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Wenger GearBoss Shelving. Wenger's GearBoss. wall- and floor- mounted metal storage shelving system is part of the GearBoss® family of durable athletic …
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Wenger GearBoss Shelving

Wenger's GearBoss wall- and floor- mounted metal storage shelving system is part of the GearBoss® family of durable athletic specialties and equipment. GearBoss provides rugged industrial grade athletic apparel and equipment storage, featuring adjustable cantilevered shelving and apparel hangers, work surfaces, and security lockers. Uprights and shelf brackets are capable of 1000 lb (454 kg) loading per 4-foot-wide section. The clear space below the upper shelving can be coordinated with Wenger's GearBoss® SportCart for efficient use of the floor space.

GearBoss is an equipment storage solution designed to transform the athletic equipment room into an efficient, program support space that reduces the square footage required for your storage area. The modular system features accessories specific for the needs of bulky athletic equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads. GearBoss units are designed to encourage airflow along with improving sanitation and odor issues.

We recommend you consult with your Wenger architectural representative, who can be contacted through: Wenger Corporation, Owatonna, MN, (800)4Wenger (800)493-6437, Email: [email protected], Website:

Founded in 1946, the Wenger Corporation has a proud history of manufacturing the finest products for Elementary and Secondary Music Education and Performance. Over the years, Wenger has expanded this tradition of quality by developing product solutions for the unique requirements of Colleges & Universities, Performing Arts Centers, Theatre, Places of Worship, Athletic Facilities, Rental and Event companies, as well as City, State and Federal Government organizations.

Today, Wenger is a global supplier of products with a reputation for durability and versatility providing customers with real value and proven return on their investment. Wenger also takes pride in offering technical support and expert consultation for new construction and renovation projects, as well as existing facilities.

Wenger products appear in the following CSI MasterFormat 2004™ Sections:

Section 01 35 13 - Special Project Procedures for Music Education Facilities

Section 08 34 72 - Sound Control Door Assemblies

Section 09 84 00 - Acoustic Room Components

Section 10 11 00 - Visual Display Surfaces

Section 10 50 00 - Storage Specialties (GearBoss Mobile Athletic Equipment Storage)

Section 10 51 16 - Wood Lockers (GearBoss Team Room Lockers)

Section 10 51 43 - Metal Grid Lockers (AirPro Metal Grid Team Lockers)

Section 11 61 13 - Acoustical Shells

Section 11 61 15 - Acoustical Clouds

Section 11 61 23 - Folding and Portable Stages

Section 11 61 25 - Orchestra Pit Filler

Section 12 35 51 - Music Education Storage Casework

Section 12 61 00 - Fixed Audience Seating

Section 13 21 48 - Sound-Conditioned Rooms

Specifier: Convert bold to plain text and delete notes after editing.




A. Cantilever-type modular metal storage shelving system.


Specifier: Edit paragraphs below to correspond to project. Retain references to sections specifying work that might otherwise be incorporated in work of this section. Delete Article if not required by project scope.

A. Division 01 Section "Sustainable Design Requirements" for related LEED general requirements.

B. Division 06 Section "Rough Carpentry" for blocking in frame walls required to anchor cantilever metal storage shelving.

C. Division 09 Section "Non-structural Metal Framing" for blocking in metal frame walls required to anchor cantilever metal storage shelving.

D. Division 10 Section "Storage Specialties" for mobile athletic storage system.


Specifier: Retain description of references below remaining in section following editing. For projects of limited scope, delete Article.

A. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE): 1. ASCE/SEI 7 – Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.

B. ASTM International (ASTM): 1. ASTM A 513 – Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance- Welded Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing. 2. ASTM C 510 – Standard Specification for General Requirements for Steel Rods and Coarse Round Wire, Carbon Steel.

GREENGUARD Environment Institute is an ANSI Authorized Standards Developer that oversees the GREENGUARD certification program. GEI establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings.

C. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI): 1. GREENGUARD certified low emitting products.

D. American National Standards Institute (ANSI): 1. ANSI A208.1 – Particleboard. 2. ANSI A208.2 – Medium density fiberboard.

E. Laminating Materials Association/Composite Panel Association (LMA): 1. LMA EDG-1 – Voluntary Product Standard and Typical Physical Properties of Edgebanding Materials.

F. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA): 1. NEMA LD 3 – High Pressure Decorative Laminates.


A. Structural Performance: Allowable load rating 1000 lb (373 kg) per 4 by 8-foot (1219 by 2438-mm) bay.

Specifier: Below relates to contractor requirement for securing architectural components to building structure. Verify seismic performance requirements of authorities having jurisdiction.

B. Seismic Performance: Metal shelving shall withstand the effects of earthquake motions determined according to ASCE/SEI 7.


A. Product Data: Manufacturer’s data sheets, installation instructions, and maintenance recommendations. Include rated capacities, construction details, and material descriptions, dimensions of individual components, profiles, and finishes.

Specifier: Retain applicable paragraphs below for projects intended to be LEED-certified. Add additional requirements that apply. Verify credits required and availability of materials from the Manufacturer. Refer to USGC LEED Reference Guide for detailed information. Second and third subparagraphs below refer to optional available materials for MDF panel components.

B. LEED Submittals: 1. Credit MR 4.1[ and Credit MR 4.2]: Manufacturer's certificate indicating percentages by weight of postconsumer and preconsumer recycled content. Include statement indicating costs for each product having recycled content. 2. Credit MR 6: Manufacturer’s certificate indicating that agriculturally-based composite agrifiber products qualify as rapidly renewable resource. 3. Credit EQ 4.4: Manufacturer’s certificate indicating that composite wood products and adhesives contain no urea formaldehyde.

C. Product Schedule: For metal storage shelving. Use designations indicated on Drawings.

D. Samples for Initial Selection: For units with factory-applied color finishes. 1. Metal grid finishes. 2. Panel doors.


A. Samples for Verification: For the following components, of size indicated below: 1. Shelf Brackets: Cantilevered shelf brackets with attachment hardware. 2. Vertical Supports: 12-inch (305 mm) section of vertical supports. 3. Wood Products: 12-inch (305 mm)square.

B. Maintenance Data: For metal storage shelving.

C. Warranty: Sample of manufacturer's warranty.


A. Source Limitations: Obtain adjustable metal storage shelving from single source from single manufacturer.


A. Do not deliver adjustable metal storage shelving until spaces to receive them are clean, dry, and ready for their installation.

B. Deliver materials in manufacturer's original unopened containers with manufacturer's labels attached.

C. Install adjustable metal storage shelving so as to avoid damage during installation.


A. Coordinate sizes and locations of blocking and backing required for installation of adjustable metal storage shelving attached to wall assemblies. Verify openings and dimensions.


Specifier: The "special warranty" is a warranty provided by the manufacturer to the building owner. The warranty terms below are available from Wenger Corp. Verify that other manufacturers listed or seeking approval furnish warranty meeting requirements. Durability is a key aspect of Wenger’s product value for Owners. The available warranty reflects Wenger’s high confidence in the performance of their products.

A. Special Warranty: Manufacturer's written warranty indicating manufacturer’s intent to repair or replace components of metal storage shelving that fail in materials or workmanship within ten years from date of substantial completion. 1. Failures are defined to include the following: a. Collapse, failure, or warping of metal shelving or slotted uprights not resulting from overloading or vandalism.



A. Basis of Design: Metal storage shelving design is based upon product of the manufacturer below. Provide basis of design product, [or comparable products of a listed manufacturer approved by the Architect prior to bid]. 1. Wenger Corporation, Owatonna, MN; Telephone: 800)493-6437; Email: [email protected]; Website: 2. [Specifier: Insert additional product manufacturers meeting requirements of Quality Assurance Article above, if required for project.]


Specifier: Retain and edit requirements in paragraph and subparagraphs below for projects with sustainable design requirements or seeking LEED certification. Confirm that manufacturer(s) are able to meet requirements. Below may increase costs.

A. Materials Meeting Sustainable Design Requirements: 1. Formaldehyde-free Products: Provide wood panel products made with composite products and adhesives that contained no urea formaldehyde. 2. Rapidly-renewable-sourced Products: Provide wood panel products made with composite agrifiber products composed of agricultural fiber from rapidly-renewable sources.

B. Steel Tube: ASTM A 501, hot formed steel tubing.

C. Steel Wire: ASTM C 510, cold drawn steel wire.

Specifier: Retain requirement for fire-retardant treatment in paragraphs below when required by authorities having jurisdiction. Note that fire- retardant-treated particleboard may not be available as a urea-formadehyde- free product.

A. Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF): ANSI A208.2, Grade 130 medium density fiberboard[, fire-retardant treated].

D. Particleboard: ANSI A208.1, minimum 43 lb/cu. ft. (689 kg/cu. m) density[, fire-retardant treated].

E. PVC Edge Banding: LMA EDG-1, radiused PVC extrusions, 3 mm thick, heat-bonded.


A. Shelf Unit Uprights: Steel tube, metallic-coated, 2-inch (50.8 mm) square, 0.109-inch (2.76 mm) thick, with perforations on all four sides at 1 inch on center.

B. Horizontal Stringer: Formed sheet steel, metallic-coated, 0.075-inch (1.9-mm) thick.

C. Shelf Cross Tubes: Steel tube, metallic-coated, 5/8-inch (22-mm) square.

D. Shelf Brackets: Steel, 0.015-inch (0.38-mm) thick.

E. Laminate-clad Wood Panels: Core and thickness indicated, finished with thermally-fused anti-microbial polyester surfacing on both sides, meeting performance properties of NEMA LD 3 for VGS grade, with heat bonded, radiused, 3 mm thick extruded PVC edge banding. 1. Surface Abrasion Resistance: Taber Wheel, 400 cycles, for solid colors.


A. General: Factory-formed, field-assembled, wall- and floor- mounted cantilever-type adjustable metal storage shelving, assembled from steel uprights, horizontal stringers, shelf bracket and cross tubing. Shelf cross tubing is friction fit into shelf bracket. Shelf height is adjustable over the height of the unit in 1-inch (25-mm) increments, with the following characteristics: 1. Basis-of-Design Product: Wenger Corporation, GearBoss Metal Storage Shelving. 2. Unit Load Carrying Capacity: Single 4-foot- (1219-mm-)wide section: 1000 lb (454 kg). 3. Load-Carrying Capacity per Shelf: 250 lb. (113 kg). 4. Unit Width: 48 inches (1219 mm) center-to-center.

Specifier: Wenger offers two shelf depths; edit below to meet project requirements. Delete dimensional information in three subparagraphs below if units are fully detailed on drawings. 5. Shelf Depth: [17.5 inches (444 mm), with 2 cross tubes] [and] [30.5 inches (775 mm), with 4 cross tubes]. 6. Unit Height: [96 inches (2438 mm)] . 7. Shelves per Unit: [Three] [Four] [Five] [Six] [As indicated].

B. Accessories:

Specifier: Retain paragraphs below that correspond to optional accessories required for project. 1. Security Compartment: Steel sides and bottom, polished aluminum front, key-tab lock, and MDF laminate clad panel door 5/8-inch (15.9 mm) thick. 2. Work Surface: Particleboard laminate-clad panel, 1-1/8-inch (28.6-mm) thick, inserted into 30.5”cantilever shelf bracket over cross tubes. 3. Cantilevered Shelf: Steel tube and bracket, with aluminum extrusion nosing, mill finish. 4. Hinged Panel Doors: MDF laminate clad panel door 5/8-inch (15.9 mm) thick. 5. Garment Hanger: Steel round tube; powder-coat finish, black. 6. Drawer: Pull-out utility drawer mounted under work surface.


A. Steel Components Finishes: 1. Powder-Coat Finish: Manufacturer's standard baked-on finish consisting of prime coat and thermosetting topcoat. Comply with coating manufacturer's written instructions for cleaning, pretreatment, application, and minimum dry thickness. a. Color and Gloss: As selected from manufacturer's standard colors. 2. Metallic-Coated Steel: Manufacturer's standard electro- galvanized finish.

B. MDF Panels: Polyester surfacing and PVC edge banding: Colors as selected by Architect from manufacturer's standard colors.



A. Examine metal shelving installation areas for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances, location of blocking and other anchoring reinforcements, and other existing conditions affecting installation. Proceed with shelving installation upon correction of unsatisfactory conditions.


A. Install metal storage shelving level, plumb, square, rigid, and true in configuration indicated on approved shop drawings. 1. Anchor uprights to walls using anchors of type, size, and spacing recommended by manufacturer. 2. Install shelves in each shelving unit.


A. Erect cantilever adjustable metal storage shelving uprights to substrate with a maximum tolerance from vertical of 1/4 inch (6 mm). Erect uprights meeting tolerances recommended by manufacturer.


A. Adjust metal shelving so that connectors and other components engage accurately and securely. Verify that components fit easily into alternate locations without force or use of tools.

B. Repair or replace damaged or defective metal storage shelving.


Additional Specifier's Notes for Wenger Metal Storage Shelving

Substitution Reviews: When reviewing substitution requests for other products for compliance with this specification, Wenger recommends particular attention to the following issues:

Strength of hardware fastening. Failure of these components is the most common field service issue among alternative products. Wenger hardware mounting maximizes use of welded and through-bolted connections.

Replaceable construction for doors and shelves. These most frequently- damaged items are easily replaced in Wenger metal storage shelving, and are engineered to prevent damage to their supporting components.

Warranty terms and conditions: Wenger offers the most warranty protection available in the industry. We do not make exceptions for the normal levels of wear and tear common to learning environments. Our only such stated exception is failure resulting from vandalism or uncontrolled moisture or humidity.

Coordination with Drawings: Make sure you coordinate the following:

Size and configuration of shelf units and overall size of shelf openings.

Location and size of shelves, work surfaces, garment hangers, and other components.

Location of other building elements, including light switches and power outlets, HVAC supplies and returns, and sprinkler heads, in relation to locations of shelves, to avoid conflicts.

Typical mounting details and locations for blocking in framed walls.