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DEP-SRP TECHNICAL GUIDANCE 2nd Round - Technical Guidance Committees #1 - OFF-SITE SOURCE INVESTIGATION/DOCUMENTATION ... Dave Morrow, NJDEP [email protected] 6.
DEP-SRP TECHNICAL GUIDANCE 2nd Round - Technical Guidance Committees

#1 - OFF-SITE SOURCE INVESTIGATION/DOCUMENTATION (Oversight: G. Nicholas) 1. Christina Page, NJDEP, Chair [email protected] 2. Ron Poustchi, NJDEP [email protected] 3. Amy DaSilva, NJDEP [email protected] 4. Ray Pinkstone, NJDEP (replaced Bill Lindner) [email protected] 5. Michelle Barbaro, LUKOIL [email protected] 6. Marc Policastro, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C. [email protected] 7. Kari Brookhouse, AECOM [email protected] 8. Edward W. Henke, Shell Oil Products US [email protected] 9. Chris Pittarese, GES Inc. [email protected] 10. Steve Posten, AMEC [email protected] 11. Vamsee M. Veera, Key Environmental [email protected] #2 - COMMINGLED PLUMES (Oversight: S. Qureshi) 1. Mary Anne Kuserk, NJDEP, Chair 2. Christina Page, NJDEP 3. George Blyskun, NJDEP 4. Michael Infanger, NJDEP 5. Henry Kindervatter, NJDEP 6. Andrew B. Robins, Sills Cummis & Gross P.C. 7. Rayna Laiosa, PSE&G 8. John Engdahl, Hess (replaced Robin Austermann) 9. B.V. Rao, EG&R Environmental Services 10. Mark Fisher, ELM 11. Michael van der Heijden, Woodard & Curran 12. Lisa Voyce, HDR

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#3 - HISTORIC PESTICIDE USE (Oversight: K. Kunze) 1. Chris Dwyer, NJDEP, Chair 2. Lynne Mitchell, NJDEP, Chair 3. Kevin Schick, NJDEP 4. Jeff Greisemer, NJDEP 5. Carrie McGowen, EHS 6. Barbara J. Koonz, Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A. 7. Rich Lake, Geo-Technology Associates, Inc. 8. Neil Rivers, Langan 9. Joe Sorge, J M Sorge, Inc 10. Rohan Tadas, T&M Associates 11. Kathleen F. Stetser, GEI

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#4 - CAPPING (Oversight: K. Kunze) 1. Terry Sugihara, NJDEP, Chair 2. Paul Sanders, NJDEP 3. Greg Neuman, NJDEP 4. Greg Giles, NJDEP 5. Michael Burlingame, NJDEP 6. George Vallone, Hoboken Brownstone Company 7. Elana Seelman, Langan 8. Kenneth T. Hart, The ELM Group 9. Ted Toskos, AMEC 10. Howard Nichols, TRC Env. Corp 11. Steve Chranowski, Chemistry Council of NJ

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#5 -PERFORMANCE MONITORING OF IN-SITU GROUND WATER REMEDIAL ACTIONS (Oversight: J. Nowak) 1. Joel Fradel, NJDEP, Co-Chair [email protected] 2. Maria VandeZilver, NJDEP, Co-Chair [email protected] 3. Helen Dudar, NJDEP (replaced Tim Maguire) [email protected] 4. Tracy Grabiak, NJDEP [email protected] 5. Dave Morrow, NJDEP [email protected] 6. Martin F. Hilfinger, Cumberland Gulf [email protected] 7. Jeffery S. Fehr, ELM [email protected] 8. Ms. Linda Caramichael, TRC [email protected] 9. Jonathan Lisko, Brownfield Science & Tech, Inc. [email protected] 10. Kenneth Tyson, Langan [email protected] 11. Karnam Ramanand, Brown and Caldwell [email protected] 12. Joseph M. Luty, GES [email protected]

#6 - Evaluation of contaminated ground water discharge to surface water (Oversight: J. Nowak) 1. Bill Hanrahan, NJDEP, Chair [email protected] 2. John Ruhl, NJDEP [email protected] 3. Christina Page, NJDEP [email protected] 4. Ward Ingersoll, NJDEP [email protected] 5. Jill Monroe, NJDEP [email protected] 6. William S. Cordasco, TRC [email protected] 7. Scott Drew, Geosyntec [email protected] 8. Nancy Grosso, Dupont [email protected] 9. Terrance Stanley, Langan [email protected] 10. Dan Cooke (AMEC) [email protected]

#7 - Child Care Centers (Oversight: K. Kunze) 1. Alphonse Inserra, NJDEP, Chair 2. Ellen Hutchinson, NJDEP 3. Michael Justiniano, NJDEP 4. Linda Walsh, NJDEP 5. Philip I. Brilliant, Brilliant Env. Services, LLC 6. Ronald Dooney, TERMS Env. Services, Inc. 7. David Morris, Tectonic Eng. & Surveying 8. Paul Sakson, Paul D. Sakson Associates, Inc 9. Joslyn Bjorseth, DCF 10. Anna Smith, DCF 11. Gary Centifonti, DOH 12. Katharine McGreevey, DOH 13. Staff, DCA 14. Leonard Colner, DOE

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#8 - Planning for and Response to Catastrophic Events at Contaminated Sites (Oversight: G. Nicholas) 1. Mike Burlingame, NJDEP, Chair [email protected] 2. Bill Hadsell, NJDEP [email protected] 3. Gary Pearson, NJDEP [email protected] 4. George Nicholas, NJDEP [email protected] 5. Nick Santella, BSTI [email protected] 6. Beena Sukamaran, Rowan University [email protected] 7. Neil Jiorle, Weston [email protected] 8. Robert West, West Associates [email protected]