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With faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, mountains are being moved at The . Mustard ... library, a screen porch for enjoying the Mississippi outdoors and much more. Not only will ..... Community Foundation of Greater Jackson. Mr. and  ...
2012 Newsletter & Annual Report

“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move and nothing will be impossible to you.”

THE MUSTARD SEED, INC. 1085 Luckney Road Brandon, MS 39047 Phone: 601.992.3556 Fax: 601.992.0170

Matthew 17:20



Melanie Morgan

Past President

Sandra Griffith

President Elect

Cindy Chew

Secretary / Treasurer

Denny Terry

Trustee Emeritus

Charles Remus

Financial Advisor

Leslie Hancock

Auxiliary President

Jim Agnew Ron Allen Cindy Allen Ti Garner Leslie Hancock Nell Mobley Kathy Moore Paul Rogers Rosiland Smith Shelly Segrest Taylor STAFF Bud Bratley

Executive Director

Elizabeth Gammill

Director of Activities

Del Harrington

Director of Community Relations

Jennifer Floyd

Director of Operations

Joshua Zerbe

Facilities Director & Gift Shop Manager

Sam Clark

Workshop Manager

Charlie Floyd

Day Program Instructor

Claire Jennings

Day Program Instructor

Joseph Jordan

Day Program Instructor

Phyllis Reeves

Day Program Instructor

Debbie Burnham

Bells of Faith Accompanist

Cindy Chew

Gift Shop Assistant

Nancy Lawrence

Workshop Assistant

Janet & Randy Gerleman

Women’s Group Home Parents

Phyllis & Steve Sherer

With faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, mountains are being moved at The Mustard Seed. Each day, The Mustard Seed’s ministry is growing and touching the lives of adults with developmental disabilities; however, there is always a need to touch more lives. For quite some time, the Day Program and the Group Home Programs of the Mustard Seed have been at capacity due to space, but that is soon changing. The Mustard Seed’s new Workshop is now completed and remodeling has begun to add an additional Activity Center. The over-6,000-square-foot additions will give the Seedsters and staff new spaces which will include more kilns for firing ceramics, a classroom for exploring clay projects prior to painting, inventory and mold storage, two safe rooms, a library, a screen porch for enjoying the Mississippi outdoors and much more. Not only will these new spaces give The Mustard Seed more space to carry on its mission of providing meaningful activities to adults with developmental disabilities, but it will also allow the addition of new Seedsters to the program.

Bells of Faith Director

Jayne Crenshaw

Mountains Are Being Moved at the Mustard Seed!

Men’s Group Home Parents

The Mission of the Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities. Founded in 1981 to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of adults with special needs, the Mustard Seed provides a loving and protected environment with meaningful activities which allow the “Seedsters” to fulfill the potential God has created within them.

note from the

executive director As you enjoy reading each article in our annual edition of Branches, I know you will rejoice with me in how our Heavenly Father has blessed the Mustard Seed as we continue to provide a loving, Christian community for each individual served by our program. We have no doubt come “Full Circle” from the beginning, when a small group of individuals who had the wisdom and faith in God started the Mustard Seed. Today, the mission of the Mustard Seed is being met by our faith as we work together and continue to provide for the individuals we serve. From our beginning with a small group of parents, friends and volunteers and their faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, we are moving mountains, thanks to each of you. As you may know, when that group expressed concern over how they would never be able to accomplish their goal financially, Ruby Bryant, (see “Full Circle”) prayed and quoted Matthew 17:20 in her prayer; and so the name Mustard Seed was born. Just last month, a group from eastern Alabama spent the day with us to see “how big this mountain

Bud Bratley

is” that they want to move in their area. This was not the first time that individuals in other states have contacted us for advice on how to start a similar ministry. The reputation of our Mustard Seed is spreading, and we understand that we have something here that is unlike what is available in many other places. In the early years, our Bells of Faith hand bell choir rang their joyful music for church, civic and other groups. And from that beginning, we now have two group homes housing 18 residents, each home with group home parents living as two large families. In addition, we have 25 day clients along with our 18 residents enjoying a large activity and art center. The newly remodeled gift shop and office building is at the center of our campus. With the new entrance and parking completed in the near future, we look forward to future growth as God provides through each of us. I am proud to be serving as the Executive Director of the Mustard Seed and to be associated with our staff, families, trustees, donors and volunteers, all of whom are such a significant part of our ministry.

2012-2013 Mustard Seed Auxiliary Leslie Hancock President

Janis Harden Treasurer

Jan Carter Volunteers

Becky Perkins Advisor

Kathy moore Past President

Cheryl Giordano Membership

Karan Clark Beautification

Kirsten Shaw Advisor


Joyce Plunkett Public Relations

Melanie Barnes Special Events

Be a Part of Something Special – Join the Mustard Seed Auxiliary


The Mustard Seed Auxiliary is a great support to the Seedsters and staff as they volunteer to help at Mistletoe Marketplace and Christmas Open House, as well as other special events and fundraisers. The Auxiliary hosts receptions to say thank you and organizes fundraising events such as High Tea and the Annual Christmas Wreath raffle. The money raised through the Auxiliary helps the Mustard Seed to purchase special items which enhance the program and ministry. To join the exciting Mustard Seed Auxiliary or for more information, please contact Membership Director, Cheryl Giordano at [email protected] Please consider joining the Mustard Seed Auxiliary for the New Year to help bring love, joy and leadership to the Seedsters. But Now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand. Isaiah 64:8

Here We Grow! New buildings are not the only signs of new growth on The Mustard Seed’s campus. The Mustard Seed’s 7 ½ acres, located on Luckney Road, has recently grown to 10 ½ acres by the purchase of three acres which borders the current campus to the south. The new acreage, which is located on the corner of Hand Drive and Newport Road, will be very beneficial to the growth of The Mustard Seed. We will have the space to expand our current program as well as to explore ways in which God will lead us to provide a loving and Christian environment to others with developmental disabilities. New growth is exciting, and with it brings smiles and joy. The Seedsters are excited about the expansions taking place on campus and are even more excited about the new friends who will be joining their Mustard Seed family!

Give Gifts from the Mustard Seed …now also open on the 2nd Saturdays

Mustard Seed ceramics make great gifts throughout the year and especially during the Holiday Season. They range in price from $8 to $60, which makes giving to friends, teachers, office members, church friends and many more quite easy. By giving gifts from The Mustard Seed, you are directly touching the lives of extraordinary people; 100% of ceramics sales go toward funding the program. Not only are these ceramics art therapy, but also account for about 15% of The Mustard Seed’s Annual Budget. With great demand for Saturday Shopping Days at The Mustard Seed, the wish has been granted. In addition to Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 4:00, The Mustard Seed Gift Shop is now open from 10:00 – 3:00 on the Second Saturday of each month. November and December always bring additional Saturday Shopping Days which are publicized at

The Mustard Seed is a special place! We invite you to come visit our campus to see first hand the gifts and talents of The Mustard Seed’s Seedsters.


note from the

board president Fall is in the air - the leaves are turning colors, the air is cooler and anticipation is growing for the seasons ahead. s k ic H y d It is my pleasure as President of the Ju Board of Trustees to share some good news about all of the wonderful things happening at the Mustard Seed. The dedication of the staff and administration, on a daily basis, shows their desire to carry out the mission of the Mustard Seed in a loving, caring manner. As they seek “To provide a loving and protected Christian community and meaningful activities that allow the participants to fulfill the potential that God has created in them,” the Seedsters are protected, loved, and encouraged. Through your gifts and donations, the Mustard Seed has been allowed to continue to grow in providing more opportunities to include more clients, or Seedsters, in the mission of the Mustard Seed. As you may know, we have been involved in expanding the workshop and activities center. The expansion includes an additional workshop, two safe rooms, ad-

ditional kiln space, and a covered walk way connecting the activities buildings to the new workshop. The additional space will allow for the inclusion of more clients. When the construction project is completed, work will begin on a new entrance/driveway/parking project. The new approach to the Mustard Seed property will provide added curb appeal as well as safety for the Seedsters. The Mustard Seed recently purchased property behind the Women’s Group Home. Decisions on how this property will be developed and used is still ongoing. The property offers many possibilities for the future. The Gift Shop will be open on the second Saturday of each month to provide additional shopping opportunities. God is blessing the efforts and talents of the Seedsters as their artwork are recognized and sought. Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. May God bless us richly as we continue our mission and honor Him. On behalf of our Seedsters and the Board of Trustees, Judy Hicks President, Mustard Seed Board of Trustees

Thank You Mayor Rhoads! The Mustard Seed is forever grateful for the love and support of Mayor Gary Rhoads! It was a high honor to be chosen as the beneficiary of the 11th Annual Flowood Mayor’s Golf Tournament. Mayor Rhoads’ tournament raised over $43,000 which will directly impact the expansion of The Mustard Seed’s campus and it’s ministry. The support of Flowood and surrounding areas is very special to the Seedsters, staff and families of The Mustard Seed. We thank you for the countless volunteers who provided food to players, played on a golf team, watched holes, donated door prizes and goodie bags, generously gave the Hole-In-One prizes, gave tv, radio and print spots, as well as those who worked tirelessly to organize the fabulous event to benefit our special Seedsters. It is through your generosity that we are able to move mountains at The Mustard Seed.


The Full Circle My Mother, Ruby Bryant, thought of everyone but herself. All of my life, I never knew her to have a selfish bone in her body. She was always thinking of someone else and doing things for others. It seemed like nighttime was her time to work and get things done. She would stay up half of the night studying her Bible or sewing for one of us four girls. There was always something else on her mind, too. Growing up, I knew all about my family, on both my Mother’s and Father’s sides. There were no relatives with special needs on either side. But, my Mother could not quit thinking of these Special Friends and their precious families. We had a huge Special Education Department at our church, Calvary Baptist Church. One of the teachers from the department asked my sister, Jo, to serve at a Christmas party. Jo went and had a wonderful time. She loved what she saw, so much that she majored in Special Education at USM. Camps were held in the summer, and Jo was always asked to be a counselor. She went, and she is still camping to this very day! One year, the camp director, Roy Manning, needed a “Mama Counselor” over all the girl campers, so they asked Mother to go. I tagged along, too, at the ripe old age of 10 years. My sister, Suzie, was a seasoned veteran, having already served as counselor the year before. Our sister, Becky, was already married and having a family of her own! This was 1969, and we were at Camp Wahi during Hurricane Camille. The more Mother worked with Special Friends, the more she loved it. She became the Training Union Director at Calvary on Sunday nights – it was a great success. Mother started calling the families of Special Friends, and the people came pouring in. So began the many outings, choirs, plays, zoo trips, pizza parties, hayrides, cook-outs, Vacation Bible Schools, mission projects, Christmas parties, and one huge trip to Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center in 1973. Mother was hooked!! All of the Special Friends called her “Sweet Mama.” Our trips to camp, sponsored by Calvary, began in 1977 to Wall Doxy State Park. We spent the first week there, but Mother realized how far away it was. The following years were spent at Roosevelt State Park in Morton. We would leave Calvary early on Memorial Day morning and spend the week at camp. This continued

by Tommi Bryant Jordan

until Mother and Jo changed locations of camp in 2003 to Central Hills Camp in Kosciusko. Camp is always a roaring success with all the Seedsters, Director Miss Jo, and memories of Sweet Mama. One of the newest Seedsters, Cheryl Jordan is going to the camp her grandmother started so many years ago! Back to the origin of the Mustard Seed, the late 70’s led to many organizational meetings around the dining room table of many concerned parents and family members of the Special Friends. Where would they go and what would they do when their families passed away? There should be a safe, secure, Christian environment where they could live, worship, work, play, and lead productive lives. There was a place called The Baddour Center in Senatobia, MS. Mother called and arranged a date to go to Senatobia for a visit. We literally “loaded the bus” with loving and concerned family members, relatives, and our Special Friends. Once we got there, we saw what could be done for the Special Friends. We saw a chapel, beautiful residence facilities, workshops, and heard about their hand bell choir. This place was full!! We needed a place similar to this in our area. Once we got home, more meetings were scheduled at local churches to include all of the interested family members. There were too many family members to fit around our dining room table now! Monthly meetings were held so parents could hear speakers and get together. The Special Friends were at every meeting, too. Mother made sure they had plenty to do when they came. She had all sorts of activities in store for them! Of course, when you were near Mother, you had to be eating!! She and many of the precious mothers baked, and they always had all kinds of yummy goodies at every meeting! I seem to remember a very special monthly meeting, when the parents and the Special friends gave me a lovely wedding shower! I had met my Mr. Right when we were both counselors at one of the camps – where else? Seven years after we married, we had a beautiful brown-eyed girl named Cheryl Ann. Cheryl was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. She was the apple of her NaNa’s eye! Now, Mother had a very good idea what the families of the Special Friends had been going through all these years. She was right there with them!! Everything was 5

done for Special Friends, and maybe, for Cheryl in the future. Once the diagnosis was given and reality set in, we knew our world would be a different place that not many understood. Learning and therapy began for Cheryl (and us)! She went from Hinds County Public Schools to Magnolia Speech School – where there was a class for autistic children – back to Hinds County Schools, and finally to St. Richard Special Kids. She went there for six years. We had a lovely graduation for her in May, and now we are here at the Mustard Seed!! Cheryl is a day student

who comes five days a week! She absolutely loves it, and so do I. Now I know why my precious Mother was working so hard all those years ago! Not long after Cheryl began at the Mustard Seed, I saw a gentleman who was picking up his son from the Day Program. He and his wife had been on that bus with us so long ago to Senatobia. I stopped and re-introduced myself. He said he remembered me, and I explained I had a daughter here! He couldn’t believe it! Truly, the work began by one of God’s humble servants has come full circle. Thank you, Mother!

Mustard Seed’s Ornament of the Year Mustard Seed’s Ornament of the Year is always a big hit. Don’t miss out on purchasing a colorful Gingerbread Man while supplies last!

Volunteers are a significant part of The Mustard Seed Thank you to the groups, individuals, families and many more who give generously of their time to come be a part of the excitement at The Mustard Seed. Volunteers are a large part of The Mustard Seed’s program. There are several

Mississippi College helping to keep all Mustard Seed vans clean and ready for fun.

opportunities at The Mustard Seed to receive Volunteer credit for work and school as well as to just come out to enrich your own life. Volunteer Applications can be found at

Milsaps College provides loads of fun at an Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Trick-or-Treating.

Manicure Day at Reservoir Tan & Salon

“Remember that Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers, and the Titanic was built by professionals.”

Christ United Methodist Church provides the Monthly Birthday Bash. 6

Girl Scout Troop #5349 collected toys and ga mes as well as ca me to enjoy a day with The Seedsters.

St. Andrew’s School enjoyed a day playing ga mes and visiting with The Seedsters.

Thank you for your continued support of The Mustard Seed. As you know, with prayerful consideration, we are expanding our facilities. The expansion will allow for growth of our ceramics program and our Activity Center as well as our campus parking and driveway. All expansions will help with the increased demand of families needing our services. Construction has begun; however, your support either financially, prayerfully or in-kind throughout the building process is gratefully appreciated. With nine different levels listed below, there are many ways your gifts of all sizes can help to grow and strengthen the ministry of The Mustard Seed. We would be honored to have you partner with us as you feel comfortable. Please return bottom portion to The Mustard Seed at 1085 Luckney Road, Brandon, MS 39047 by December 31, 2012.

Name Daytime Phone Address City State Zip Name as it should appear in print (in Honor/Memory of ) Would you like a acknowledgement card sent? The amount of your gift will not be disclosed. Yes If “Yes,” to whom would you like your gift acknowledged? Address City State Zip Supporters of the Mustard Seed:

$25 Supporter of The Mustard Seed


$100 Supporter of The Mustard Seed

All below giving levels will have name presence on the outside of Workshop building.

$200 Seed of The Mustard Seed

$500 Sprout of The Mustard Seed

$1,000 Bud of The Mustard Seed

$2,500 Twig of The Mustard Seed All below giving levels will receive a name presence on the outside of Workshop and a special ceramic piece.

$5,000 Branch of The Mustard Seed

Method of Payment:


$10,000 Tree of The Mustard Seed

VISA/Master Card Card #

Signature We are grateful for your support. The Mustard Seed is a 501(c)(3) tax -exempt organization. (F.I.N.:64-0652510)

$20,000+ Root of The Mustard Seed

Exp. Date I would like to support the Mustard Seed with this same donation for three calendar years. Monthly Quarterly Annually




Bells of Faith Since 1981, The Bells of Faith hand bell choir has been busy making a joyful noise in many churches and organizations. The Bells of Faith entertain groups with beautiful patriotic, secular, Christmas and spiritual music. The Bells of Faith can be scheduled throughout the year by e-mailing [email protected] Visit for future Bells of Faith performances.

Giving to the Mustard Seed Is a True Gift Giving to the Mustard Seed is a true gift that insures future growth and continuation of our ministry. Gifts and contributions are used to run the Mustard Seed and are felt by each Seedster as they paint ceramics, walk through the beautiful campus, live in one of the two Group Homes, help in the Gift Shop and ride in the vans to enjoy activities throughout the community. No gift to the Mustard Seed is too small; every penny is very much appreciated and truly allows Seedsters to overcome obstacles and to focus on their abilities vs. their disabilities.

Mustard Seed Wish List Lifetime folding chairs ($20 at Sam’s Club) Lifetime folding tables ($80 at Sam’s Club) Watercolor supplies 25-32 gallon Sterilite latch tubs Clothing iron Batteries (D and AA) Crayola Color Explosion products Automated external defibrillator Air bags for CPR Colored rolls of butcher paper Rolls of newsprint Overhead projector sheets Tie dye kits Plastic cutting boards Rolls of plastic tablecloths Individual disposable plastic tablecloths Extension cords 24-count muffin pans Pool Cue Gift Cards to fast food, grocery Children’s books Gorilla Glue 10

Reminder! In order to be able to claim donations as charitable deductions on your 2012 income tax return, donations should be postmarked no later than December 31, 2012. Online donations can be made by visiting

the mustard seed

stewardship The Mustard Seed, Inc. Functional Expenses as of April 30, 2012

Description Salaries

Program Services

General & Administrative


Total Support Services

12-Month Total






Payroll Tax




























Food & Household


Postage Staff Develop


Dues & Subscript

























Events Printing Donor Develop















Pest Control




















Contract Serv










Contract Labor













Meals Travel Activity Expense






















Functional %






Total Expenses: Budget 04-30-12







Budget 04-30-11






Actual 04-30-10






Actual 04-30-09






Actual 04-30-08






Actual 04-30-07











Functional % Budget 04-30-12 Budget 04-30-11






Actual 04-30-10






Actual 04-30-09






Actual 04-30-08 Actual 04-30-07

87.3 88.6

6.6 5.9

6.2 5.5

12.7 11.4

100.00 100.00


partners in ministry October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2012

In thanksgiving and gratitude, we recognize those who have contributed to the Mustard Seed. The following are our friends and partners who have joined the Mustard Seed in fulfilling and expanding our mission. On behalf of the Seedsters and their families, we humbly recognize those churches, corporations, foundations, individuals, organizations, foundations and many more who are truly our partners in ministry.


$10,000 & Above Anonymous Edwin E. and Ruby C. Morgan Foundation First Presbyterian Church Mayor Gary Rhoads and The City of Flowood Terry-Trane Service Agency, Inc.


$1,000 - $9,999 84 Lumber ADCAMP, Inc. Caroline and Jim Agnew Suzanne and Jim Almas Associated Food Equipment & Supplies AT&T Atherton Consulting Engineers Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Ballew, III Bank of America Matching Gifts Dr. Milton Baxter, Sr. Marsha and Ray Beasley Leigh and Chad Bridges Kim and Jeremy Browning Lisa and Patrick Busby Century Club Charities, Inc. Mr. Blake Chance Mr. and Mrs. David Chew Christ United Methodist Church Andrew Christian Mr. and Mrs. Eric Clark Community Foundation of Greater Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Cooley Cathy and Charlie Craig CREATE Foundation


Meredith and James Creekmore Lesley and John Davis Eat Jackson Faith Presbyterian Church Feild Co-Operative Association, Inc. First Baptist Church of Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Terry P. Foreman Franklin Telephone Company, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. F. Earl Fyke, III Gertrude C. Ford Foundation Faye and Ralph Gordon Judy and Tommy Hedglin Highlands Presbyterian Church Hollis Shoemaker, Inc. Home Builders Association of Mississippi Dr. and Mrs. James House James E. Fowler Family Foundation Nancy and David Jolly Knights of Columbus Foundation of Mississippi, Inc. Kroger Cultural Council Mr. and Mrs. Milton K. LaDue Larry W. and Pamela B. Edwards Charitable Fund Lewis Electric, Inc

Material Girls, LLC Laura and Marek May Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. McClendon Miss Assoc. of Petroleum Landmen Nell and Robert Mobley Dr. and Mrs. John C. Neill Sage and Jack Nichols Northminster Baptist Church Cindy and Bennie Nutt Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Olander Carol O’Neil The Orchard Ms. Rebecca A. Perkins Reunion Foundation Rotary Club of North Jackson Craig M. Rozier Sam E. and Burnice C. Wittel Foundation Mrs. Lyn Sanderford Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shumaker Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Shoemaker Evelyn H. Silas Slender Solutions LLC Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Smith

Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co. St. James Episcopal Church St. Richard Catholic Church St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Jane and Lynn Stringer Dr. and Mrs. Earl T. Stubblefield Betsy Tabor Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Tatum Kirk G. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ford Terry Treasure and Mark Tyson Mr. and Mrs. Warner Wadlington Wellington Associates Wells Fargo Foundation The Wesley A Caldwell FDN Shawn and Bob Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Dal Williamson Sally and Gary Wilkinson Charlie Winstead Mrs. Wayne Winstead, Jr. R. E. Woolley Charitable Trust II

donors $500 - $999

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Larry Accardi Mrs. Virginia Atherton Brandon Baptist Church, Inc. Johnny Franklin Box Sharon L. Brown Mr. R. N. Busick Champion Technology Services, Inc. Constress, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Crawford Lola and Sid Dudley EMC Insurance Company First Presbyterian Church Women In The Church

James Fitchie Ms. Corinne Fox June W. Gates Suzanne and Noel Guthrie Humana Health Insurance of Jackson Donna and Jim Inglis Sylvester James Mrs. Anita Jemison Julius R. Furr Landscaping Learned Baptist Church Leavell Land Group, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Mangum Max Gilliland Sunday School Class Charlotte and Richard McNeel

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Morris MRA Class of 2012 Mr. Jim Nash New Vision Fellowship Church Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Nichols, Jr. Raninca and Charles Nickles Parker Real Estate Properties, LLC Rita B. Parker Phoenix Beauty Supply Inc. DBA Armstrong McCall Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Rosenblatt Dianne and Wes Shelton Beth and Jerry Shivers

Janet C. Smith Southern Healthcare Cindy and Tim Tyler Utica Christian Church Mr. and Mrs. Paul Varner Venture Parent Organization of Brandon Elementary Vintage Health Resources, Inc. Mrs. Connie S. Wadsworth Mr. William Stone Amy and Rice York Youthworks Foundation Inc.

donors $100 - $499

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Aldridge Christa Allan Jennifer Ammons Margie and Don Antrim Alissa and James Armstrong Rev. and Mrs. Jim Baird, Jr. Bank of Forest Lisa and Chuck Barrier Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bassett Mrs. Barbara T. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Benton Ms. Joan S. Bertaut Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bolen Mr. and Mrs. Barber Boone Mr. and Mrs. Forrest G. Bratley, Jr. Kristi Breaux Mrs. W. Chester Brewer Briarwood Foundation Briarwood Methodist UMW Cecelia M. Brister Broadmoor Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown Mr. and Mrs. Dale Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bumgardner Robert O. Burke, Jr. First Baptist Church of Byram Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd Vicki and Jon Carroll Center Point Energy Central MS Alumni

Julia Childress Circle 1 North Park Presbyterian Church City Drugs of Crystal Springs Rodney Clement Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Cobb Bob Collins Community Bank of Mississippi Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Conroy Mr. Philip L. Cook, Jr. Mrs. Lee H. Coward Covington Electric Service, Inc. Charlotte Curtis Sara Crawford Charles N. Crenshaw, IV Customized Computer Solutions LLC Custom Packaging David Glass and Mirror Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Davis, Jr. Dereck Davis Mr. and Mrs. Charles Decker Lynn and Mark Dempsey Mandy Diaz Dixieland SAMS Camping Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Doty Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dunn III Nicole Duvall John Easterling Emmanuel Baptist Church Euzelian Sunday School Class William Eversole Sherry and Ernest Felker

First Baptist Church of Jackson Linda and Brian Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flood Gayle and Thomas Ford Franklin Telephone and Telapex Employees Caroline and Don Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Ted French Rick Funderburke Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Gammill Mrs. Fred W. Garraway Gary Graves Landscapes, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin T. Gould, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Gosselin Nick Greener Hazel H. Griffin Sandra Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hacskaylo Commishioner Dick Hall Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamel Cheryl Hamill Barbara and Bob Hanson Ronald M. Hanson Mr. Phillip Hardy The Office of Congressman Gregg Harper Dr. and Mrs. William K. Harper Glenna and Jeff Hartsog Mrs. R. M. Harris Mrs. Mary M. Haslob Betty C. Heard Carolyn and Cecil Heidelberg

Mrs. Florette Hootsell Dorothy A. Hubbard Dr. and Mrs. James L. Hughes Inn Serve Corporation Beth and Gerald Jacks Jackson Healthcare for Women - Front Office Staff Susan Johnson Dr. Harvey Johnston, Jr. Diane and Ray Jones Mrs. Carolyn L. Jones Cory Jones Junior League of Jackson Junior Civic League of Clinton Mr. T. H. Kendall III Lois T. Kennedy Pat and Sammy King Mr. and Mrs. Crane D. Kipp Kiwanis Club of Pearl, MS Inc. Marjorine R. Kirk Amy and Thomas Kliman Knights of Columbus Foundation of Mississippi, Inc. Krystal Gravel, Inc. Krystal Kleen, Inc. Eva and Rick Lacey Mr. and Mrs. William Lancaster Lebanon Home and Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Libby Swilley Essary Madison-Ridgeland Academy


Ed Maglisceau Mr. and Mrs. Benny Mardis Marjorie C. Beasley Revocable Trust St. Marks United Methodist Church Jodie and Bob Martin McAlister’s Deli Michael McAlpin Carolyn T. McCay Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. McCormick Mrs. Gail S. McKay Clara and Warren McKinnon Eric McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNeese Emily McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Metzner Anne C. Meyer Midwest Technical Institute, Inc. Brian Miller Ray Miller Sharon and David Miller The Mississippi Baptist Foundation The Mississippi Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mary and Vernon Mitcham Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Mixon MMC Materials, Inc. Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. James L. Moore Karen and Ed Morgan Carole and Gary Morrison Carolyn Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mounger NBS Surveying LLC Mary Lea and Ricky Nations Nativity Lutheran Church

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Noblin Janet Noel Mrs. Jean G. Noel Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nutt Mrs. Frances T. Olander Papazu Salon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Partridge Sandy and Doug Payne Pearl High School, Sophomore Class Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Barry Plunkett Bob Pollard Mr. and Mrs. John H. Price, Jr. Puckett Rents Rankin County Mastergardener Myrna Erisman Ranne Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ray Dr. Dale G. Read Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. R. Miller Reid Mr. and Mrs. Chip Reynolds Betty and Jimmy Rhodes Riverside Independent Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. James L. Roberson Margaret and Mark Robinson Richard Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rogers Michele and Warren Rogers Jess D. Roques Ross & Yerger Insurance, Inc. Mrs. Roxanne Routt Quality Chemical & Supply, Inc. Salley, Hite & Mercer, LLC Mr. Edward Schmidt

Ms. Andrea L. Schuler Servpro of Brandon Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shapley Duke Simmons Mrs. Rose M. Simonson Janet and Gordon Skelton Julie and Cole Smith St. Dominic Health Services, Inc. Strong United Methodist Church 0773 Susan and Todd Savell Service Master Jean Sledge Verna O. Smith Spencer Ready Mix Jackson Inc. Saint Francis of Assisi RCIA Group Ms. Mary Frances Staton Paul Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Stockett Martha and James Stringer Mr. and Mrs. James C. Sumner Ward W. Sumner Sunbelt Bolt & Screw Co., Inc. The T. H. Etheridge Trust Ashton Tate Mr. and Mrs. Ray Taylor Elizabeth R. Thompson Patricia W. Thornton Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - Central MS Chapter Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Tipton, Jr. Therapeutic Bliss, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tracy Dr. David P. Trebotich Karen Trumpore

Trustmark Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Turk Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Turnipseed Tyer’s Professional Auto Service Katie Tyler United Methodist Men Utica Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Veazey Carrie and Jim Wadlington Sarah and Clay Wadlington Allison Walker Amy Walker Rick Walker Mrs. Sandra L. Ward Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Warr Barbara H. Webb Wealthview Capital, LLC Rachel Welch Charles E. Welch, III Mr. and Mrs. Don West William E. West Mrs. Royal White Marijane Whitfield Lee Ann Whitley Jerry Whittington Mrs. Robert E. Williams Charlene Winstead Mary and James Winstead WWB Designs Elizabeth and James Young Mr. and Mrs. R. James Young Dr. Joseph S. Young

donors $99 & below

Betty Adams Mrs. Richard W. Aiken Johnnie Nell Alexander Nannette V. Alford Mr. and Mrs. Larry Allison Mrs. Georgia Anderson Louise Anderson R.B. and Betty Andrews Apple Annies Mr. John H. Baker Sue and John Bankston Mr. and Mrs. Wade D. Bass, III Hudson and Jackson Bataille Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barrett Cathy Beasley Best Yet MHV Club


Rachel Black Edith Booth Shannon and Dan Boyce Gerard Bowles Russell T. Bowie Claire Brabec Mary and John Brantley Cindy W. Breckenridge Edward D. Brown Joan Brown Elizabeth Broad Ms. Lila Buckley Bob Bullock Zella D. Buntyn Mrs. Ivy C. Callegan Mrs. Virginia R. Campbell

Canton Wholesale Bait Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Card Lisa Chisholm Mr. and Mrs. C. York Craig, Jr. Crawford Street United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Chamblee Ms. Theresa T. Conerly Myra and Bill Cook Dr. and Mrs. James J. Corbett Mrs. Janelle Craig Melanie and Wil Crawford Jacquelyn Creaghan Leslie P. Crosby Dr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Currie Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Currie, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Billy J. Curtis

Mary Ann and Dan Damiens Gwen and Danny Daves Ms. Marlene E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dickson Rev. and Mrs. David Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Farr Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Finkelberg First Baptist Church of Jackson First Baptist Church of Byram First Baptist Church of Jackson WMU MARIE JONE Mr. and Mrs. Shane Ford Suzanne Fowler Lindsey M. Francois Gloria and Dale Frazier Mr. Thomas Freeman

Funny Face Foods Mrs. John Gayden Belinda O. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Godbold Mr. and Mrs. H. Wesley Goings, III Marianne Grantham Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Graves Jeanette and Frank Greer Pat Griffin Elizabeth S. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Jes Harrington Betty Hearn Mr. and Mrs. Clyde C. Hemphill, Jr. Mrs. Marguerite Herring Martha J. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Elbert R. Hilliard Mrs. Kathy Hilton Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hood Beth Hooks Hopscotch Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Horner Mary D. Hughes IMPACT Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Isonhood Lori and Bob Jackman Cathy and Pat Jeffcoats Mr. and Mrs. George W. Jenkins, Jr. Elizabeth Johnson Frances Johnson Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Johnson, Jr. Mrs. Sarah P. Jones Mary Jo Kelly Linda and Randy Keng Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kerr, Sr. Alicia and Ken Knotts

Rockie Kunstmann Vivian Lacoste Mynon and Gary Larose Carol L. Latham Miss Vicki Latham Patricia and Steven Lee Temple C. Lauer Donna S. Lewis Bobbie J. Long Mr. and Mrs. Bill Loveless Sybil Luckett Rivers Y. Lurate Matthews, Cutrer & Lindsay, P.A. Dr. and Mrs. George W. May, Jr. Pam and Dickie May Dolores and James May Mrs. Pauline May Ruth P. McCary Mr.and Mrs. Charles McClain, Sr. Cheryl and Mark McCoy Dr. and Mrs. S. H. McDonnieal, Jr. Freida A. McIntire Sue R. McKnight Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. McMillan, Jr. Meadow Grove Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. James E. Merritt June and James Milam Peggy and William Miller Dr. and Mrs. Don Q. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Monk Ann and Ed Montague Morton MHV Club Carol R. Mosley Ginny Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nation Carole and Billy Newman

Donna E. Nicholas Madge F. Noble Gale H. Noel Mr. Gary Q. Nowell Martha and Charles Patch Mr. and Mrs. William H. Payne Charlotte and Larry Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Porter Mr. Fred A. Powell Ann and Grady Prevost Mr. and Mrs. William A. Primos Shelia and Lamar Puryear Allene S. Putnam Ms. Patience Rall Darlene and Paul Rand Tricia P. Redditt Ronnie L. Reeves Wanda and John Regan Mrs. Ricky Renfroe Rials Electric, Inc Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Robbins Ms. Virginia B. Rhoads William D. Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rugg Weston Russ Mrs. Bobby Jean Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sanderson Scharepon, Inc. Kirsten Shaw Hope Sheridan Callie and Jack Shi Robert L. Shipp Erin Showah Syble and Billy Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Smith, III Lem O. Smith, III

Mr. and Mrs. H. Melvin Smith Mr. Mark Snow Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Spann Rebecca Starling Sue Ann and Jim Stewart Dr. and Mrs. Crawley Stubblefield Mrs. Golda Stubblefield Ms. Marion Swayze Mignonne and James Tadlock Granville Tate, Jr. Mrs. Jerome K. Tharpe Frances J. Thompson Mrs. Hazel B. Thornton Ms. Barbara P. Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Travis, III Mr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Treadway, Jr. Marie and Mitch Trebotich Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Turner Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray Underwood Judy and Charles Varner Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Vickery Ruby F. Wadford Libby and Bobby Walden Helen and Lyons Walsh Mrs. Sue Carol Webb Patricia White Sarah W. White Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wiley Linda and Larry Williams Sue E. Williams Oma L. Wright Mary Ann and Jack Yates Mrs. William A. Youngblood Mrs. Karan York

Note: Since gifts have been credited to more than one constituent, report totals may be inaccurate.

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