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PNC BUSINESS BANKING TELEPHONE BANKING MENU 877-BUS-BNKG (877-287-2654) Fo rMe chan S evic s at PNC B nk, pre s 5 ... Bus Banking IVR Author: …
Business Banking – IVR


Welcome to PNC’s Business Banking Center. Press 8 for Spanish.

For automated account information, press 1.

For help with online banking, Cashflow Insight, Quicken, Pinacle press 2.

For Checking Accounts, press 1.

For Cash Flow Insight, press 1.

For Money Market Accounts, press 2.

For Quicken and Quickbooks, press 2.

For Credit Card Accounts, press 3.

To Transfer Funds by Phone, press 4.

For new accounts or services, press 3.

For Remote Deposit, Treasury Management or Merchant Services, press 4.

To speak with a Business Banking Consultant, press zero at any time.

For Deposit Now press 1.

For Treasury Management, press 2.

For Merchant Services, press 3.

For help with Pinacle, press 3

For all other online or mobile banking support, press 4.

For Certificate of Deposit Accounts, press 5. For Loan Information, press 6.

To Change your Telephone Banking PIN, press 7.

Navigation Commands:

Common fast-path commands for self-service:

Navigation help menu = *1 Return to main menu = *4 Business Banking Consultant = *0 Repeat information = *6 Repeat a menu = *7 Previous menu = *8

For Checking Account Balance: 1-1 then enter User ID and PIN For Money Market Account Balance: 1-2 Then enter User ID and PIN For Credit Card: 1-3 then 16 digit card number For Telephone Transfer: 1-4 then User ID and PIN For CDs: 1-5 then enter User ID and PIN For Loan Info: 1-6 then enter User ID and PIN

Revised: February 2017