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Destination: Tokyo // Tow Expo Int'l Houston // Sergeants Towing. Beltway Companies ... to Sergeants Towing. 9 Jerr-Dan distributor Beltway Companies wins Truck Dealer of the ... their online vehicle finder to search tri-County's inventory of ...
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July 2010

Destination: Tokyo // Tow Expo Int’l Houston // Sergeants Towing Beltway Companies // Product Improvements // More Inside

Joel’s Column Joel Amsley is senior vice president of Jerr-Dan Corporation

At Jerr-Dan Corporation we are changing our organization to better meet your needs. We are working hard to make our products and our operations more effective and responsive – to help you work safer, smarter and more efficiently. As part of Oshkosh Fire and Emergency segment, Jerr-Dan is in the unique position to help bring together Fire and Rescue and towing professionals, so members of these important groups can continue to learn how to effectively cooperate at the scene of an incident. Towers have the equipment and training to make a difference when seconds count and lives are in the balance. In this issue you can learn about the Jerr-Dan sponsored Xtreme Incident training event at the recent Tow Expo Int’l Houston. This popular event provided an excellent opportunity for firefighters and towing professionals to learn more about their various capabilities and how they can work more cooperatively. I’m pleased and honored to recognize Jack Saum and his management team at Beltway Companies and Jerr-Dan distributor Maryland Carrier & Wrecker Sales, on receiving Dealer of the Year honors by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. I’m very happy for their well-deserved recognition, and we’re proud to partner with this first class organization and industry leader. In addition, you can learn about Sergeants Towing as we salute Steve “Sergeant” Preston and his military-themed Jerr-Dan vehicles. This issue also includes a recap of the fabulous Florida Tow Show, a report on several enhancements to current products, and a brief overview of the newest members of our growing Jerr-Dan distribution network. Let me know what you think of our magazine, and you can send story ideas and suggestions to me at [email protected] I’m always interested in knowing what you think and I’d love to hear from you. – Joel Amsley

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Joel Amsley leads Jerr-Dan Corporation.

Four Jerr-Dan 25-ton wreckers were recently delivered to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.


Xtreme Incident sponsored by Jerr-Dan brought together towers and firefighters to learn from each other.


A salute to Sergeants Towing.


Jerr-Dan distributor Beltway Companies wins Truck Dealer of the Year award.

10 Product enhancements are designed to help towers work safer and smarter.

11 Florida Tow Show recap.

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Amsley Leads Jerr-Dan Corporation as Senior Vice President, Kerr Expands Role Jerr-Dan Corporation recently announced two important management

changes. Joel Amsley will lead the company as senior vice president, and will have management responsibilities for sales, marketing, customer service and engineering/new product development. Barry Kerr’s responsibilities with Jerr-Dan as vice president of finance have expanded to include management for human resources, procurement, supply chain and engineering-applications. “Joel has more than 29 years of experience at Jerr-Dan, and he has played a pivotal role in fueling the company’s growth over that time. His wealth of industry knowledge and company experience are huge assets,” said Jim Johnson, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president, Fire & Emergency. “Barry’s leadership over the past five years in the finance area provides a solid foundation as he expands his responsibilities to other critically important departments.” Barry Kerr, vice president of finance

Jerr-Dan Distributor Network Growing


he Jerr-Dan team continues to experience healthy growth across the United States, as new distributors are added to broaden our reach and enhance service to customers. “It’s exciting to see new members join the distributor network,” said Joel Amsley, Jerr-Dan senior vice president. “In particular, these new distributors bring new energy and ideas to the table, and I look forward to working with them.” Join us in welcoming the following new members to the Jerr-Dan distributor network. East Coast Truck and Trailer, Portsmouth, Va. Specializing in a wide range of new and used car handling equipment, East Coast Truck

and Trailer has the largest in-stock auto transport inventory in the country, plus a complete shop with 18 bays. Its goal is to sell customers their first truck, their last truck and every one in between. Palmetto Truck Center, Miami, Fla. Palmetto Truck has been committed to serving customers with the highest quality and service since 1966, and was recently named the largest Ford heavy truck parts distributor in the country for the third year in a row. The dealership specializes in all size commercial truck sales. Tri-County Truck & Equipment, Fort Meyers, West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach, Fla. Tri-County

Truck & Equipment is a one-stop for commercial trucks, wreckers, carriers and trailers, and it carries a full line of Jerr-Dan trucks. Customers can use their online vehicle finder to search Tri-County’s inventory of hundreds of new and used trucks, equipment and trailers. Columbus Truck & Equipment, Columbus, Ohio, and Marietta Mack, Marietta, Ohio. As Mack Truck distributors since 1949, these sister companies strive to provide excellent service with 16 service bays in Columbus and 10 in Marietta. The companies also stock more than $3 million worth of parts to meet their customers’ needs for fast delivery of parts and service. visit us at 3



Tokyo is Japan’s capital of 12 million people and is one of the largest cities in the world. To enhance safety on the city’s roads and highways, in February the Tokyo Metropolitan Police (TMP) Department took delivery of four Jerr-Dan 25-ton wreckers.


The wreckers were delivered in kit form for local installation onto Nissan chassis by Y-Engineering, Ltd., the new Jerr-Dan distributor in Japan. Y-Engineering, a well-known supplier of specialty vehicles based in Yokohama, helped bring together a program involving the TMP. Although part of the body fabrication

(such as the taillights and control locations) was done in Japan to meet local market requirements, these are functionally Jerr-Dan wreckers built for the Japanese market. Matt Davis is the new director of international sales for Jerr-Dan. He has extensive experience and was previously international sales manager for collision

repair and aftermarket truck repair equipment. He expects to spend more than 50 percent of his time traveling. He has already flown, literally, millions of miles in his career. Davis is very familiar with Japan, having visited the country more than 20 times. “My objective is to develop new distribution opportunities for Jerr-Dan in markets where the company currently has limited distribution,” said Davis. “I’ll focus on markets that represent the largest opportunities for Jerr-Dan.” Matt Davis and Pat Cahill, director of special accounts for Jerr-Dan, participated in the ceremonies

introducing the vehicles to the TMP. The first ceremony was held downtown with TMP officials. A second event lasting several hours involved operations and maintenance training. Taillight fabrication meets local market requirements. (top right) Pat Cahill, director of special accounts. (bottom right) Pat Cahill helped train TMP personnel. (below)

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treme Training Tow Expo Int’l Houston was very popular with attendees and one of the highlights of the event was an Xtreme Incident sponsored by Jerr-Dan and conducted by the Xtreme Team. The exercise allowed towers and firefighters to work together in two mock incidents to learn more about how the other works, as well as their respective capabilities and concerns at an incident scene.



ow operators from around the country and region participated in the exercise, along with dozens of firefighters from Houston and Austin, Texas. In addition, hundreds of towers watched and learned as the participants worked together and learned about their counterparts.

“Any kind of training towers can get, the better, so we’re prepared for whatever we get into,” said Jeff Wellman, a heavy duty operator for Aus-Tex Towing & Recovery. “No two situations are the same, and the more training we have the better equipped we are to handle situations that come up.

Attendees learned about various capabilities of the MPL-NG.

Towers took advantage of training opportunities.

The incidents involved a tractor-trailer on top of a car and a mid-size moving truck on a car. Working in close coordination with fire personnel, the towers used an MPL-40 to pull the car out while a Jerr-Dan HDL1000/53050-ton integrated wrecker lifted the truck

Look out – Xtreme Incident ahead.

at To w E x p o I n t ’ l H o u s to n

off the car so fire fighters could remove accident victims. “Firefighters often don’t realize how much a trained tow truck operator can assist them – and help save lives. They were impressed to learn about the towers’ capabilities,” said Wellman.

A pair of Jerr-Dan wreckers supply the muscle.

“This exercise will help educate fire departments on how towers can help by working together. Most times, towers are there on the scene of an accident before the firefighters.” “Police and firefighters can learn how much towers can help to get people out

of vehicles, ” said Joel Amsley, Jerr-Dan senior vice president. “Hopefully, the lessons learned from the Xtreme Incident made a lasting impression and will serve to improve communication and cooperation between these two

HDL1000/530-50-ton integrated wrecker swings into action.

Xtreme Incident participants shared knowledge and insights.

important groups.”


Sergeants Towing Operates with Military Efficiency


teve “Sergeant” Preston has

Element is painted to reflect a

and soldiers (operators) that he

never been in the military

different U.S. armed forces theme –

plans to add two more to honor the

but his dad is a retired 25-year

Marine, Coast Guard and Army.

Air Force and Navy.

Coast Guard commander and he has a

deep respect for the U.S. armed forces

Element, and it was able to execute

consider himself a marketer, believes

and those who have served. Preston,

a 90-degree hook-up with a parallel

the whole armed forces theme – from

whose nickname since high school is

parked car. In our business that kind

his company’s rank structure to his

Sergeant Preston, started Sergeants

of performance comes in very handy,

new Jerr-Dan Element self loaders – is

Towing from scratch in 1995.

and it really got my attention,” said

a good fit for him and his company.

Preston. “I’ve had experience with

theme, its operators wear military-

other self loaders, and they couldn’t

Marine Corps truck, and I did it

style uniforms and undergo rigorous

do what the Element was able to

because I wanted to show that we

training before earning military-style

accomplish. That made my decision

support our troops,” said Preston.

ranks – E1, E2, etc. up to E8 – based

to buy one very easy.”

“I’ve had 98 percent positive feedback

on their years of experience and job

Preston’s top-performing operators

from people on the street who react

performance. Higher-ranking operators

get to drive the military-themed

to our Jerr-Dan units.”

are known as master sergeants and,

Elements. The first three have been

just like in the military, as operators earn

so popular with his customers

The company follows a military

“We saw a demonstration of the

Preston, who doesn’t really

“Our first military truck was the

new ranks, they also earn increased compensation and commissions.

Sergeants Towing in Portland,

Oregon, employs a force of 15 soldiers (operators) and three Lieutenants and Captains (managers) who operate a fleet that includes seven Jerr-Dan vehicles, among them three Element by Jerr-Dan™ self loaders. Each

The Element by Jerr-Dan™ self loader.

D i s t r i b u t o r

P r o f i l e :

Beltway Companies T

he mission of Jerr-Dan distributor Beltway Companies of Maryland is simple – to serve their customers for all their transportation needs. Though not nearly as simple, Beltway Companies carries out this mission by getting each employee to dedicate him or herself to providing service in a professional and courteous manner at a fair price. And, they make it look easy. John “Jack” Saum, dealer principal and chairman of the board of Beltway, was recently named the American Truck Dealers/Heavy Duty Trucking Truck Dealer of the Year. Since purchasing Beltway in 1997, Saum has grown the business to six locations and invested more than $20 million in his market. “Beltway and Jerr-Dan are both industry leaders, and they make a great team with a strong, shared focus on serving their customers,” said Joel Amsley, senior vice president for Jerr-Dan. “I’m extremely proud of Jack and his entire organization on being named National Truck Dealer of the Year. ATD Truck Dealer of the Year is the highest honor in the industry, and it is well-deserved recognition of outstanding performance.”

With six locations in Maryland, Beltway’s tagline is “From Western Maryland to the Bay Bridge you will never be more than 30 minutes away from quality service at a Beltway Companies truck dealership.” The company backs up this pledge with 86 service bays. Maryland Carrier & Wrecker Sales, the towing and recovery division of Beltway Companies, is one of the largest Jerr-Dan distributors in the world, offering a large online selection of new and used Jerr-Dan trucks, plus parts and award-winning service. In addition, Beltway Companies stocks more than $2 million in all makes of truck parts to provide the fastest service and repair of medium-, heavy- and severe-duty trucks. “Having Jerr-Dan as part of our organization has contributed to our success as the ATD Dealer of the Year,” said Rick Hindle, general manager of Maryland Carrier & Wrecker Sales. “We’re proud to work with the best vehicle manufacturers, and Jerr-Dan is one of the best.” Saum attributes much of the company’s success to his employees’ commitment to long-term relation-

ships with customers and innovative programs such as the “A New Truck is a Green Truck” campaign that focuses attention on eco-friendly truck technologies. With support from the National Automotive Dealers Association and Navistar, Saum led efforts to educate representatives at the federal, state and industry level about the environmental and fuel efficiency advantages of new truck design enhancements, with a focus on new diesel-powered trucks, diesel-electric hybrid trucks, auxiliary power units (APUs) and retrofit programs. “The innovative leadership provided by Jack and his management team in embracing sustainability and eco-friendly truck technologies makes Beltway Truck Companies a perfect fit with Jerr-Dan,” said Amsley. “Also, we’re both focused on helping our customers be more successful by providing outstanding products.”

Jack Saum, president of Beltway Companies (left), and Rick Hindle, general manager, Maryland Carrier & Wrecker Sales, proudly display the Dealer of the Year trophy.

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Product News The Jerr-Dan engineering and product development team has spent a lot of time listening to customers and distributors to design and create product enhancements that help you work safer and more efficiently. Here’s an extensive list of recent enhancements. For more information on these improvements and their availability for your current fleet, contact your local Jerr-Dan distributor or visit the Jerr-Dan web site (

Carrier Product Line New Shark Rail Protector & Guide – Features smooth transition, hot dip galvanized and durable bolt-on design. Headboard Panel Improvement – Provides vastly improved rigidity and style: anti-corrosive galvanneal steel eliminates weld with stainless steel rivet and bond.

bottom flange, stainless steel weld nut retainer with new design, and is designed for 6” high steel rub rails. New Jerr-Dan 78” Toolbox – Jerr-Dan design (ergonomic beaver tail latch, double locking feature and full perimeter

rain gutter with flangemounted seal) and features include waterproof, powder coated, Jerr-Dan mounting brackets and oversized stainless steel doors that enable better access.

(36”, 48”, 60” and new 78”)

New Jerr-Dan Storage Trays – Available for all toolbox sizes

can be added anytime.

to maximize available storage space (4” deep x 18” wide x toolbox length). Universal fit is completely retrofittable and plug-n-play dual marker light option

New Improved Steel Removable Raised Rails – New stronger, two-piece design features tubular stakes supported by

Light-Duty Wrecker Product Line Wireless Remote Option – Eight and 10 function remotes available.

Knee Boom Spade/Claw Option – Available for all MPL series wreckers to add vehicle stability during winching and recovery operations.

Ford Gas Engine Anti-Stall System Option – Prevents V10 gas engine from stalling at idle, and can be used with standard pump (same as diesel).


Motorcycle Towing Attachment Option – Attachment works on MPL-40, NG, NGS and MPL (QP). Stone Guard & Dress Up Kit Option – Smooth stainless steel or polished aluminum diamond (available on standard body and tunnel toolbox).

New Ergonomic Wired Remote – Will soon replace eight and 10 function remotes for MPL-40, NG and NGS. Hydraulic Grid Towing Attachment Options – Increases the capabilities of Jerr-Dan MPL series. Includes fifth wheel and ball hitch. Grid Mounted Recovery Sheave Option – Available for MPL, NG and NGS (standard tow sling option).

Center Body Storage Basket Option – Utilizes former hydraulic tank location for additional storage.

Heavy-Duty Wrecker Product Line option and new layout of controls enhance ease of use. 14/16 Ton DP 15,000-lb. Planetary Winch Option – Provides an optional winch for operator preference. New 14/16 Ton Flip Down Foot Option – Heavy-Duty design provides versatility for any recovery operation, and large footprint provides superior ground penetration.

Slide Out Tool Board – Provides fast and easy access to tools or chains.

Air Hose Reel – Provides easy air hose management at rear of vehicle.

Ramsey HDP-50 Heavy-Duty Planetary Winches – Are now an available option on Jerr-Dan 50-ton wrecker units. Reduces weight for more tow capacity.

Underbody Tool Boxes – Safely store critical tools.

Peg Board Mounting – Enhances storage efficiency and space utilization. Air Filter and Lubricator – Reduces corrosion in winches.

New 14/16 Ton Controls – Underlift wireless remote

Multiplex Switch Panels – Provides control for lighting in multiple locations.

FRC Area Lighting – Provides super bright and efficient LED technology and vertical mast pole extension.

12-Volt Scene Lighting – Tower light operates off of the truck’s 12-volt electrical system, eliminates the added cost of a generator and wasted toolbox space where generator would be. Available 12-volt LED lights provide instant-on lighting and long bulb life.

Winch, Backup and Underlift Clearance Cameras – Provides excellent visibility of forward winch, and Underlift Backup Camera enhances visibility at rear of vehicle.

Florida Tow Show a Huge Success


he Florida Tow Show was a huge success and provided a great opportunity to meet many of our hard-working customers and let them know how much we appreciate their loyalty to Jerr-Dan. Here are some highlights from this year’s show. The weekend kicked off with a fun customer appreciation event on Thursday evening, as approximately 1,500 customers attended the tropical-themed event. The gathering

enjoyed the live music of the Caribbean Chillers, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band. A fantastic, professionally designed outdoor booth drew thousands of visitors to the Jerr-Dan display, which featured 16 pieces of equipment, including eight MPL wreckers and seven carriers in a variety of sizes and configurations. An MPL demonstration was performed every hour during the show, and many vehicles were sold at

the show or shortly thereafter. “As always, the Florida Tow Show was an outstanding event,” said Jeff Barbour, national sales director for Jerr-Dan. “Our team did a terrific job on the display and it’s always great to see so many of our loyal customers and let them know how much we appreciate them.” visit us at 11

Versatility in Motion


MDL320/110 16 Ton Integrated Wrecker

With the ever increasing cost of vehicle ownership and the difficult economic challenges facing professional towing and recovery operators, versatility in equipment has never been more important than it is today. That’s why you need a tough and versatile truck that works as hard and as smart as you do in meeting those daily challenges. The Jerr-Dan® MDL320/110 16 Ton Integrated Wrecker is a tough, reliable, and extremely versatile piece of equipment designed to safely and securely tow vehicles from sports cars and pickups to medium-duty trucks. The MDL320/110 comes well equipped with a low profile crossbar and wheel grids as well as a variety of frame forks and lifting attachments that enable damage free towing of most cars and medium-duty trucks. With increased towing capabilities, the available 7,500-lb. capacity mediumduty tire lift makes motor home towing and tractor swaps a breeze. In addition, a large selection of optional towing attachments are available for many vehicle and trailer towing applications. When it comes to recovery, the MDL320/110 provides the performance needed to complete the job and get the roadway open. With a fold-up underlift, 16 ton capacity wrecker boom, dual 15,000-lb. planetary winches, six sets of rear anchor points, and available hydraulic spades with new ground penetrating flip down spade feet – the MDL320/110 sets the industry standard for medium-duty recovery capability and safety. Using advanced aerospace and automotive technologies, Jerr-Dan delivers a corrosion resistant, stress-free composite body with bonded aluminum substructure. This design minimizes weight, while providing superior fit, finish, and impact resistance when compared to similar steel, aluminum or stainless bodies. Plus, repair costs are easy on the wallet too. In addition to great looks and performance, the body features a 49” double door cross over storage

compartment for easy, convenient and weathertight storage. Here are the top five reasons to choose the versatile Jerr-Dan MDL 16 ton integrated wrecker: 1. Jerr-Dan’s composite bodies are lightweight, resist stress cracks and never rust. Plus, they hold together longer than welded bodies. 2. The longest underlifts in each class let you reach almost any vehicle easily. No hassles. No problems. 3. Jerr-Dan’s negative-tilt crossbar allows you to make downhill lifts other wreckers can’t touch. 4. High-performance, weatherproof electrical systems provide years of reliable performance, day in and day out.

industry with uncompromising quality. Our trucks work as hard as you do, so whatever you dish out, Jerr-Dan wreckers can take it and keep performing beautifully.

“The versatility of our Jerr-Dan medium-duty wrecker is an incredible benefit to our company. We can tow anything from a passenger car all the way up to a tandem axle trailer – or even a 26-foot box truck. It can handle just about anything. And there’s no trouble maneuvering in tight quarters with a unit on the hook. That versatility means more productivity for our operation. When we purchase another mediumduty wrecker, it’ll be a Jerr-Dan.” Clay Hunter Hunter Auto & Wrecker Service Charlotte, NC

5. The underreach and boom are mounted directly to a chassis subframe, transferring forces away from the body for reduced wear and tear, longer life and outstanding stability. Jerr-Dan vehicles are durable and reliable. They perform beyond expectations – no matter what the conditions. For more than 30 years, Jerr-Dan has redefined the towing

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