ETON WEEK - Eton College

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Jun 20, 2016 ... Tennis: Master & Boy Competition (Willowbrook Courts). 14:20. Cricket: Junior League 6. Aquatics: F Quads Style (Rafts). Cricket v Hampton ...

20 – 26 June

Monday, 20 June 2016 Training for new members of The Eton Society (Weston's) Last day on which C, E and F EWs are to be shown up C Assembly (FT) E & F Lower Chapel 09:30 Dames' Meeting (MCR) Aquatics: F Quads Ergo (Rafts) 20:45 School Concert Rehearsal (MS) Tuesday, 21 June 2016 Trials revision: no EWs C, E & F Reports due by Chambers C College Chapel E & F Lower Chapel 11:30 Cricket v Hampton (h): XI — v Malvern (h): XXII — v Trinity, Sydney (h): USA 13:15 Games Committee (Somerset Rm) Tennis: Master & Boy Competition (Willowbrook Courts) 14:20 Cricket: Junior League 6 Aquatics: F Quads Style (Rafts) Cricket v Hampton (h): MC — v Malvern (h): LSA — v MCC Hub (h): T2, LSB — v Hampton (a): LC Aquatics: F Quads Style (Rafts) 17:00 Curriculum Committee (COMR) 20:45 Simeon Society: Mr Phillip Walsh (Holland House) Wednesday, 22 June 2016 C College Chapel E & F Lower Chapel Holy Communion Roman Catholic Mass B & D Tutors' Letters to House Masters by 9.00am 10:00 Tennis v St George's Pairs Tournament (a): 1st VIII Aquatics: F Quads Long Row (Rafts) Aquatics: F Quads Long Row (Rafts) 17:00 Heads of Department Meeting (Jafar Hall) 21:00 Compline (CC) Thursday, 23 June 2016 Final day of teaching (CEF) CCF: D Company Camp 11:30 Cricket v Harrow (h): USA Tennis v Haileybury (a): U15B, D, U14B, D VIs Aquatics: F Quads Knock-out (Rafts) 15:30 Tennis v Windsor Boys' (h): U14C, E, F VIs (Willowbrook) 17:00 Pastoral Committee (Weston's)

Friday, 24 June 2016 First day of Trials (CEF, from 9.15 am) Aquatics: Henley Qualifying Races Full College Chapel Service for C E & F Lower Chapel 11:30 Cricket v Blue Leopards (h): USA 17:20 Cricket: Junior Ties Finals Saturday, 25 June 2016 Queen's Eyot Absence Aquatics: GB v France Match Selection Trial (Nottingham) C College Chapel Trials from 8.45 am (EF) (no Chapels or Assemblies) 09:30 Meeting of Provost & Fellows (Lord's) 09:50-10:30 Lecture for C: The Gap Year (FT) 10:00 Royal Society of Medicine Careers Day (Eg Rm) 10:30-12:00 Gap Year Fair for C Block (SH) 11:00 Eton v Harrow (Lord's) 13:00 Debating: Eton Open (Birley Schools and Jafar Hall) Athletics: Tonbridge Match (a) (Tonbridge School) Sunday, 26 June 2016 5th Sunday after Trinity (A) Leavers' Day 08:15 Holy Communion (CC) 09:45 CCC Practice (CC) 10:15 Head Master's Address to Leavers (US) 10:30 C Assembly: Mr Paul Gillam (Eg Rm) 10:30 E & F Lower Chapel: The Revd Rupert Demery 11:00 Leavers' Service: The Revd Canon Roger Royle 11:30 Roman Catholic Mass 12:00 Leavers' Reception (Fellows' Garden) 12:00 Reception for Parents of Leavers (Provost's Gdn) 14:45-18:00 School Concert Rehearsals 20:15 School Concert