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AND IMPROVE ALL ASPECTS OF SERVICE AVAILABILITY. QUALITY AND .... range of high quality alternative brands exclusive to Euro Car Parts. Significant ...






3 We have a duty to ensure the on-going success and future prosperity of our industry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the right products at the best prices – first time, every time – enabling professional repairers to provide affordable mobility to the UK public.

The following pages describe how we do this …

...and grew

...and grew

Bigger. ... unrivalled product range, value and choice Our branches supply a huge choice of products to over 20,000 repairers each week. Our one-stop shop philosophy means increased efficiency and profit for our customers. Our range includes: • Air Conditioning

• Lighting & Bulbs

• Body Panels & Trim

• Lubricants & Chemicals

• Battery

• Mirrors & Glass

• Braking Parts

• Performance Parts & Accessories

• Climate Control / Aircon

• Servicing Parts – Filters, Plugs and Timing Belts

• Cooling System

• Starters & Alternators

• Diesel & Petrol Injection

• Steering Components

• Electronics Diagnostic Equipment

• Styling Parts

• Electronics, ECUs & Sensors

• Suspension & Chassis

• Engine Parts

• Transmission & Clutch

• Exhausts & Catalytic Converters

• Training & Knowledge Products

• Garage Equipment & Tools

• Workshop Consumables

... and coming soon

Euro Car Parts stock over 110,000 different part numbers, more than any of our competitors

Our experienced team of buyers and product managers is, quite simply, the best in the business. They search the world to deliver the best in range, value and quality for our customers. To maintain a consistent supply of original quality parts we operate our own sourcing and shipping operations in East Asia, and enjoy direct supply agreements with the factories of the world’s leading brands. We are the UK’s leading distributor of parts for cars and light commercial vehicles. Over 110,000 stocked part numbers - more than any our competitors - proves that we don’t just ‘cherry-pick’ a limited range of popular, fast-movers. And, on the rare occasion that a part is not available from stock, our Special Orders team is on hand to go that extra mile for our customers. We are famous for our bumper-to-bumper availability on parts for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW cars, after all it’s a proud part of our heritage. This quest for breadth of range has carried over into our all-makes, Korean and Japanese programmes where we have quickly established ourselves as the supplier of choice. Managing such a substantial inventory requires sophisticated systems, and our passion for accuracy led us to develop our own, intelligent part numbering system. From the part number alone our experienced Sales Advisors can identify the product, the vehicle marque and the brand.


Better. ... brand quality and diversity: a major factor in our success You can be sure of ultimate product quality when you buy from Euro Car Parts. We demand strict quality assurance procedures from our suppliers to make certain that all products are safe and durable. We insist that they have been manufactured and tested to the highest standards, to ensure total customer satisfaction. We enjoy outstanding partnerships with the world’s leading OEM manufacturers to guarantee our position at the leading edge of technological development. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring our customers can service and repair the most modern vehicle systems.


... brand choice, delivering profit for our customers. As well as everyday low prices on leading brand names, our commitment to value and choice has seen us develop an extensive range of high quality alternative brands exclusive to Euro Car Parts. Significant price reductions mean that our garage customers can offer a quality repair to owners of older vehicles when otherwise the work would have been lost. These parts are certified to be ‘parts of matching quality’ in line with the requirements of EEC Commission Regulation 1400/2002. Every product is backed by our no-nonsense money back guarantee and technical support is always on hand via our own in-house product specialists or technical representatives from our supplier partners.

Strategic Partners:

Fuel Injection Parts, Wiper Blades, Batteries, Filtration, Electrical, Lighting Components, Rotating & Braking

New Cylinder Heads

Brake Pads, Discs, Hydraulics, Cables, Sensors, Shoes, Calipers, Drums, Hoses, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Cleaners & Fluid, Wear Indicators

Clutch Kits, Shock Absorbers , Fan Couplings & Leaf Springs

Clutch Kits & DMF

Ignition Parts

Exhausts Systems


Garage Tools Ignition Parts

Shock Absorbers & Coil Springs Engine Oils & Consumables

Standard and Performance Clutches

Japanese & Korean Parts Range

Passenger Cars, LCV & Motorcycle Batteries Tensioners

Sports Suspension Hydraulics Water Pumps

Automotive Specialist Tools

Wheel Balancers, Tyre Changers & Alignment Systems Turbo Chargers

Cabin Filters, Vibration Dampers & Engine Seal Kits Headlamps, Indicator Lamps, Foglamps & Rear Lamps

Performance Filters Turbo Chargers

Steering Racks & Pumps CV Joint Kits, Boot Kits & Drive Shafts

Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Brake Master Cylinders, Calipers & Wheel Cylinders

Diesel, Filtration, EMS & Air Conditioning


Spark & Glow Plugs, EMS, Air Conditioning, Cooling, Lambda Sensors & Wiper Blades Air Conditioning

Turbo Chargers

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Wiper Blades Timing Belt Kits & Tensioner

Consumables Brake Pads & Discs Glow Plugs & Ignition

Ignition Coils

Specialist Workshop Hand Tools

Heater Matrix, Radiators, Air Conditioning & Consumables Performance Air Filters

Headlamps, Indicator Lamps, Foglamps & Rear Lamps Engine Gaskets & Seals

Bearings, Tensioners, Radiators & Electric Pumps

Drive Belts, Timing Belts & Kits

Performance & Standard Shock Absorbers

Water Pumps

Spark Plugs & Lambda Sensors

Consumables, Greases, Additives & Cleaning

Catalytic Converters DPF’s

Engine Oil & Lubricants

Exhaust & Catalytic Converters

Shock Absorbers Wheel Bearings & Tensioners

Clutch Kits Tyre Consumables

Engine Valves

Coil & Leaf Springs Radiators & Fans

Alternators & Starters

Steering & Suspension

Lighting & Mirrors Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings, Tensioners Streering Components, Timing Chain & Water Pump Kits


Lighting, Clutch Kits, Cooling, Engine & Body Electrical Components

Bulbs Garage & Workshop Tools Starters, Alternators, Lighting, & Bulbs Bulbs

Door Mirrors Ignition Leads

Oil - Engine, Transmission, Brake - Consumables, Greases & Additives Timing Belt Kits, Wheel Bearings, Top Mounts, Suspension & Drivetrain Instrument Parts, Air Flow Meters, Sensors & Switches

Lighting, Ignition & Diesel Components Fuel Pumps

Steering Racks & Pumps

EGR Valves & Thermostats

Filtration Performance Exhausts Emission Control & Fuel Management

EGR Valves & Air Mass Sensors

Automotive Lubricants

Window Regulators Consumables

Steering & Suspension, Drive Shafts, CV Joints & CV Boot Kits

Lifting Equipment Brake Pads & Brake Discs

Better. ... improved deals for our customers through ATR membership Euro Car Parts is an equal shareholder in the powerful ATR International AG buying and marketing group. It is one of the most successful trade co-operations in the world with representation across Europe, in the USA and Africa. Annual sales are approaching €5 billion. ATR provides partnership with the best parts distributors across the world, strengthening our purchasing position and facilitating the exchange of ideas and technologies to the benefit of our UK garage and bodyshop customers. ATR shareholder members are represented by 66 worldwide trading firms headquartered in 36 countries. ATR members also co-operate in the development of training, IT and marketing programmes specifically for independent repairers.

ATR shareholder members are represented by 66 worldwide trading firms head quartered in 36 countries.

For more information on ATR International AG please visit


Faster. ... unprecedented levels of logistical support translates to even higher levels of customer service. Our brand new National Distribution Centre is not the end of our journey; it’s the beginning of a new one. Together with our network of Regional Distribution Centres and the expanding branch network we will deliver ever increasing ranges along with higher levels of availability, delivery and customer service. This brand new building has 400,000 sq.ft of floor space within a 20 acre site including 250 car parking spaces. There is 12,000 sq.ft of office space and a fully equipped training centre including a permanent, working garage equipment display area. It is also home to our flagship retail store. Located at junction 10 of the M42, and less than half a mile from a major rail freight terminal, it is ideally situated to achieve maximum reach with minimum journey times. The resulting reduction in emissions combined with the very latest energy saving devices will deliver significant environmental benefits. The National Distribution Centre and eight strategically located Regional Distribution Centres supply a 90 location branch network that stretches from Glasgow to Plymouth and Belfast to Norwich. Across the country we employ 2,600 team members and this will grow to 3,300 by the end of 2011. Each branch is restocked overnight and receives up to six further deliveries every day to satisfy urgent ‘vehicle off road’ requirements. Our delivery fleet includes 1,000 vans and 300 motorcycles, which provide speedy and reliable local deliveries irrespective of traffic conditions. As more branches open we are committed to extending our on-demand delivery service to more and more customers, with parts delivered within 30 minutes of order placement.

Our National Distribution Centre.


Branch Exterior.

Branch Warehouse.

Branch Counter.

Branch Delivery

Smarter. The National Distribution Centre is powered by the very latest in automated Location and Task Management Technology (LTMT) which integrates seamlessly with our Global Forecasting & Supply Systems (GFSS) to ensure the optimum mix of stock breadth and depth across the country. LTMT directs inbound pallets to the ideal rack location based upon size, weight and usage and the system automatically replenishes pick face locations based upon demands generated at Regional Hubs and Branches. Every second taken in order processing can make a huge difference in the time taken to get parts to our customers. This is why we’ve invested in the very latest, highly accurate wireless Radio Frequency communications and voice activated systems. Clear voice commands are transmitted to warehouse operatives who crosscheck each location and product using barcode readers. The intelligence built into the system makes sure that heavy items are picked first to eliminate damage to lighter more fragile parts.


Beyond our National Distribution Centre, constant profiling of our stock holding within Regional Hubs and our branch network means that we maximise availability, eliminate waste and pass on cost savings to our customers. We have invested heavily into our own cataloguing system to make sure that the right part is selected and delivered every time. The result is a parts look up system which accurately drills down to the right part, removing invalid choices and eliminating errors. Having identified and picked the right part, GPS tracking of our delivery fleet allows us to give precise delivery times, reroute for emergency deliveries and constantly improve customer service.

Together. ...a great place to work, a better place to buy People are our most valued asset. From our supplier partners to our team members and customers, we recognise that people make the difference between good and great. Our philosophy is simple: supply the right parts, at the right time at everyday low prices and give friendly service and technical advice that exceeds expectations. We’ve turned away from the stereotypical Personnel or HR Department. We employ a People Director and a team of People Developers who locate and develop the talent needed to meet our growth objectives. Euro Car Parts employs more than 2,600 team members, with a planned increase to 3,300 during 2011. None of our People Team has a permanent desk space, recognising the need for them to be continuously in and amongst our people and potential people, looking for raw talent and the stars of tomorrow. Their brief is clear; look for the right attitude and aptitude with high levels of energy and enthusiasm. From here we invest heavily in developing the right levels of technical competence required to meet the needs of our customers. Employee development and training is carried out by a range of providers; we look for the best to fulfil a given need. We have fully equipped training centres at our National Distribution Centre in Tamworth, our Wembley head Office and in many of our larger branches. Our own internal Training Team is backed by investment in specialist external resource and we are grateful for the huge investment made in training our people by our major supplier partners. In Euro Car Parts, equal opportunity isn’t just a legislative obligation it’s a way of life. We have a full range of career opportunities, both part time and full time, from school leavers to mature recruits. Our multicultural make-up is a major asset in developing our supply chain and we challenge anyone to find more ethnic diversity in a major UK company. But we all share that common philosophy: the right parts, at the right time at everyday low prices, together with friendly service and technical advice that exceed expectations.


Our Customers. ... trade, national and retail Today, more than ever, people are looking for value in the goods and services they buy. For Euro Car Parts, living up to and exceeding customer expectations has become second nature. Independent professional repairers remain our core customer base, and our reputation for outstanding availability, service and value has seen dramatic growth in the National Accounts sector. Increasingly, discerning car owners are turning to Euro Car Parts for expert advice as well as quality products at low prices. We invest more in trade communication than any other aftermarket parts supplier, independent or franchised. Our ‘Trade Only’ Star Offers newsletter has achieved iconic status in the industry, with over 1.5 million copies distributed annually. Our support for the independent sector extends beyond the supply of parts, consumables and equipment; we support industry bodies such the IAAF and we have made significant contributions to the successful Right to Repair Campaign. We also sponsor every major workshop award in the UK, including Top Technician, CAT and MotorTrader Awards. Our ability to develop innovative supply, cataloguing and central billing solutions has also given us a competitive edge in the National Accounts sector. We were privileged to win a national contract to supply components and consumables to the RAC’s fleet of roadside patrols. With over 2,000 patrol vehicles, the RAC needs fast supply of parts for any vehicle so that urgent repairs can be carried out at the roadside. Our Retail business is growing fast with the expansion of integral Stores at virtually all of our branch locations. Mail order, Internet Order and Call and Collect options have been developed to make shopping at Euro Car Parts an easy and enjoyable experience.


Euro Garage Solutions. ...a one stop solution We’re not just here for the easy things in life. We go beyond parts supply to provide a complete one stop solution for professional repairers. A great example of our commitment to making life simpler and more profitable for our customers is clearly demonstrated by Euro Garage Solutions (EGS). EGS offers a complete range of garage equipment, from hand tools to complete MOT Automated Test Lanes. By partnering with the world’s leading brands and offering an unrivalled installation and support service we are rapidly becoming the supplier of choice for: • • • • • • • • •

Air Conditioning Equipment Compressors Diagnostic Equipment Emissions Analysers Heating Jacking Beams Lifts MOT & ATL Wheel & Tyre Equipment

Through our technical support teams we’re able to supply data and diagnostics to ensure that independent repairers can service and repair the most modern vehicles.


AutoCrew. ... protecting the future for independent repairers There is an increasing need to acquire new knowledge and skills to keep up with the advances in new vehicle technology. At the same time garages face a constant pressure from consumer and regulatory bodies to ensure that high standards are achieved and maintained. There has never been a more pressing need to deliver an effective independent garage network concept that works. To this end, Euro Car Parts is delighted to have been selected as the UK’s exclusive partner to Bosch to deliver the AutoCrew Garage Programme. AutoCrew will deliver the benefits and strengths of a national network whilst protecting the local identity of the independent repairer. AutoCrew Garages can expect: • • • • • • • • •

Their own local identity supported by a national brand A steady stream of quality service and repair work delivered to their door Technical expertise and training from Bosch Commercial training Prioritised parts supply Comprehensive business support services Garage management system National and local marketing campaigns Support in gaining and maintaining professional accreditation