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JENNIFER DE VRIES. FVP, Director of Risk Management & Operations, Wealth Management. MB Financial Bank, NA. Rosemont, Illinois (847) 653-2112. [email protected]


FVP, Director of Risk Management & Operations, Wealth Management MB Financial Bank, NA Rosemont, Illinois (847) 653-2112 [email protected]


Education BA Calvin College (1990) Keller Graduate School of Management (2001)

Professional Certifications CTA (Certified Trust Auditor) CFSA (Certified Financial Services Auditor)

Professional Accomplishments Illinois Banker’s Trust School Certificate Cannon School Graduate 1995 Active member of FIRMA since 1995 FIRMA Education Committee Member since 2005 FIRMA Education Committee Co-Chair 2008 FIRMA Member Value Committee Co-Chair since 2008 FIRMA Board of Directors 2008 Menttium Mentor 2009-2010

Professional Experience and History As the Wealth Management Director of Risk Management and Operations for MB Financial Bank, N.A.  I am responsible for oversight of the strategic planning, compliance, and risk management priorities within the wealth management division; evaluating key processes to improve risk mitigation and operational effectiveness, reviewing the risk profile of new and current products and proposed service offerings; development of policies and procedures in support of new and current product initiatives and regulatory changes; and special projects at the request of the Executive Vice President of Wealth Management and the Executive Management Group. I have worked in the banking industry since 1990 and have experience in audit, retail, and trust departments with varying size and complexity.

EMPLOYER SUPPORT My Employer agrees to support me in my commitments (time and resource) as a FIRMA Board Member. As an active member of FIRMA, I will devote the necessary efforts towards ensuring the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and annual agenda.

PERSONAL STATEMENT I have been a long serving active member and a member of the FIRMA Board since 2008 and am currently the Co-Chair of the Education Committee and the Member Value Committee. I bring over 20 years of professional experience in the banking industry directly related to the auditing of trust and asset management accounts, managing trust operations, managing wealth management risk management. I will work to effectively bring a value added approach by seeking out training opportunities that will provide useful information and audit and risk management tools for use in your organizations on a daily basis.

I respectfully ask for your thoughtful consideration for my re-election to the FIRMA Board.