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Feb 22, 2014 ... Sam Clark ..... Seedsters have fun with Jackson Academy students. ... and often surprise the Seedsters with Skybox tickets to the MS Braves ...
2013 Newsletter & Annual Report THE MUSTARD SEED, INC. 1085 Luckney Road Brandon, MS 39047 Phone: 601.992.3556 Fax: 601.992.0170

The Mission of the Mustard Seed The Mustard Seed is a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities. Founded in 1981 to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of adults with special needs, the Mustard Seed provides a loving and protected environment with meaningful activities which allow the “Seedsters” to fulfill the potential God has created within them.



Judy Hicks

Past President

Ron Allen

President Elect

Cindy Chew

Secretary / Treasurer

Denny Terry

Trustee Emeritus

Charles Remus

Financial Advisor

Leslie Hancock

Auxiliary President

Kim Browning

Family Group President

Jim Agnew Cindy Allen Ugandhar Adari Stephanie Hodges Becky Lowe Kathy Moore Melanie Morgan Paul Rogers Rosiland Smith STAFF Forrest "Bud" Bratley

Executive Director

Elizabeth Gammill

Director of Activities

Del Harrington

Director of Community Relations

Jennifer Floyd

Director of Operations

Joshua Zerbe

Facilities Director & Gift Shop Manager

Cindy Chew

Gift Shop Assistant

Sam Clark

Workshop Manager

Beth Carraway

Workshop Assistant / Nurse

Charlie Floyd

Day Program Instructor

Claire Jennings

Day Program Instructor

Stephanie Jury

Day Program Instructor

Phyllis Reeves

Day Program Instructor

Daniel Townsend

Day Program Instructor

Debbie Burnham

Bells of Faith Director

Jayne Crenshaw

Bells of Faith Accompanist

Janet & Randy Gerleman

Women’s Group Home Parents

Phyllis & Steve Sherer

Men’s Group Home Parents

On a daily basis, the staff of Mustard Seed hears of Seedster Jerry Dearing’s dream of building a new Men’s Group Home on the 1085 Luckney Road campus. For the past two years, Jerry has been told, “We need to finish the Workshop and Activity Center, then the parking lot, after which, we will begin raising money for a Men’s Home to be next.” One day this past summer as the driveway’s construction was wrapping up, Jerry greeted Executive Director Bud Bratley at the front door of the Activity Center and began guiding him to his wallet in his cubby. Confused of Jerry’s actions, Bud followed and watched as Jerry pulled a $5 bill from his wallet and handed it to him. “What is this for, Jerry?” Bud asked. “One day… a… GUYS' HOME,” replied Jerry with great excitement. Kicking everything off with a Seedster’s very own $5 donation, Mustard Seed is excited to begin planning construction and raising funds for a much-needed Men’s Group Home. The new Men’s Home is anticipated to house 10 men, which is an increase of two from the current home. The 10 men and two house parents look forward to larger living, kitchen, and laundry areas as well as more spacious bedrooms. With generous support and donations, Mustard Seed hopes to break ground on a new Men’s Group Home by the beginning of 2015. Please contact the Mustard Seed at 601-992-3556 or to join Jerry in funding a new Men’s Group Home.

note from the

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR On the cover of this year’s annual newsletter, I hope you see, as I do, love, joy, and happiness on the faces of the men pictured. And as you enjoy reading through the following pages, you will see excitement, friendship, and just plain fun in the articles and other photographs which include pictures of Seedsters, volunteers, family, staff, Trustees, and others. This past year, the Mustard Seed has continued to be blessed by God through you, our supporters. We have completed and are enjoying the use of new activity space, and our newly-paved parking area allows for easier and safer access for everyone who is involved with the Mustard Seed. The ceramics, hand-built clay pieces, and daily activities continue to bring customers and volunteers to our campus; and at the same time, these activities bring our Seedsters joy and pride. If you have not been to visit with us and seen first hand our exciting changes,

we invite you to come when you are in the area. A great time to visit is our Annual Christmas Open House which is always the first Saturday in December. The Bells of Faith, our hand bell choir, plays at 11:00 and 1:00. The future is bright for the Mustard Seed! Our next project will be a new group home for our men which will then give us the opportunity to update the older home they presently occupy. As we add clients from those on our waiting list, we will need more activity space as well as more living facilities. Please keep the Mustard Seed Board of Trustees, families, and our dedicated and talented staff in your prayers as we make decisions involving future growth. We have waiting lists for both group homes as well as our day program. We are thankful for your support and value your partnership as we continue to provide activities which allow the Seedsters to fulfill the potential God has created within them.




JOYCE PLUNKETT President Elect / Scholarship



KATHY MOORE Past President

JAN CARTER Membership


staff of the Mustard Seed. The money raised through the Auxiliary helps the Mustard Seed to enhance its




ministry. To




You are invited to join the Mustard Seed Auxiliary for a

Mustard Seed Auxiliary or for more information,

High Tea at the Fairview Inn located in Historic Belhaven.

please contact Membership Director, Jan Carter, at

The Auxiliary Tea will be held on February 22, 2014, from

[email protected]

2 – 4 pm. The Mustard Seed Auxiliary is a volunteer group

Please consider joining the Mustard Seed Auxiliary to

which offers much-needed support to the Seedsters and

help bring love and joy to the Seedsters.

Look Whoo’s at the Mustard Seed Mustard Seed’s Ornament of the Year is always a big hit. Don’t miss out on this colorful owl. Get yours for $10 each… before they fly away!

SHOP THE SEED ON SECOND SATURDAYS Second Saturday Shopping Days at the Mustard Seed have been a big hit! Mustard Seed ceramics make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day, happies for friends, and much more. The Seedsters’ beautiful ceramics contribute over $172,000 to the annual budget. In addition to helping maintain the program of the Mustard Seed, these unique pieces give art therapy to the over 40 adults with developmental disabilities. Gift Shop hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am – 4 pm and the second Saturday of each month from 10 am - 3 pm. Plus, November and December always bring additional Saturday shopping days which are publicized at


Please contact the Mustard Seed if your contact information is incorrect so that corrections can be made to our records. 3

On October 30, 1991, I was given a special gift from God. My daughter Katelyn was born, and He had chosen me to be her mother. Why is Katelyn so special and such a gift? She was born with Down Syndrome. At 19, and not knowing why God had chosen me to be her mother, I embraced it and promised Him I would do everything within my power to protect her and be the best mother I could be, and I would get to share this precious gift with others. She started school at Northwest Rankin Elementary and continued on to Northwest Rankin Middle then Northwest Rankin High School. Her senior year, she was voted to the 2011 Homecoming Court and crowned the 2011 Homecoming Queen! She loved her school, fellow students, and faculty so much that after she graduated, she wanted to go back to Northwest. I knew that she would need to be motivated and kept social, so I found a place that would fulfill both of those needs. I decided to

get her involved among other precious gifts from God at the Mustard Seed. Katelyn has been attending Mustard Seed since August of 2013. It took her a little while to get adjusted, but I knew it was the right place for her to be. She loves “going to school,” and she loves all of the staff. I am so thankful for a place like the Mustard Seed, where she continues to thrive and touch others with her silly giggle and infectious smile.

– Anissa Simpson, Katelyn’s Mom

THANKS, JUDY! The Mustard Seed and its Board of Directors are extremely grateful for the 10 years of service served by Judy Hicks. Judy has served on the board in several capacities, including President. Her countless hours have guided the Mustard Seed to many expansions, both in numbers of clients, new financial support, and physical structures built. Thank you, Judy! 4

Seedsters have enjoyed being a part of Mustard Seed University, made possible by the addition of 3100 square feet of activity space. All Seedsters are asked to choose the classes they are interested in taking and are then given a schedule to follow for the eight-week rotation. Within each class, Seedsters are seeking to accomplish personal goals which enrich their intellectual growth. Mustard Seed University has given Seedsters the ability to pursue their independent interests apart from the large group. In turn, the Gift Shop has seen a “freshness” in the ceramics being produced. All in all, Mustard Seed University is a positive addition to the Day Program. Some of the current and previous classes include Reading, iPads, Spelling, Watercolors, Hand-Building, Zumba, Drama, Music, Crochet, Poetry, Bible, History, Sign Language, French, Manners, Nature, Numbers, Sports History, Church History, Entertainment History, Canvas Painting, German, Relaxation, Yoga, and Fractions.

Hand-Building Each minute of a day in the life of a Seedster is exciting. However, new spaces at the Mustard Seed allow for growth and new excitement in the Day Program. One of the classes offered during Mustard Seed University is Hand-Building. Seedsters are learning how to create beautiful ceramics made from clay. They are working with miscellaneous items to create unique textures, shapes, sizes, and styles which form special animals, servingware, bird baths, vases, angels, and much more. Hand-building classes are producing confidence in creativity, all the while forming wonderful works of art to be sold in the Gift Shop.


Ringing from the Heart

The talent of Mustard Seed’s Bells of Faith rings into the hearts of people around Mississippi! After hearing a 2012 concert of “The Bells,” a member of Madison United Methodist Church put her feelings onto paper in the form of beautiful poetry. The poem was spread throughout the Mustard Seed and truly touched the lives of each Seedster.

The Gift of Bells

Each bell becomes a gifta toneone pure, simple tone, Each ringer gifted with a bell, or two, or more. Eyes fixed upon the leader, the ringers wait, sounding bells at just the given moment. One out-of-order tone, discord; properly timed rings, joyful tune and harmony.

Each of us bears a Spirit-given gift. May we, like the ringers, Fix eyes upon our Leader and ring our bell at just the proper God-led moment. Joy and peace on earth. Written by DeSha Dye Montgomery, member of Madison United Methodist Church The Bells of Faith can be scheduled by emailing [email protected]

“Racin’ for the Seed” is a 5K run/ walk followed by a 13-mile bike and another 5K run/walk. Participants can register as a team or individual for the Duathlon or as an individual for the first 5K.

Duathlon and 5K April 5, 2014


Proceeds from “Racin’ for the Seed” will allow the Mustard Seed to continue providing a loving Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities. More info to come. Check our website for updates:

‹‹‹ Volunteers in Action ››› Each month the Mustard Seed is blessed with many volunteers who give generously of their time. The Seedsters appreciate their company, talents, and kind actions. There are several opportunities at the Mustard Seed to receive volunteer credit for work and school as well as to give generously of your own time. Volunteer applications can be found at

First Pres Day School volunteers worked hard cleaning up the Mustard Seed campus.

Rankin First and the Flowood and Rankin Chambers of Commerce are extremely supportive of Mustard Seed and often surprise the Seedsters with Skybox tickets to the MS Braves Game!

Girl Scout Troop 5349 visited the Seedsters to deliver boxes of cookies.

Seedsters have fun with Jackson Academy students.

Frank the Camel came to visit on "Hump Day." Frank was extremely loving and certainly enjoyed the treats and hugs from Seedsters.

Seedsters enjoyed making a banner for the Troops with the Flowood Young Professionals.

Seedsters were excited to have their faces painted by Sherry Burdsal of Fancy Faces during Homerun for Mustard Seed.

Several volunteers took time out of their afternoon to create a “Beauty Parlor” for our Seedsters getting ready for Joy Prom. The time that volunteers take to make Seedsters feel special is an amazing gift!


Fun Friday!! An important and highly anticipated part of the Mustard Seed’s Activity Program is Fun Friday! Seedsters look at the calendar each month to gear up for each field trip, fun campus activity, and lunch spot. Seedsters speak on their favorite Fun Friday activities. What is your favorite Fun Friday? LOGAN: “Fishing.” JERRY: “Talent Show.” MEGAN & CHARLIE: “Bowling.” WILLIAM: “I like the fair.” JEFF: “I like to eat out a lot.” WILL: “I like when we go eat Mexican.” REBECCA: “I like going to the movies… oh yeah.” SAVANNAH: “I enjoy walking around at Northpark.” JANE: “I like everything, I can’t pick one favorite.” LINDSAY: “I like to bowl especially when I get a strike.” EMILY Olander: “I like the Talent Show because I like to sing solo.” HEATHER: “I like Thanksgiving Dinner because it’s our time to give thanks.” JOSEPH: “I really like to go to The Cock-of-the-Walk for a special lunch.” 8

SEEDSTERS GIVING BACK The Seedsters enjoy the giving of their time. They realize the importance of giving based on the hundreds of volunteers and others who give to the Mustard Seed both in-kind and financially. 2013 has brought several opportunities for Seedsters to volunteer; they served lunch at Stewpot Community Kitchen, made and distributed gingerbread ornaments at Blair Batson Children’s Hospital, purchased and packed gifts for Operation Christmas Child, as well as calling BINGO and visiting with residents at The Orchard.

Serving lunch at Stewpot

Calling BINGO and visiting with the residents at The Orchard

Recycling is a dail y routine at Mustard Seed.

n s are packed, Operatio xe bo d an d se ha rc pu e rld. Gifts ar children around the wo to il ma to y ad re is Christmas Child




Seedster Appreciation Day Seedsters were appreciated in January 2013 for their incredible contributions to the Mustard Seed’s program. They were rewarded with a special ceremony held at Mississippi College in Flowood, lunch at Crazy Ninja, and an ice cream social at Mustard Seed. On Seedster Appreciation Day, Seedsters learned that over $172,000 of their colorful ceramics sold in 2012. It is encouraging for Seedsters to understand the impact their art has on the Mustard Seed and its supporters.

Families Help Us Function! Whether it's through financial support or the countless volunteer hours contributed, the families are a vital part of the Mustard Seed’s community.

Thank you for your trust and support!


WEAREGROWING!! Thank you for supporting the Mustard Seed! Your generous contributions have allowed expansion that is increasing creativity and activities for the Seedsters. The Mustard Seed is a special place! You are invited to come visit our campus and see first hand the gifts and talents of the Seedsters. Tours can be scheduled Monday through Friday by calling the Mustard Seed at 601-992-3556.

How to Give to the Mustard Seed There are several ways to generously give to the Mustard Seed. In addition to purchasing ceramics, volunteering time, or giving a monetary donation, supporters can give to the Mustard Seed in additional ways. Call the Mustard Seed’s office with questions on the following giving opportunities. Corporate Matching Gifts: Many employers will match employee contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations. Contributions are tax deductible to both the employer and the employee. Kroger: By selecting the Mustard Seed as your “charity” through Kroger’s Rewards Program, Mustard Seed will

receive 5% of each of your purchases. This is a great way to give to Mustard Seed without pulling funds from your own pocket. Planned Giving: If you are interested in listing Mustard Seed in your will, please contact Bud Bratley at 601-9923556. Harvest program: Food donations to the Mustard Seed ease the financial burden on Group Homes, all while providing a tax-deductible donation to area restaurants. If you know of a restaurant interested in donating food to the Mustard Seed, please ask them to contact Del Harrington at 601-992-3556.

Don’t Forget…

In order to be able to claim donations as charitable deductions on your 2013 income tax return, donations should be postmarked by December 31, 2013. Online donations can be made by visiting


MEMORIALS The Mustard Seed is a great way to remember friends and loved ones during the holidays or any other special time throughout the year. Giving through the Mustard Seed is a special gift that blesses the lives of over 40 extraordinary people. Each recipient will receive a card acknowledging your gift, and as always, your gift is tax deductible. Contact the Mustard Seed at 601-992-3556 to support our ministry. 13

MUSTARD SEED WISH LIST • Variety Pack of Snack Size Chips • Cases of Gatorade and/or Water • Powdered Lemonade • Paper Plates • Plastic Cutlery • 24-Count Muffin Pan • Ziploc Bags (sandwich and gallon size) • Aluminum Foil and Saran Wrap • TOILETRIES: Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, etc. • Pump Hand Soap • Dish Soap • Clorox Wipes • Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner • Armor All Wipes • Car Wash Soap • Febreeze for Auto and Home • Windex • First Aid Kit • First Aid Supplies • Omron Blood Pressure Cuff • Medical Stethoscope • Spray Sports Sunscreen SPF 50 or Higher • Fitness Mats (10) • Pool Cue • Colored Butcher Paper Rolls (any color) • Rolls of Plastic Tablecloths • Individual Disposable Plastic Tablecloths • Fun Stickers • Scrapbook Supplies • Watercolor Paper • White Name Tag Stickers • Lamination Machine • Scrub Pants in Sizes M, L, XL, XXL • Wooden Rocking Chairs • Bean Bag Chairs • 2 Floor Lamps (please call for details) • Large Area Rugs (please call for details) • Lightweight Afghans or Quilts • All-weather Zip-up Picnic Blankets • Plush or Fleece Blankets (extra long) • Legos • Building Blocks • “D” and “AA” Batteries • Landscaping Lights (please call for details) 14

• Chairs for New Workshop & Activity Center (only $20 at Sam’s Club) • 8’ Tables for New Workshop & Activity Center (only $79 at Sam’s Club) • 4’ Tables for New Workshop & Activity Center (only $79 at Sam’s Club) • 25-32 Gallon Sterilite Latch Tubs • Power Cords (25-50ft) • Surge Protector • Button Magnets • Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner • Shop Vac • 5’x10’ Utility Trailer • Compost Tumbler • 25-50’ Water Hose • Floor Buffer/Polisher (please call for details) • Dust Mop • Outdoor Broom • Spray Nozzle for Water Hose • Hard Rake • Leaf Rake • 10-12’ A-frame Ladder • Work Gloves • Spade Head Shovel • Flat Head Shovel • Hammer • Drill Bit Set • Duct Tape • Amdro Fire Ant Killer • Wasp and Hornet Spray • PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS: Xylophones, Drums, Maracas, Marimba, Tamborine, etc. Gift Cards from iTunes, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Dairy Queen, Bops, Walmart, Baskin Robbins, Kroger, Dollar Tree, Chick-fil-a, Sonic, Target, Lowe’s, Berry Berry Good, Regal Theatres, Backyard Burgers, Subway, McAlister's, or any other restaurant We can always use batteries, card games, coloring books, craft supplies, crayons, DVD’s (rated G or PG), event tickets (sports, movies, theatre), hand-held electronic games, heavy-duty construction paper, paint-by-numbers posters, jewelry beads, prizes for bingo

THE MUSTARD SEED STEWARDSHIP THE MUSTARD SEED, INC. Functional Expenses as of April 30, 2013 Description

Program Services

General & Administrative


Total Support Services

12-Month Total







Payroll Tax


















Food & Household












Postage Staff Develop


Dues & Subscript Supplies

860 44040






























Donor Develop




Telephone Pest Control Cleaning Taxes Interest






























Contract Labor













Contract Serv

Meals Travel Activity Expense
































Actual 04-30-12






Actual 04-30-11






Actual 04-30-10






Actual 04-30-09






Actual 04-30-08






Budget 04-30-13






Actual 04-30-12






Actual 04-30-11






TOTAL EXPENSES FUNCTIONAL % Total Expenses: Budget 04-30-13

Functional %

Actual 04-30-10






Actual 04-30-09 Actual 04-30-08

89.7 87.3

5.6 6.6

4.8 6.2

10.3 12.7

100.0 100.0


PARTNERS IN MINISTRY October 1, 2012 - September

30, 2013

In thanksgiving and gratitude, we recognize those who have contributed to the Mustard Seed. The following are our friends and partners who have joined the Mustard Seed in fulfilling and expanding our mission. On behalf of the Seedsters and their families, we humbly recognize those churches, corporations, foundations, individuals, organizations, and many more who are truly our partners in ministry.

10,000+ DONORS


Anonymous Judy and John Chew Edwin E. and Ruby C. Morgan Foundation First Presbyterian Church of Jackson Miskelly Furniture Tempur-Pedic International Inc. Terry-Trane Service Agency, Inc.

of all donations go directly to Seedsters!

5,000 - $9,999 DONORS


Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Arcemont Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Employees Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS Leigh and Chad Bridges

1,000 - $4,999 DONORS

Lisa and Patrick Busby Dr. and Mrs. Luther H. Fulcher, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. F. Earl Fyke III Kroger Cultural Council

Jimmy Montgomery R. E. Woolley Charitable Trust II Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company


Anonymous ADCAMP, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Agnew Mr. and Mrs. James Almas Patsy and Perry Atherton Atherton Consulting Engineers Inc. Bank of America Matching Gifts Dr. Milton Baxter, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest G. Bratley, Jr. Beth C. Byrd C Spire Wireless Christ UMC of Jackson Cathy and Charlie Craig Lesley and John Davis Faith Presbyterian Church Feild Co-Operative Association, Inc. First Baptist Church of Jackson First UMC of Richland Mr. and Mrs. James Fitchie Mr. Trotter Flynn Betsy Folmar 16

Mr. and Mrs. Terry P. Foreman Franklin Telephone Company, Inc. Friends of Phil Bryant Faye and Ralph Gordon Grace Chapel, Inc. Highlands Presbyterian Church Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Hill Hollis Shoemaker, Inc. Home Builders Association of MS Dana Hooper James E. Fowler Family Foundation Nancy and David Jolly Laguna Social Tribe Larry W. & Pamela B. Edwards Charitable Fund Kelly and Brent Layton Lewis Electric, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Benny J. Mardis Material Girls, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. McClendon Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. McLemore

Charlotte and Richard McNeel Ashley and Hu Meena Metropolitan Bank Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Nell and Robert Mobley Dr. and Mrs. John C. Neill Sage and Jack Nichols Northminster Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Olander Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Neil Dr. and Mrs. Joel G. Payne, Jr. Puckett Machinery Company Rotary Club of North Jackson Sam E. and Burnice C. Wittel Fndn Mrs. Lyn Sanderford Crystal G. Scott Beth and Jerry Shivers Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shumaker Mr. and Mrs. Al Simonson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Snow St. James Episcopal Church

St. Richard Catholic Church St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Jane and Lynn Stringer Dr. and Mrs. Earl T. Stubblefield Mr. and Mrs. Bob Tarver Kirk G. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ford Terry The Gertrude C. Ford Foundation, Inc. The Orchard The Wesley A Caldwell FDN Helen S. Thornton Treasure and Mark Tyson Amy Walker Wellington Associates Shawn and Bob Wilkerson Sally and Gary Wilkinson Charlene Winstead Charlie Winstead Amy and Rice York

500 - $999 DONORS


Anonymous Mrs. Virginia H. Atherton Teresa and David Ayers Gina S. Blackwell Kathryn Borowow Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Box Brandon Baptist Church, Inc. Sharon L. Brown Donna Kaye and Bob Byrd Central MS Down Syndrome Society Community Fndn of Greater Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Cooley Sidney and Holt Crews Sarah B. Dodge Lashlee Dorman Lola and Sid Dudley Dunn-French Foundation

First Baptist Church of Carthage First Presbyterian Church of Jackson: Women In The Church Ms. Corinne Fox Mr. and Mrs. William E. French Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Gammill Girl Scout Troop 5349 Suzanne and Noel Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Derek A. Henderson Mrs. Anita Jemison Gena Jones Larry W. King Liz Voogjarv and Charles Kirk Law Offices of J. Peyton Randolph, II Leavell Land Group, LLC Lebanon Presbyterian Church Sissy Mabus

100 - $499 DONORS

Joy McAllister Mary and Paul McDade Medicomp Physical Therapy Mississippi Claims Association Inc. Mr. Fred Morris, III Mr. and Mrs. Todd Morris Mr. Jim Nash Raninca and Charles Nickles Office of the State Treasurer Phoenix Beauty Supply Inc. Rankin County Civitan Club Real Resources Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Reeves William D. Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Rosenblatt Janet C. Smith

Staff of Congressman Gregg Harper’s Pearl District Deanne and Paul Stephenson III Strong United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Tatum Judy and Denny Terry The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation Trustmark National Bank Utica Christian Church Mr. and Mrs. Paul Varner Mr. and Mrs. Warner Wadlington Allison Walker Rachel and Charles Welch Mr. Jerry Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Dal Williamson Young Law Group PLLC


Karen Adams Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Aldridge Christa Allan Mrs. Georgia L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Don Antrim Nelms and Erik Arnold Thomas and Bennette Ash Rev. and Mrs. Jim Baird, Jr. Tommie Lou and Wayne Ball Ballet Magnificat! Bancorp South Booneville MS Employees Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Bertucci Michelle Blackmon Bomgar Corporation Kay Boolos Kristi Breaux Mrs. Jean T. Brewer Briarwood Foundation Briarwood Methodist UMW Broadmoor Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brown, Jr. Kim and Jeremy Browning Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Dale Buckley Zella D. Buntyn Robert O. Burke, Jr. Drs. Sherri and Ronald Burke Mack Busby Mr. R. N. Busick Lind and John Bussey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Butler Erin Cadoree Chick-fil-a at Dogwood Festival Christ United Methodist Church Circle 4 Circle 1 North Park Presbyterian Church Jan and Monty Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clark Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cook Gary M. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Nolin Cook Marsha Cooper Mrs. Lee H. Coward Kay and Howard Crenshaw Robert Crowell Crystal Springs Bible Church Allison and Bryan Dallas Megan and David Dallas Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Decker Delta Telephone Company Denise Bounds Insurance LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bob A. Dunaway Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dunn III Tommy Savant and Teri Dyess Patricia and Richard Estel Nora and Tam Etheridge Euzelian Sunday School Class Jennifer and Phil Evans Mrs. Elizabeth P. Fields Kit and Mark Fields First Baptist Church of Byram First Baptist Church of Jackson: Dot Kerr/ Hope & Joy SS Class First Baptist Church of Jackson: Marie McKeigney Circle First Baptist Church of Jackson: Nan Sugg WMU Linda and Brian Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flood Carolyn R. Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fort Franklin Telephone & Telapex Employees Gloria and Dale Frazier

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Frazier Rick Funderburke Kelly Gainey Mrs. Fred W. Garraway Mr. Rick Garraway Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Gaston Mr. and Mrs. Randy Gerleman Jan and Roger Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Winston L. Gilmore Cheryl S. Giordano Mary and Larry Glass Robin and Mark Glass Mr. and Mrs. Alvin T. Gould, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graham Grassroots Aviation Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Greer Mrs. Hazel H. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamel Ronald M. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Harbarger Dr. and Mrs. Gayle Harrell Pam Harris Hartfield Academy 5th Gr. Class 2012-13 Betty C. Heard Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Heidelberg, III Heiden & Garland, Inc. Jo Hester Janet and David Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hontzas Dorothy A. Hubbard Daniel C. Hughes, Jr. Mrs. Cynthia Hutson Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Hyer Inn Serve Corporation Mary and Mike Jabaley Beth and Gerald Jacks Sylvester James

Yvonne and Mark Jicka Rita P. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Johnson Dr. J. Harvey Johnston, Jr. Kim Joiner Mr. and Mrs. B. Bryan Jones III Mrs. Carolyn L. Jones Diane and Ray Jones Miss Rosa Jones Stephanie Jones Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Kendall III Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kendall, IV Lois T. Kennedy Thomas C. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Crane D. Kipp Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kirkland, Jr. Mrs. Angelina G. Kitchens Amy and Thomas Kliman M. F. Kuluz Eva and Richard Lacey Zoe Ladner Mr. and Mrs. Milton K. LaDue Mr. and Mrs. William Lancaster Miss Lisa G. Latham Mr. Tim Lawrence Charles E. Lea Lebanon Home and Garden Club Ms. Susan Lindsay Linda Livingston Mr. and Mrs. David Loftin Mr. and Mrs. Rob Love Lutz Mediation & Arbitration Services Madison United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maglisceau Kathy and Jerry Mahlock Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Mangrum Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Mangum 17



Max Gilliland Sunday School Class DeAnn and Mike McCain Sigrid McClenaghan Cheryl and Mark McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Max E. McDaniel Ridgely McIntyre Harriet McKay Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. McMillan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNeese Paul F. McNeill Kelli Michaelson Midwest Technical Institute, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Milam Debra A. Miller Jill Mincks Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mitcham Karen and Ed Morgan Debbie and Charles Morris Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morrison Virginia and Franklin Morton Glynda and Ford Mosby Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Robert S. Murphree Molly Myrick Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Nations Newton United Methodist Church Janet Noel Mrs. Jean G. Noel



Martha and Alex Abernathy Betty Adams Vickie Lynn Adams Mrs. Hazel Addison Mrs. Richard W. Aiken Opal and Harold Ainsworth Alta Woods Baptist Church Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Aultman Rachel Bailey Janyce and Scott Ball Claire and Rees Barksdale Emily Barnes Dr. and Mrs. Fred F. Barrett Claudia and Timothy Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Wade D. Bass, III Mr. and Mrs. James W. Beam Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bell Mrs. Thomas A. Bell Mrs. L. C. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowie Gerard Bowles Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Boykin Mrs. Cindy Bradshaw 18

Cindy and Bennie Nutt Theresa and Lee Nutt Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Nuzzo Mrs. Frances T. Olander Carley and Thomas Page Page, Kruger & Holland, P.A. Rose Paris Mrs. Vicki Parnell Elizabeth and Tom Parry Mr. and Mrs. Richard Partridge Linda and Jimmy Patterson Ms. Rebecca A. Perkins Wendell Perry Pfizer Fndn Matching Gifts Program Mr. Don Potts Mr. Fred A. Powell Mr. and Mrs. John H. Price, Jr. Ben Puckett Dr. and Mrs. Rick Randolph Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ray Erin and Clifton Reade Mr. and Mrs. R. Miller Reid Mr. and Mrs. Chip Reynolds Betty and Jimmy Rhodes Rick’s Pro-Truck Riverside Independent Methodist Church Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Robbins Mr. and Mrs. James L. Roberson Drs. Linda and Robin Rockhold

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Bradshaw Rebecca and Bruce Breland Phil Broadhead and Tommie Jean Brock Brooks Ministry Insurance Beth Buckley Mrs. Lila Buckley Mary Burge Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byrd Mary and Tom Cable Mrs. Ivy C. Callegan Mrs. Virginia R. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Don Cannada Peggy Carman Carpenter Hunting Club Jan Carter Jill Cartwright Mr. Paul D. Cate Century Club Charities, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Chew Mr. and Mrs. Eric Clark Sally Clark Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Cobb Ann and Jim Coggin Mrs. S. R. Coleman Coliseum Corporate Storage

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rogers Jennifer A. Rogers Mary and Jess Roques Ross & Yerger Insurance, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Roderick S. Russ, III Salley, Hite, Mercer & Resor, LLC Ms. Andrea L. Schuler Schwab Charitable Fund Shack’s Welding Service, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. George Showah Janice C. Shows Janet and Gordon Skelton Julie and Cole Smith Kimberly and Dustin Smith Mrs. Verna O. Smith Southern Healthcare St. Andrew’s Episcopal School St. Philips Episcopal Church EYC Stinky Feet Athletics Mr. William Stone Martha and James Stringer Sunbelt Bolt & Screw Co., Inc. Sylvarena Baptist Church Bill Tann Melanie and Sam Taylor The Mississippi Baptist Foundation The Mississippi Charitable Fndn, Inc. Therapeutic Bliss, Inc.

Dr. David P. Trebotich Mary A. Tribble Jones Trustmark Mr. Norman J. Turk Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Turnipseed Tyer’s Professional Auto Service Mrs. Katie S. Tyler Mary Lynne and David Underwood Utica Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. VanLandingham Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Veazey Mrs. B. W. Wadlington, Jr. Carrie and Jim Wadlington Mrs. Connie S. Wadsworth Walnut Grove Public Library Helen and Lyons Walsh Mrs. Sandra L. Ward Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Warr Watson Quality Ford Mr. and Mrs. Don West William E. West Sandi and Jim White Lee Ann Whitley Sallie and Ed Williford Mr. James P. Wilson Deniese and Andy Wright Dr. Joseph S. Young Mrs. William A. Youngblood Debra Zepponi

Linda and Billy Colson Merri Comley Ms. Theresa T. Conerly Jamie and Kenny Converse Mr. and Mrs. Alford Cooley Jean Coppenbarger Elizabeth and John Cossar Mrs. Vernon Cotton Mr. and Mrs. Lee Couture Glenda Cox Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cox, Jr. Ms. Janelle Craig Mrs. W. Boyce Craig Mrs. J. W. Crawford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Crawford Scott M. Crawford Leslie P. Crosby Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Crotwell Mrs. Ruby W. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Currie, Jr. Nancy and Charles Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Damiens Bettie Delcomyn Disability Rights Mississippi Education Team Betty M. Ditto

Peggy H. Ditto Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dorris Jane and Jim Dubberly Amie Dunn Patsy and John Eads Tressa J. Eide Estes Mill Homemakers’ Volunteer Club Lori and Stephen Evans Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Farr Kelley W. Fenelon First Baptist Church of Clinton: Hannah Sunday School Class First Baptist Church of Jackson: Faith SS Class First Baptist Church of Jackson WMU GUINIVERE YOUNG CIRCLE First Baptist Church of Jackson WMU Mr. and Mrs. Wyndham B. Fletcher Jr. Kay and Don Flood Lori and David Flood Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ford Carmen and Joe Foshee Holly and Chris Fowler Margaret and Lynda Frazier Mr. Thomas Freeman Ms. Susan M. Ganz



Marilyn D. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Roy Garretson Patricia J. Gibson Jane and Stuart Givens Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Goodwin Michelle and Kimball Gray Mr. and Mrs. James Green Nick Greener Jane and Bill Griffin Margaret and Lewis Griffin Mrs. Henry M. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hall Mr. and Mrs. David Hancock Janis Harden William T. Harkey Mrs. Mary M. Haslob Mr. and Mrs. George L. Haynie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Henley Mrs. Marguerite B. Herring Judy and David Herrington Martha J. Hill Mrs. Virginia C. Hogan Linda Hogue Holly Hudson Mrs. Louise Hughes Mrs. Laverne N. Hyer IMPACT Indianola Post Number 2 American Legion Lori and Bob Jackman Mary D. Jenkins Cheryl and Dwayne Johnson Edwin Johnson Frances Johnson Peggy R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jones Mrs. Johnnie K. Jordan Mary Jo Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Don B. Kimberly Marjorine R. Kirk Mary J. Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. Auburn Lambeth Holly Lange Mrs. Temple Lauer Kathy and Vic Laurent Learned United Methodist Church Amy Lee Robbin Lee Martha and Jack Lemmons Mr. and Mrs. Jack Liddell Mr. Charles E. Liebelt Mr. and Mrs. Lee Little Mrs. Jerry J. Long Mr. and Mrs. Van A. Lucas Mr. and Mrs. CB Carroll Luckett Ms. Rivers Y. Lurate Mr. Paul Maloney

Dot Mann Cathy Marler Toni C. Matlock Lee Ann Mayo Ms. Lucy Mazzaferro Ruth P. McCary Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McClain Mr. and Mrs. B. B. McClendon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick Bob L. McHann Emily McInnis Sue R. McKnight Lawana McLennan Ruth H. McMillin Mr. and Mrs. Mike McNames Katie P. Measells Sharon and Billy Joe Messemore Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller Miss. Asphalt Pavement Association, Inc. Mrs. Donald M. Mizell Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Monk Leigh and Michael Monroe Ann and Ed Montague Judy and Mike Mooney Mrs. James C. Moore Mrs. Bill Morgan Mrs. Carol R. Mosley Mrs. Rivers C. Mounger Susan and Walter Murphy Sylvia Napper Barbara and Val Neel Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Neely Donna E. Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Nichols, Jr. Mr. Gary Q. Nowell Officers and Staff of Planters Bank Old Canton Dental Care Joanne and Mark Olson Jed H. Oppenheim Traci Palmer Becky Parker Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Parker Judy and Guy Parker Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger Maideen Pentecost Charlotte and Larry Perkins Mr. Fred A. Powell Vicky Prall Ann and Grady Prevost Mr. and Mrs. William A. Primos Shelia and Lamar Puryear Mrs. Allene S. Putnam Marcia and Steven Rachel Kurt Rademacher Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ray Tricia P. Redditt Alice and Frank Reilly, Jr.

Ms. Virginia B. Rhoads Charlene and Jim Ricks Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ridgway Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Roland Mrs. Patty Roper Diana P. Rotenberry Shirley Rupnik Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Russell, Jr. Karen and Clinton Sample Betty and Joe Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sanderson Sarah D. Satcher Dr. and Mrs. Robert Savant Mr. Edward Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Scott Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Seago Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Self Eileen N. Shaffer Dee Shaifer Mrs. Robert E. Shank Kirsten Shaw Mary Louise Shaw Sybil Shaw Dr. and Mrs. Walter Shelton June D. Shepard Frances R. Shields Courtney Simmons Syble and Billy Simmons Mrs. Olivia M. Sliman Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Smith, III Bonnie and J. L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith Jo Ann Smith Lem O. Smith III Mary Loch and Chip Smith Pamela D. Smith Priscilla and Leland Smith Mr. N. G. Stevens, Jr. Denice Stubbs Linda and James Sudduth Ms. Marion Swayze Mignonne and James Tadlock Mr. Granville Tate, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor Mrs. Eleanor C. Taylor Dianna S. Thames Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Thames Elizabeth R. Thompson Ruth and John Thompson Mrs. Hazel B. Thornton Patricia W. Thornton Sharon Tipper Dr. Ancel C. Tipton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Treadway, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chip Triplett Amy Tuck Sarah Turner

Note: Since gifts have been credited to more than one constituent, report totals may be inaccurate.

Mr. James Underwood Helen Ann Varner Judy and Charles Varner Mr. Frank Venturini, Sr. Ruby F. Wadford Sarah and Clay Wadlington Libby Walden Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Warren, Jr. John M. Weber Mr. Tommy Weems Marisue F. Wells Mr. Max Wells Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. White Angie and Dwight Williams Mr. and Mrs. Steve Williams Sue and Hettie Jo Williams Brenda and Richard Wolf Oma L. Wright Sally and Richard Yelverton Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr.


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“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move and nothing will be impossible to you.” Matthew 17:20


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