Edwin Ngure Nyutho

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Sep 1976 – Apr 1982: Graduate Teacher at Nairobi School Teaching English and Literature in ... Trained in Photojournalism, radio and video productions.
Edwin Ngure Nyutho P.O Box 5552-00100 GPO, Nairobi- Kenya Telephone: +254 2020909; Mobile: +254 722-227911, +254-734-227911 Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]


Name : Edwin Ngure Nyutho Date of Birth : 18th Feb. 1950 Marital Status : Married Nationality : Kenyan


July 1995 to date: Lecturer; School of Journalism, UON.

June 1986 - June 95: Principal media specialist at the Kenya Institute of Education.

Duties: Research, design and production of Curriculum support materials

Sep 1976 – Apr 1982: Graduate Teacher at Nairobi School Teaching English and Literature in English for both the ‘A’ and ‘O’ Level Syllabuses . April – July 1973 Banking Clerk at Grindlays International Bank

Jan. - April 1973: Research Assistant at the Institute of Development Studies, UoN


Currently: Ph D Scholar at Lacrosse University

June 2006: Leadership Course in Health Communication at John Hopkins University- Maryland USA

July 1997: Advanced Professional Training in Training of Trainers at Deutsche Weller Radio Training Centre Cologne.

June 1993: Communication Training and Strategy Certificate at Cornell University - NY.

June 1990-Sept. 1991: M. A. Mass Communications Centre for Mass Communication Research at Leicester University.

Aug- Oct.1985: (EDTV) –Television Production for Education and Development, BBC Open University.

March 1985: Kenyatta University Micro-Teaching Skills Department of Educational Communication and Technology.

June - Aug. 1982: All Africa Conference of Churches Communication Training Center. Trained in Photojournalism, radio and video productions.

1973- July 1976: B.Ed (Hons) Bachelor of Education at University of Nairobi.

May-July 1976: Theatre for Education and Training by Dorothy Heathecote, Sponsored by the British Council.

Higher and Secondary Education

1971-1972: ‘A’ Level at Alliance High School

1967-1970: ‘O’ Level Div One at Kirogo secondary school


May 2008 Panelist in a discussion on launch of a documentary “Uncovering the Media in Kenya” as part of celebrating World Press Freedom Day at the Goethe Institute

Dec 07-Jan 2008: Consultant to UNICEF to develop a Communication Strategy on Male Circumcision as a way to combating HIV/AIDS in Kenya

Dec 07- Jan 2008: Consultant to VSF Germany to evaluate the impact of Toposa Radio Theatre Programs transmitted by Sudan Radio Service to South Sudan and Turkana District in northern Kenya.

Oct- Nov 2007: Consultant Trainer to Nation Media Groups’ Media Lab on electronic Journalism in a 3 week in-house training.

Sep 2007 Consultant trainer to Royal Media Services in Script writing and announcing workshop for reporters and announcers

Sep- Nov 2007: Consultant trainer to electronic media journalists and correspondents on reporting elections for UNDP/ MCK Project on Media and Elections. Trained over 480 journalists from all over Kenya

Oct 2007: Consultant to URGENT ACTION FUND- AFRICA to “Conceptualise, design and elaborate content and programme for the convening of a media practitioners training workshop on violence against women during electioneering period”

June-Sep 2007: Script writer Consultant to ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) on writing a series of 13 radio scripts on conflict resolution modelled on “Battle of the Villages”.

Nov 10 2006: Trainer in a media workshop for Athi Water Services Board on the Role of the Media in Water Sector Reform Advocacy

Oct 9-27 2006: Lead facilitator and coordinator on Radio Production Training Course for Education Development Centre (EDC)- Sudan Radio Service

Nov 2005- Mar 2006: Lead Project Evaluator for KEN 0034 Capacity Strengthening of Children’s Organisations (CSOCO) an evaluation of a Children’s Video Project for Plan International in six Kenyan provinces.

Sep 2004- Mar 2005: Project leader in a research on “HIV/AIDS IN KENYAN


Aug-Sep 2005: Consultant Trainer and Documentary Video Producer on SAVING A MIST FOREST for AGREF for the desertification conference at UNEP in Oct 2005.

June 2005: Consultant trainer to AMWIK on Media and Millennium Development Goals workshop for the local media at the PanAfric Hotel.

May-June 2005: Script writer/ Assist Director in a documentary on The Kenya Paraplegic Organization for awareness creation on paraplegia

Feb- 2005: Editorial consultant to the publication of curriculum on Collaborative Masters Program in Agricultural and Applied Economics in Eastern, Central & Southern Africa Sponsored by IDRC

May – 2004: Consultant trainer in a regional workshop for African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) on The Role of Conflict and Peace Building.

Jan-June 2004: Consultant Trainer-Coordinator for Sudan Development Trust (Editorial Journalism Training) Sponsored by USAID

Dec – 2003: Consultant on Communication for Community Development, for Action Aid Kenya.

May –June 2003: Consultant trainer to Norwegian Food Aid for The setting up of THE SUDAN VISION a Bi- magazine for the Sudan.

Nov- Dec 2003: Consultant trainer to Education Development Center in establishing Sudan Radio Service a Radio Service transmitting peace and reconciliation messages to the Sudan

Sept 2001: Blue Skies Ad Agency on the Ken cell Boardroom TV ad [Main Artist]

May – June 2001: Script consultant on AIDS awareness docudrama sponsored by Project FHI.

April 2001: Media Consultant, in the design for the P.R.S.P. (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper) for ACE Communications.

Nov 1999–June 2000: Scriptwriter & Producer/Director for some OAU programs popularizing African Economic Integration. A total of thirteen Documentaries were shot in 10 African Countries and have been broadcast across Africa.

June – July 1999: Trainer to electronic media producers in Africa Region, for URTNA. Produced a documentary Television for the African Child a program that has been broadcast over many African TV stations.

Aug. 1997: (I.E.C) Consultant to AMREF, on their Water and Sanitation Projects. Scripted and directed Nets for health a Documentary on malaria Prevention

July 1996: Scripted and directed The Net Solution a Malaria awareness documentary for CAMERAPIX sponsored by Smith Kline Glaxo.

1993 – 1995: Gender Awareness Trainer with Femnet. Scripted and directed production of The Awaited One, a dramatized satire on Video, addressing gender equity.

1994: Media/Script Consultant to World View Kenya on AIDS awareness IEC materials. Produced The Broken Vows a docudrama Targeting youth on AIDS awareness. Appointed Country Rep. to the 1993

1993: UNFPA Mid-Term Review of Reproduction Health Programmes in Kenya

Aug.1989 – 1990: IEC (Information, Education Communication) Consultant to World Vision International on an AIDS awareness campaign in slum and pastoral communities in Kenya. Produced a video drama on HIV\AIDS that has been viewed widely in Kenyan Schools known as “Clean Hands”.


▪ Returning Officer in the elections for AMWIK committee in May 2008 ▪ Participant in the IPI World congress Nairobi, Kenya, 2005. ▪ Member of the Editors Guild ▪ Judge in the FAWE, FAME awards 2004 ▪ Juror in the Journalism of the Year JOYA awards, 2003, 2004 judge on winning photographic items ▪ Award for Excellence in 2002 PRSK AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE ▪ Member of team discussing The Media Bill prior to its tabling for parliamentary discussion 2004 ▪ Chief Judge in photojournalism awards exhibition sponsored by the British Council 2001 ▪ National Adjudicator in the Kenya Schools Drama Festival 1996, 1998, 2002. ▪ Provincial Adjudicator in the Kenya Music Festival in Public/verse speaking 1984 to the present. ▪ Member of the KIE Teacher Education Curriculum Panel. ▪ Coordinator of a Regional Workshop on Community Broadcasting funded by FORD FOUNDATION 1995 ▪ Chairman LINKS CBO. A COMMUNITY Based Organization that addresses diverse issues on community development among the University fraternity. ▪ Director, Firm Links Consultancy a consultancy firm involved in research and development of IEC material for a variety of clients in both the private and the public domains.

Books/Articles Published

▪ Broadcasting: The Next Big Training Challenge in, The Media Observer a newsletter of The Media Council of Kenya. Sep 2005 ▪ By Gods Grace an article published by Drum magazine Jan 2005. ▪ Currently working on a publication on Emergence of The Broadcast Policy in Kenya ▪ The Communication void in the Sudan pub. In THE SUDAN MIRROR Jan 2004 ▪ Gate Keeping and Agenda Setting in ‘A New Democratic Error?’ Pub. SoJ 1994. ▪ The Eyes of Africa – An illustrated biography on Mohamed Amin Pub. - SASA SEMA PUBLICATIONS OCT. 2000. ▪ Have published several articles in the (FOCCAM) Forum for Christian Communicators in Africa and Madagascar, Magazine.