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Essentials of Investment - 9th edition ISBN: 0077502213 Authors: Bodie, Kane and Marcus And please do Ch 1-3 if all possible along with the articles I sent you for ...
Essentials of Investment - 9th edition ISBN: 0077502213 Authors: Bodie, Kane and Marcus And please do Ch 1-3 if all possible along with the articles I sent you for discussions... This book is more basic. Chapter 1. Investments: Background and Issues Chapter 2. Asset Classes and Financial Instruments Chapter 3. Securities Markets Thank you

-------- Forwarded Message -------Subject:UCSC Course Date:Thu, 17 Dec 2015 15:30:50 -0800 From:Mo Hassan To:Terry Mullin Here is the text information Investments 10th edition - Required text either e book or hard copy. McGraw Hill ISBN 13: 978-0077861674 Authors: Bodie, Kane & Marcus You can add to your Connect account. Please cover Ch 1 & 2 and use these two articles. Feel free to introduce and talk about Time Value of Money. I will send you syllabus as soon as I get confirmation on everything. Thank you, Mo

Eco 133 – Winter 2016 – Prof. Mo Hassan Problem Solving Assignments. Textbook – Essentials of Investment by Boadie – 9th edition. McGraw Hill publishing. Assignment I -Due Monday February 1st. Ch 2 – P 13 & 18 Pg 50 Ch 3 – P 14 pg 80, P 18 pg 81 Ch 4 – P 14 pg 105, P 19 pg 106 Ch 5 – P12 pg 142, P18 pg 143 Ch 6 – P12, pg 184, P 20 pg 185 Assignment II – Due Monday February 29th Ch 7 – P 6 & P 10 pg 225 Ch 9 – P14 & P 24 pg 285 Ch 10 – P16 & P17 pg 329 Ch 13 – P9 & P10 pg 436 & P 14 pg 437 Assignments must be typed or you may use Excel. You must show all your work/formulas used.

Eco 133 – Security Markets & Financial Institutions 2:00 -3:10pm – Room 372 – J. Baskin Eng Bldg. Winter 2016 – UCSC – Prof. Mo Hassan Class Policies Dear Students: Welcome to the Eco 133 class. This class will be instructed on my behalf by Mr. Terry Mullin during the first two weeks of this session since I am out of the country on a previously arranged trip to the Amazon region of Brazil. I will assume the class instruction on January 20th. "Any student who thinks s/he is in need of accommodation, based on the impact of a disability, should contact me privately to submit their Accommodation Authorization and discuss specific needs, preferably within the first two weeks of the quarter. Please contact the Disability Resource Center at 831-459-2089 in room 125 Hahn Student Services or by e-mail at [email protected] to coordinate those accommodations. Students must notify the instructor and the department liaison, Sandra Reebie if you wish to exercise your testing accommodation at least 7 days prior to the exam.”

Assignments: All assignments must be professionally completed and turned in by the due date. All Assignments must be typed (grammar & spell checked) or you may use Excel. You must show all your work/formulas when solving problems. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please refer to the syllabus for due dates. Plagiarizing on any assignment will result in a zero grade for the assignment. Make Up Policy: There are no make ups in this class. All assignments and exams must be taken at the time and date they are scheduled. There are no make ups on “In Class” assignments or quizzes. Only excused students (excused by the professor) prior to assignment due date can turn in a late assignment. Excuses are granted only in emergency or medical situation which must be documented. Exams: Exams will be multiple choice questions. You will need two scantron sheets for the session. Final exam is comprehensive. Exams are (Open Notes/Formulas). Exams must be taken on scheduled dates. See syllabus. No Make ups. Plagiarizing on any exam will result in a zero grade for the exam. News Presentation: You’re required to make one in class news presentation. You will sign up for a presentation date. You select news related to class subjects, security markets, international finance, IPO, mutual funds, ETF, stocks, bonds, options, etc. You must address the why, what, who, and when about your news. Provide reasoning for selecting the news and reflection on it. Your news selection must have educational value. Along with the presentation, you will write a summary/reflection on your news report. Your news summary can be 1-2pages typed and spell/grammar checked. The written report is due on your presentation date. Sources: Yahoo Finance, Economist, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, NY Times, Business Week, Reuters, Google Finance, etc.

Eco 133 – Security Markets & Financial Institutions. UCSC MWF – 2:00-3:10pm – Room 372 - J Baskin Eng Bldg Winter 2016 - Prof. Mo Hassan Office Hours: Wed/Fri – 3:15-4:15pm. Office Eng II Room 433 Course Objectives & Methodology: This course examines all major financial markets: equities, bonds, and options. It uses modern financial theory including asset pricing models such as CAPM. This is not a personal wealth management course and NO personal financial advisory will be provided. All information provided is for educational and theoretical applications only. You will need a calculator and the textbook. In addition, this course will require reading of news research and financial periodicals/websites. Required Text: Essentials of Investment, 9th edition by Bodie. McGraw Hill publishing. ISBN-13: 978-0078034695 Course Requirements: In Class News Presentation: Financial/Market Related News. 2/3-3/9 30 pts 12% Assignments/Quizzes – Problem Solving 50 20% Mid term Exam 50 20% Final Exam 100 40% Class Participation 20 8% Total 250 pts News Presentation: Each News presentation (Oral Report) should be 2-4 minutes, should be delivered on the assigned date, should address the What, Why, Who and How of the financial news story. Your financial news must be recent and no older than two months. The news should address topics such corporate finance, IPO, equity markets, stocks, bonds, financial fraud, mutual funds, mergers, etc. Oral Report should focus on informing the class of the news and making direct relations to class chapters/topics specifically, and provide an opinion/reflection. Written Report: provide a one-two pages typed summary/relation to text of your news article. Submit on date of your presentation. Sources: Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, You must sign up in class. Exams: Exams will be Multiple Choice and will be conducted in class. See assigned dates. Class Participation: This will be determined by your attendance and participation in In Class activities. Grades: A =90% + / B = 80 - 89% / C = 70 – 79% / D = 60 – 69% / F = below 60% **This Class complies with ADA policies. If you have any type of disability, please submit your authorization letter for accommodation from the DRC (831-459-2089 & [email protected]) to me within the first two weeks to arrange for accommodations. Tentative Class Plan – Schedule - Winter 2016 Date Assignment Jan 04 M Introductions/Orientation Jan 06 W Read Ch 1 – Read Playing with Fire Article. Jan 08 F Read Ch 1 & Ch 2 Jan 11 M Read Ch 2 – IPO Man Article.

Jan 13 W Jan 15 F Jan 18 M Jan 20 W Jan 22 F

Jan 25 M Jan 27 W Jan 29 F Feb 1 M Feb 3 W Feb 5 F Feb 8 M Feb 10 W

Feb 12 F Feb 15 M Feb 17 W Feb 19 F Feb 22 M Feb 24 W Feb 26 F Feb 29 M March 2 W March 4 F March 7 M March 9 W March 11 F March 15 Tuesday Read Ch 2 & Ch 3 Ch 3 Read Holiday – MLK jr Day. Read Ch 4 Read Ch 4 - How to Choose a Mutual Fund Like a Professional. Read Ch 4 & 5 News Reports Begin Read Ch 5 Read Ch 6 Read Ch 6 – Assignment I due. Read Ch 6 – Exam Review Mid Term Exam (Ch 1 -6) Read Ch 7 Read Ch 7 / Why Div doesn’t work Article Read Ch 8 Holiday – No Class Read Ch 8 Read Ch 9 Read Ch 9 Read Ch 10 Read Ch 10 Read Ch 13 Assignment II due. Read Ch 13 Read Taking Stock Read Ch 13 & 15 Read Ch 15 Read Ch 15 Review- Open Discussion. Final Exam – Comprehensive – 4-6pm.