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Developing Web-Based Games for MSN Games Rocco Crea Development Lead ... Who Is MSN Games? One of the largest gaming sites on the internet MSN’s premier game …
Developing Web-Based Games for MSN Games

Rocco Crea Development Lead MSN Games August 14-15 2006

Who Is MSN Games? One of the largest gaming sites on the internet

MSN’s premier game channel Over 6 million unique users per month

August 14-15 2006

Games on MSN Free Online Downloads Multiplayer Windows XP Web PC

Subscriptions Skill-based Gaming

August 14-15 2006

Key Features of MSN Games Seamless integration into MSN Games portal Game promotion across MSN network Custom MSN Badges Custom Content Articles Installer Support

August 14-15 2006

Web Games Client Requirements Standard Game Resolution : 425 x 350 Game Maximum Resolution : 600 x 400 Client Requirements Pentium II 450 VGA 800x600 IE 6.0+, MSN Explorer 9+

August 14-15 2006

Supported Client Technologies Flash 7+ Easier to implement Macromedia Flash engine already installed on most client boxes However, beware of heavy math operations

ActiveX Allows fuller control and access to Win32 APIs However, harder to implement User needs elevated rights to install

August 14-15 2006

What Is Our Framework? Game Player

Script API Proxy Script API Game Client

August 14-15 2006

Timeline Game

Platform August 14-15 2006

Session What? SessionReady Game client tells the game player that it is ready to go

SessionStart Game player tells the client to show any “pregame” branding

Why? Allows developer to show any pregame animations and logos

August 14-15 2006

Game On! GameReady Game tells framework “I’m ready to play a game”

GameStart Framework tells the game to start the game

Why? Allows for a seamless startup gameplay

August 14-15 2006

Score ScoreBroadcast Allows the user to quit the game and still receive a score or badge Can have custom information such as enemies killed or levels completed

ScoreSubmit Submits the final score for the user’s gameplay

August 14-15 2006

Badges Badges Reward that users can chase Drives replay

Not same as Achievements Achievements are skill-driven Badges are “souvenirs”

10 badge levels per game that are all customized Special promotional badges available

August 14-15 2006

Break Time! GameBreak The game client tells the player that we are between levels or natural breaks in the game play, and that the gameplay is suspended

GameContinue Framework tells the game client to continue playing

August 14-15 2006

Game Over! GameEnd The game tells the player that the current game is over

Why? Allows the player to show any badges that the user has won Presents the user with up-sells Allows the user to play again August 14-15 2006

Play It Again, Sam GameStart If the user decides to play the game again, the framework will call into the client with GameStart, which should restart the game

What this means: Once the game has called GameEnd, it should “reset” itself so that its ready to start gameplay all over again

August 14-15 2006

You Want to What? CustomEvent Call out from the game client to the player that something special has happened

CustomReturn Return call from the player to the client acknowledging the event and that it has been processed

August 14-15 2006

Pachinko! Integration Test Tool Allows developers to test that the MSN API is correctly implemented It does not: Verify client requirements Doesn't test gameplay

August 14-15 2006

Gotcha! Sounds Don’t play until SessionStart is called Suspend sound during: GameBreak Pause GameEnd Mute

Replay Make sure that the game client is reset after GameEnd is called

Resource Paths Do not assume resources are in the same directory as the page August 14-15 2006

Watch Out! Security Verify that the game plays under different IE security models

Vista / IE7 Vista and IE7 have stricter security models, so be aware

August 14-15 2006

Getting your Game on MSN Download games Distributed through Oberon Media Web games drive additional download sales Web game API available through Oberon developer program, or soon via Microsoft

Subscription offering (GameSpring) Distributed through Real Networks

Custom games Some games are special deals with Microsoft Casual Games

Developer Inquiries Email : [email protected] August 14-15 2006

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