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4: GallonBot - Super Teacher Worksheets

Pint Pint cu up up Cup cup cop cup up Gallon Quart Pint Pint Cup Cup Cup Cup Quart Pint Pint Cup Cup Cup Cup

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Main Idea - Super Teacher Worksheets

ANSWER KEY Main Idea Read each paragraph and choose the main idea. I have a dog named Boots. I taught him lots of tricks. When I tell him to, Boots will sit or lie down.

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Writing Addresses - Super Teacher Worksheets

Writing Addresses When you write addresses, be sure you: 1. Use a capital letter to write the name of a street, town, city, or state. 2.

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Alphabetical Order - Super Teacher Worksheets

Name: _____ Alphabetical Order: Advanced Alphabetical Order Rewrite each word list in alphabetical order. 1. sloth, slouch, slither, slime, slimy

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PDF Vocabulary - Super Teacher Worksheets

    ANSWER KEY Vocabulary Chapters 21 - 26 Match each vocabulary word from the story, Because of Winn-Dixie to the correct definition on the right. Write the letter on the line.

Link: https://1pdf.net/download/pdf-vocabulary-super-teacher-worksheets_5a047ccbf6065d5f37900dab

Lesson Planner - Super Teacher Worksheets

Lesson Planner Subject Thursday _____ Friday _____ Notes ...

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Main Idea - Super Teacher Worksheets

ANSWER KEY Main Idea Read each paragraph and choose the main idea. Brad is sixteen years old and yesterday he had his first driving lesson. “Back out of the driveway

Link: https://1pdf.net/download/main-idea-super-teacher-worksheets_599ca4fff6065d98224c56a0

The Dollhouse - Super Teacher Worksheets

The Dollhouse by Anita Amin. At the store, Anna saw the prettiest dollhouse. “ Please, can I have it?” she asked Mom. Mom checked the price. “$40? That's too  ...

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Night Story - Super Teacher Worksheets

What does the word “perch” mean in the poem? a. think b. fly c. sit d. run away. What does the word “slumber” mean in the poem? a. write b. wake up c. snore.

Link: https://1pdf.net/download/night-story-super-teacher-worksheets_59c2d588f6065d4639266fb8

Super Teacher Worksheets: Newsletter - SCSD

Classroom News PARKVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL January 19, 2015 UPCOMING EVENTS Happy New Year to all our parents and students. It is going to be a great year!!!

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