft Drinks & Water Coca Cola 330ml £1.95 Diet Coca Cola 330ml £1.95 Sprite 330ml £1.95 Red Bull 250ml £2.95

Zumo Fresh Orange Juice 250ml £3.95 Fresh Mango Juice 250ml £3.95 Fresh Passion Fruit Juice £3.95 Fresh Cranberry Juice £3.95 Fresh Pommengrate Juice £4.95

Indigo Still Water 750ml £3.50 Indigo Sparkling Water 750ml £3.50

Mixers & Juices Schw. Tonic, S/L Tonic, Canada Dry, Bitter Lemon 125ml £1.30 Schw. Orange, Pineapple, Tomato, Grapefruit 125ml £1.40 Schweppes Soda 200ml £1.60 Schweppes Lemonade 200ml £1.60

Hot Beverages Coffee Espresso £2.50 Double Espresso £3.00 Late £2.50 Cappuccino £2.50 Liquer Coffees £5.95

Tea English Tea £2.50 Earl Grey £2.50 Peppermint £2.50 Cammomile £2.50 Green Tea £2.50 Masala Tea £2.50

The wines on this list have been specially selected for your enjoyment, but should a wine ordered not be available, the best succeeding wine will be offered with every confidence . . . . The management of INDIGO

The Fizz Bottle

Castellblanch Cristal Brut Cava Spain £17.95 A fine tasting Cava which is dry, clean and crisp with a long lasting finish and a soft bouquet tinged with lemon.

Castellblanch Brut Cava Rosado Spain £19.95 A delicate pink rosé with a lively sparkle. It delivers a balance of sweet fruit and refreshing acidity and has a smooth dry finish.

Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV Champagne, France £42.95 Pale golden colour with delicate persistent bubbles. Rich and subtle aromas of almonds and toast lead to a clean creamy yummy complexity of flavour.

Veuve Cliquot Brut Champagne, France £45.95 A favourite amongst city types

Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne, France £52.95 Full of character and flavour, firm and dry with a strong fruit background.

Veuve Cliquot Brut Rosé Champagne, France £54.95 Generous, full and highly seductive – truly magical!

Laurent Perrier Rosé n/v Champagne, France £69.95 Delicate salmon pink thanks to a brief encounter with the grape skins. Pleasant red fruits, wild flowers followed by an assertive crisp finish.

Bollinger Rose Champagne, France £72.95 Full of character and flavour, firm and dry with a strong fruit background.

Dom Perignon 1999, Champagne, France £129.95 The initial notes of almond and grapefruit are complimented by aromas of toasted brioche. Silky yet very well structured with remarkable persistence.

Krug Grande Cuvee, Champagne, France £139.95 A superb bouguet of ripe, crystallized apricots and nuts inderpinned by elegant minerality.

Dom Perignon Rose 1999, Champagne, France £299.95 Truly wonderful champagne all the aromas and taste you could imagine.

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut, Champagne, France £249.95 Attractive yellow green with fleeting glints of gold. Rich and intensely fruity nose of citrus on a background of red berries followed by subtle toastiness.

Louis Roederer Cristal Rose Brut, Champagne, France £599.95 Attractive pink with fleeting glints of gold. Rich and intensely fruity nose of citrus on a background of red berries followed by subtle toastiness.

The Rosés 175ml 250ml Bottle

Rose, Dona Florencia Chile £3.75 £4.95 £14.95 A Fantastic Rose for every occasion.

Pinot Grigio Romato, Ca’Lunghetta Italy £4.25 £5.95 £16.95 A lovely restrained style of rosé from the Pinot Grigio grape. A coppery pink colour with a soft floral bouquet. The palate has hints of red cherry, pear and almond.

Shiraz Rosé, Eagles Cliff Breede River, S.Africa £4.25 £5.95 £16.95 A delicious dainty off-dry Rosé made from that popular Shiraz grape.

Shiraz Rosé, Grover Vineyards, India £14.95 Indian Rosé

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosado, Bodegas Orvalais Navarra, Spain £15.95 Clean, raspberry-scented rosé, well balanced, light, full of fruit but dry and so easy to quaff!

Tapiz Malbec Rosé 2008, Lujan de Cuyo Mendoza, Argentina £19.95 Produced from the Malbec variety, this wine is relatively full bodied for a Rosé. Strawberry fruit aromas on the nose lead to a deliciously fruity palate bursting with red fruit flavours.

Chateau Des Ferrages Cuvee Roumery Rosé Provence, France £21.95 Lovely rose petal coloured Rosé with a delicate blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah. Fresh and fruity aromas of red fruit with a rich and soft body. Very good balance between freshness, structure, acidity and alcohol.

Sancerre Rosé “Les Villots”, Domaine Jean Reverdy et Fils Loire, Fr. £24.95 Beautifully balanced, dry and mouthwatering. Prouced from 100% Pinot Noir. Lean and light with apricot and red currant aromas. Pairs wonderfully well with poultry and spicy food. Superb!

----------------------- All prices include government taxes. All are spirits are served at a standard measure of 50ml.