Earthquake Project - 8th Grade Science

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Extra Credit (Earthquake proof house) – 5 Points. ... Earthquake Project Author: TJLarsen Last modified by: KHopp Created Date: 4/22/2009 4:53:00 PM Company:
Earthquake Project

Purpose: To construct a building that can withstand a simulated earthquake.

Materials: 1 pegboard Craft sticks (100 will be provided. Any additional need to be purchased at a craft store). Elmer’s wood glue or white school glue ONLY Creativity of an 8th grade mind!

Procedure and Guidelines: 1. Each building must be at least 25 cm tall and cannot exceed 60 cm in maximum height. 2. Each building must contain at least 50 craft sticks and not more than 250 craft sticks. 3. The building must be constructed so that the four corners of the base each have an open hole so that it can be secured to the earthquake simulator. 4. The design of the building can be any style, type, or configuration as long as steps 1 and 2 are followed. 5. The building must be “livable” – at least one opening. The building must also have a closed roof. 6. No glue guns are allowed. 7. The building cannot be covered, dipped, or painted in glue. 8. The building can be lightly pained and/or decorated as long as the glue is not completely obscured. 9. An advertising flyer or brochure needs to accompany your building. Instructions and guidelines are listed on the back. 10. The building will be constructed at home – no class time will be given. Before or after school can be a possibility – check with Ms. Hopp for arrangements. 11. Buildings turned in late WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 12. Students have the option to work with one partner. 13. 5 extra credit points are available if your building can withstand the earthquake. Additional Rules:

Due date______________________________

Rubric & Criteria Building Requirements – 6 Points Height – 2 points Sticks used – 2 points Livable structure – 1 point Glue – 1 point House Creativity & Effort - 5 Points

Advertising Flyer/Brochure – 14 Points Picture of house - 2 Points - Must be of your actual popsicle house. Can be digital, film or hand drawn. Optional: Interior pictures and/or floor plans (do not have to be popsicle house). Advertisement for house - 2 Points - Think of a realtor’s advertisement. What makes your house great or unique? Why is your house the safest against earthquakes? Why should I buy this house? Be creative, YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL ME YOUR PROPERTY! Builders credentials - 2 Points - Tell us about the people who built this property (hint: YOU). What are your qualifications and experiences? What makes you the best? Why should I buy from you? House Dimensions – 2 points - Height of house = ____________cm - Surface area = _______________cm^2 - Volume of house = ________________cm^3 Cost Analysis - 3 Points - Number of sticks used______ x $1 per stick = ___________ - Lot to build on = $50 - Time to build it _______ x $5 per hour per person = ___________ - Cost to paint the house: $0.50 x ______cm^2(surface area) = _______ - If not painted, don’t include on the final price. - Final asking price: cost analysis total + 50% Creativity & effort of brochure - 3 Points Extra Credit (Earthquake proof house) – 5 Points. House must meet all requirements in order to get extra credit. Name(s) of people you are evaluating__________________________

Your Name(s)___________________________

Height of house = _____________________________________

Number of Popsicle sticks used = _________________________________

Type of glue used (circle one): white wood (yellow) other

Surface area of house (cm^2) = _________________________________


Name(s) of people you are evaluating_____________________________

Your Name(s)_____________________________

Height of house = ______________________________

Number of Popsicle sticks used = _________________________

Type of glue used (circle one): white wood (yellow) other

Surface area of house (cm^2) = ______________________________