Control your costs with Original HP LaserJet high-capacity toner ...

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Use Original HP LaserJet high-capacity toner cartridges to reduce print management ... Q2613A. Q2613X. HP LaserJet 1160, 1320, 3390 & 3392 AIO. Q5949A.
Control your costs with Original HP LaserJet high-capacity toner cartridges In today’s high-volume, cost conscious printing environment, you need print cartridge options that will save you money and won’t slow you down. HP has solutions to meet your printing needs.

Save money with easy-to-use Original HP LaserJet high-capacity toner cartridges Use Original HP LaserJet high-capacity toner cartridges to reduce print management costs and lower your total cost of ownership • Lower cost per page. Depending on your printer type, Original HP LaserJet high-capacity toner cartridges can reduce cost per page by up to 35% over standard yield cartridges.1 • Reduced printer intervention time. Save valuable staff time by replacing spent cartridges less often. • Less frequent ordering. Order replacement cartridges less frequently, save time and money by reducing order administration. • More environmentally responsible. High-capacity toner cartridges last longer so you will have fewer cartridges to recycle.

Cost-per-page calculations based on ISO/IEC 19752 yield and estimated street price for HP’s (X) cartridges versus their standard (A) cartridge counterparts. For yield details:


HP LaserJet high-capacity supported mono printers

Cartridge page yield comparisons

Standard (A) SKU

High-capacity (X) SKU

HP LaserJet 1000/1200/1220/ 3300/3380 Series



HP LaserJet 1300 Series



Supported printers—Mono


Page yield


N/A N/A C4127X C7115A 2,500 C7115X N/A N/A C8061X N/A N/A C4182X HP LaserJet 1160, 1320, 3390 & 3392 AIO Q5949A Q5949X N/A N/A C8543X HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125, M127, M201, CF283A CF283X CC364A 10,000 CC364X M225 series CE250A 5,000 CE250X HP LaserJet P2015 Series, M2727nf MFP Q7553A Q7553X CE255A 6,000 CE255X2 HP LaserJet P2055 Series CE505A CE505X N/A N/A CF325X CE260A 8,500 CE260X/CE264X HP LaserJet 2400 (2420/2430) Q6511A Q6511X CE390A 10,000 CE390X HP LaserJet P3005, M3035, M3027 MFP Series Q7551A Q7551X CE400A 5,500 CE400X HP LaserJet P3015, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521, CE410A 2,200 CE410X CE255A CE255X2 HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M525c CE505A 2,300 CE505X CF210A 1,600 CF210X HP LaserJet 4000/4050 Series N/A C4127X CF214A 10,000 CF214X HP LaserJet 4100 Series, 4101 MFP N/A C8061X CF280A 2,700 CF280X HP LaserJet 4250/4350 Series Q5942A Q5942X CF281A 10,500 CF281X HP LaserJet P4015, P4515 Series CC364A CC364X CF283A 1,500 CF283X Q2613A 2,500 Q2613X HP LaserJet M4555h MFP/M4555f CE390A CE390X Q5942A 10,000 Q5942X MFP/M4555fskm MFP/LJ 600 M602/M603 Q5949A 2,500 Q5949X HP LaserJet Pro 200 color M251, CF210A CF210X Q6511A 6,000 Q6511X HP LaserJet color MFP M276 Series Q7551A 6,500 Q7551X HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 series, CF280A CF280X Q7553A 3,000 Q7553X HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 series CF320A 11,500 CF320X HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M712 CF214A CF214X N/A N/A CF330X HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M630 series CF360A 6,000 CF360X CF281A CF281X HP LaserJet Enterprise M604, M605, M606 CF361A 5,000 CF361X CF362A 5,000 CF362X HP LaserJet 5000, 5100 Series N/A C4129X CF363A 5,000 CF363X HP LaserJet 8100, 8150 Series N/A C4182X CF380A 2,400 CF380X HP LaserJet 9000/9050/9040 Series N/A C8543X CF400A 1,500 CF400X HP LaserJet 9040 MFP, 9050 MFP N/A C8543X1 CF401A 1,400 CF401X HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 series CF402A 1,400 CF402X N/A CF325X3 HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP flow M830 series CF403A 1,400 CF403X 1 Technology enhancements in the HP LaserJet 9040 MFP/9050 MFP provide higher cartridge yields with the HP LaserJet C8543X Black Print Cartridge. 2 HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow M525c provide higher cartridge yields (13,500 vs. 12,500) with the HP LaserJet CE255X Black Print Cartridge. 3 Average cartridge yields is 34,500 standard pages. For the HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP flow M830z only, the yield is 40,000.

HP LaserJet high-capacity supported color printers Supported printers—Color

Standard (A) SKU


This is a listing of X toner cartridges that have exclusions (meaning they do NOT fit into all of their A cartridge compatible printers!)

HP LJ Pro 300 color MFP M375nw, 400 color MFP M475 and M451 Series HP LJP 200 color M251 and color MFP M276 Series

CF210A CF211A

CF212A CF213A


HP LJ Enterprise 500 Color M551 Series, HP LJ Pro 500 color MFP M570 series, HP LJ Enterprise 500 color MFP M575c

CE400A CE402A

CE401A CE403A


CF400A CF401A CF380A CF382A CF320A CF323A CF320A CF332A

CF402A CF403A CF381A CF383A CF321A CF323A CF331A CF333A

HP CLJ Enterprise CM4540 MFP HP CLJ Enterprise M553 series

HP CLJ Pro M252, MFP M277 series HP CLJ Pro MFP M476 series HP CLJ Enterprise MFP M680 series HP CLJ Enterprise M651 series

Exclusions X-Exclusion cartridges

CE251A CE253A CE261A CE263A CF032A CF033A CF362A CF363A CE411A CE413A


CE260X CE264X CF360X CF361X

CF362X CF363X


CF400X CF401X CF380X

CF402X CF403X


Does not work in LJ P4014


Does not work in LJ 4240


Does not work in LJ 600, M601


Does not work in LJ 1160


Does not work in LJ 1000


Does not work in LJ P2035


Does not work in CLJ CP4025


Does not work in LJ Enterprise M604


Does not work with LJ MFP M125, M127

CF320X CF330X

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10,000 3,500 10,000 20,000 30,000 24,000 10,500 12,500 34,5003 17,000 24,000 11,000 4,000 6,500 2,400 17,500 6,900 25,000 2,200 4,000 20,000 6,000 12,000 13,000 7,000 21,000 20,500 12,500 9,500 9,500 9,500 4,400 2,800 2,300 2,300 2,300

High-capacity (X) SKU

CE250A CE252A CE260A CE262A CE260A CF031A CF360A CF361A CE410A CE412A

HP CLJ CP3525 and CM3530 MFP

Page yield