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Data Centre Facilities Panel (Panel 1) Lease Arrangements May 2016

This fact sheet details the providers and process through which entities 1 can move into lease arrangements in more cost effective high availability data centre environments.

The Data Centre Facilities Panel

The Data Centre Facilities Panel (Panel 1) provides entities with a simplified coordinated procurement process, better pricing and preagreed lease terms for the procurement of high quality data centre facilities.

The Panel is the mandatory procurement avenue for Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities that wish to opt out of Whole of Government ICT arrangements must follow the Opt-Out Process.

The following entities may opt-in to the Panel: • Corporate Commonwealth Entities; • All other bodies governed by the Governor-General or a Minister of the Commonwealth or over which the Commonwealth exercises control; and • All bodies governed by a State Governor or by a Minister of a State or Territory or over which a State or Territory 1

exercises control (including departments in State and Territory Governments).

When to use the Panels

An entity must use either Panel 1 or the Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel (Panel 2) when making its next data centre investment decision. The investment decisions, or trigger events, are lease expiry, outsourcing contract expiry, major asset replacement, building move, end-of-life of the data centre, or significant change in data centre capacity.

Benefits of the Panel •

Under the PGPA Act public service entities are referred to as entities. They are referred to as agencies in the Data Centre Facilities Deed of Standing Offer as this was prepared before the PGPA Act came into effect.

Reliability: Increased availability and redundancies in a high availability data centre will reduce risk to core entity business. Pre-Qualification: The panellists have been assessed and selected through an open tender process. This reduces the procurement and legal costs to entities leasing data centre space. Ease of Comparison: detailed service descriptions and pricing on Panel 1 facilities allow entities to choose the types and levels of service they require from these providers. Environmental impact: consolidating data centre sites and moving to a data centre on the Panel reduces costs through a smaller data centre footprint. Monitoring and reporting: better visibility of running costs, which can

Data Centre Facilities Panel Fact Sheet |


lead to better management practices. E.g. power and cooling costs are known. New technologies: opportunity to redesign ICT infrastructure including consolidation to higher density server racks, and implementing more efficient ICT infrastructure (do more with less).

The panellists

Available facilities include: • Australian Data Centres (Mitchell ACT) • Canberra Data Centres (Hume ACT) • Datacom Systems (North Ryde NSW) • Equinix Australia (Alexandria NSW) • Fujitsu (Greystanes NSW, Malaga WA) • Global Switch (Ultimo NSW) • iseek (Brisbane Export Park Qld) • Macquarie Telecom (North Ryde NSW, Fairbairn ACT) • Metronode (Derrimut Vic, Mitchell ACT) • Primus Telecommunications (Melbourne Vic) • TransACT (Dickson ACT) Future data centre facilities include: • Australian Data Centres (Mitchell 2, ACT) • Global Switch (Ultimo 2, NSW) • Macquarie Telecom (North Ryde NSW)

Entities should contact the Department of Finance (Finance) at [email protected] before visiting these facilities.

How to use the Panel

Initiating Evaluate the data centre requirements including when a trigger event is likely to occur. Broadly define the requirements and secure in principle approval to approach the market from the delegate.

Liaise with Finance Ideally, at least 12 months prior to a trigger event, contact Finance with the requirements including timelines, space (m2), power (kW/rack), location preferences and dependencies (including timing).

Finance will provide advice on suitable panellists and the procurement process. This will enable the entity to formalise their draft requirements and shortlist the facilities. Negotiate requirements with the panellist Once a facility has been chosen, work with the preferred panellist and Finance to finalise and agree requirements. These might include cost, power density, connections, subcontractors, technical requirements, availability required, and space requirements and growth plans. Contracting Following agreement on the requirements:

• • • • •

Secure financial approvals from the delegate Obtain the Head Agreement and Lease from Finance Draft a Lease encompassing the agreed requirements Forward the Lease to Finance for approval The entity delegate and the panellist sign the Lease.

It is the entity’s responsibility to ensure that the procurement complies with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and Resource Management Instructions.

End-of-Life for Panel 1 The Panel will cease completely by the end of February 2018. Entities with a preexisting lease are not required to do anything as all leases signed before the endof-life of the Panel will continue. No new leases will be able to be signed once the Panel ceases. Instead, the option for the use of Panel 2 will continue until at least June 2019.

Contact details

For more information please call the ICT Procurement hotline on 02 6215 1597 or email [email protected]

Data Centre Facilities Panel Fact Sheet |