California Peach Growers Association

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California Peach Growers Association. 123 Peach Stone Road. Los Angeles, CA 92232 (916) 234-8976. September 12, 2002. Mr. Jose Santos, Supervisor. Edcadassa. Columbia ...

California Peach Growers Association 123 Peach Stone Road Los Angeles, CA 92232 (916) 234-8976

September 12, 2002

Mr. Jose Santos, Supervisor Edcadassa Columbia 4300 1425 Buenos Aires ARGENTINA

Dear Mr. Santos:

Please send us a reimbursement for the peaches that were damaged while in your care.

A shipment of peaches was delivered to you at the Ezeiza International Airport on August 3, according to your enclosed bill of lading. They were shipped in excellent condition but arrived at the supermarkets in Buenos Aires three weeks late on August 21 in spoiled condition. Consequently, the supermarkets refused to pay, and we lost $50,000.

Please send us a check for $50,000 so that it arrives before October 15, the date of our next scheduled shipment.


John Q. Smith, Director


encl ----------------------- Section.Couch, Ray.1.Spoiled in Argentina

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