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SCHEDULE A BUILDING CLEANING SCHEDULE Service and Frequency to be Performed Area 1, Area 3 and Area 5 TIMES WEEKLY TIMES MONTHLY TIMES …

[Customer Name] [Customer Company Name] [Customer Address] [Customer City, State, Zip] Dear [NAME], As per our discussion, I have enclosed a proposal to clean the 5 dining room floors on a 7 night a week basis, and broke out the weekly cleaning of the kitchens. In addition modifications were made to the proposal to reflect the fact that Area 7 now has carpet. Burnishing the vinyl tile floors is an important element of keeping the floors looking good consistently. Under the ‘Janitorial Services’ section of the proposal, I have included the option of burnishing the floors on a 5 night a week basis and eliminate the weekly burnishing. This would keep these floors looking good daily. Please take the time to review these options at your convenience. If you have any questions, please give me a call.


[Your Name] [Title]


JANITORIAL SERVICES: Nightly Janitorial: Nightly cleaning of floors (7 Days a Week) (PROPOSED)

$ 1,700.00 per month

Carpet Care Preventative Maintenance Program: (Area 1, Area 3 and Area 5) Quarterly Extraction and Bonneting of Carpets (CURRENT) $ 105.00 per month Floor Care Preventative Maintenance Program: (Area 2, Area 4 and Area 5) Quarterly Deep Scrub and Recoat Vinyl Tile (CURRENT) $ 50.00 per month Weekly Burnishing of Vinyl Tile (CURRENT) 5 Nights a Week Burnishing of Vinyl Tile (PROPOSED)

$ 195.00 per month $ 485.00 per month

Weekly Deep Scrub Kitchens (PROPOSED)

$ 260.00 per month

Please Note: This price includes everything detailed in Schedule A.

OTHER SERVICES: Window Washing Services: Inside of Exterior Windows Outside of Exterior Windows

$ 0.00 per cleaning $ 0.00 per cleaning

Shredding Services:

$ 0.00 per hour

(Please Note: Capable of shredding approximately a 4 drawer file cabinet per hour. One hour minimum.)


SCHEDULE A BUILDING CLEANING SCHEDULE Service and Frequency to be Performed Area 1, Area 3 and Area 5 Spot clean carpet. Vacuum all carpeted areas. Deep cycle hot water carpet extraction with bonnet. Please Note: Excess trash, not in trash cans, needs to be marked "TRASH."




7 7 4

Area 2, Area 4 and Area 5 Dust Mop and Mop Resilient Tile. High Speed Burnish Resilient Tile. Deep Scrub and Recoat Resilient Tile. Weekly Deep Scrub Kitchens.

Customer shall furnish: Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies.

7 1 or 5 4 1