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the values are retrieved online and are available for all Excel users in real time. .... performance management software Corporate Planner and the CP-Excel Plus.
A strong team for corporate performance management. CP-Excel Plus – the smart Excel integration Corporate Planner is a module of the Corporate Planning Suite.

Consistent data. The greatest advantage of the integration lies in the central management of the data and business logic in the Corporate Planner module. With CP-Excel Plus, the values are retrieved online and are available for all Excel users in real time. Values can be planned dynamically and also written back to Corporate Planner – a quantum leap in terms of data consistency. For all users, Excel becomes the front end of a central corporate performance management system.

Central business and processing logic. All the business interrelationships, formulae and definitions are stored in Corporate Planner. From simple key ratios and key ratio systems through to the integrated financial planning logic – Corporate Planner supplies the correct business figures. Application errors in formulae and calculations can be ruled out. Inspire new confidence in your company results with uniform definitions and calculations.

Multi-user operation in Excel. CP-Excel Plus makes it possible for several users simultaneously to access the central data within the scope of their permissions. This enables collaboration in the Excel environment.

Central rights management. Corporate Planner contains a comprehensive rights management system which, through the integration to Excel, is also available in the spreadsheet application. Access for the Excel users can be defined as required, even on cell level. In this way, the information retrieved and written back is tailored to the needs of the recipient. This is a convenient way of gathering together the budgets of all planning staff and consolidating them in Corporate Planner, particularly in the planning process.

Apart from the "standard report", several other report types are available at the touch of a button. A wizard guides you quickly to the desired report.


You have Microsoft Excel*. The well-known spreadsheet application is a practical tool whose absence at any company would be unimaginable. The software is not only appreciated for its flexibility, but above all for its almost endless possibilities in processing logic and layout design. However, the limitations of spreadsheets with regard to complexity, capacity, data consistency and communication are also all too familiar to users in corporate performance management. That is why Microsoft Excel alone (here: "Excel") is rarely sufficient for this purpose. For its integration with Corporate Planner for planning, analysis and reporting, CP-Excel is the perfect solution.

We have the Excel integration. The Corporate Planner software is a smart and effective enhancement to the use of Excel in corporate performance management. Thanks to the full integration in CP-Excel Plus, the two systems are perfect team players. Take advantage of the numerous benefits: With the central storage of data in Corporate Planner ("single point of truth"), Excel becomes a multi-user front-end application. The central processing and business logic in Corporate Planner eliminates structural errors in the spreadsheet and establishes consistent definitions. The central rights management system introduces genuine multi-user functionality to Excel. Excel users have read-write access to the centrally-stored data. Local plans in Excel are written back to the Corporate Planner database immediately and are automatically available to all the other Excel users. Custom layouts designed in Excel are retained and can remain in use.

CP-Excel – the smart integration of Corporate Planner and Microsoft Excel

BI systems CP-Control Center

CP-Server Pre-systems

SQL Microsoft SQL Server

Continue using the Excel interface as before. While doing so, simply combine the many advantages and the flexibility of the familiar spreadsheet application with the strengths of Corporate Planner, the corporate performance management solution which has already proved itself thousands of times, and benefit from the large function range for planning, analysis and reporting. * Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. 3

100% Excel functionality – combined with a central solution for corporate performance management.

Targeted querying of Corporate Planner data – custom layouts in Excel are retained.

Reports can be compiled for all cost centres and contain every cost centre manager‘s planning.

Integrated Financial Planning. For our "Corporate Planner Finance" solution we were awarded the "IT Innovation Prize" by an influential SME interest group in Germany. The CP-Excel Plus integration of course also connects to this award-winning solution which comes with all the business logic ready to use.


A must-have for all Excel users. The CP-Excel Plus integration is aimed at all companies where Excel is used for corporate performance management tasks. It is an excellent enhancement for working in the spreadsheet application as it incorporates central data management and genuine multi-user capability. Data are not only retrievable online with Excel, but can also be written back in real time. This greatly reduces the sharing of Excel sheets, a practice which is fraught with security issues. With Excel, the corporate performance management software Corporate Planner and the CP-Excel Plus integration, you are perfectly equipped for all planning, analysis and reporting tasks.

The Corporate Planning Suite. Corporate Planner is a module of the CP-Suite. In the CP-Suite you will find all the Corporate Planning software modules in one place. The consistent user interface design and the familiar "look & feel" of the CP-Suite make your day-to-day work in corporate performance management easy, quick and effective. CP-Excel Plus can be purchased as an optional client of Corporate Planner.

All modules united in the CP-Suite Corporate Planner

Integrated planning, analysis, reporting


Decentralised planning, analysis and reporting on the web


Individual real-time dashboards

CP-Excel Plus

Integration of Corporate Planner and Microsoft Excel


Integrated financial planning


Short-term liquidity management


Management and statutory consolidation according to local GAAP and IAS/IFRS


Risk management


Strategic planning


Enterprise management with vision and strategy by objectives, measurements and actions

About Corporate Planning. CP Corporate Planning AG from Hamburg has been setting standards for software for enterprise management in the medium-sized business sector with proven and innovative solutions for more than 25 years. True to its motto: "corporate performance management can be so easy!" Corporate Planning develops simple and flexible solutions with built-in business administration know-how for operational management, financial planning and consolidation as well as strategic planning. 5

Corporate Performance Management with Corporate Planner and Excel – For maximum reliability and transparency.

Real-time connection of Corporate Planner and Excel Data instantly accessible to all users Display Corporate Planner data in diverse ad-hoc reports in Excel at the touch of a button Decentralised planning and reporting in Excel Data consistency at all times – plan dynamically and write back Simply use dynamic time sliders and the proven Corporate Planner data stream concept in Excel Retain existing layouts in Excel The smart CP-Suite rights management is also implemented in the Excel environment Planning staff continue to work within their familiar Excel environment, no additional training required The connection to Corporate Planner makes Excel multi-user capable – no more file chaos.

Since the time spent on maintaining numerous spreadsheets is drastically reduced, you will finally have more time for the things that really matter in corporate performance management: planning, analysis and reporting

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