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For technical assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or call. 1- 800-322-8755 ext. 4274. Facts On File Online Databases. HOW DO I ACCESS ...
Facts On File Online Databases HOW DO I ACCESS THE SITES? From a Library Computer: Visit your library’s Web site or check the library computers’ desktops for a link to our database. Alternatively, ask your reference librarian where to locate our online resources. From Home: To access us from outside the library, check your library’s Web site for the link to our site or contact your reference librarian. If further authorization is required, you will be prompted for the following: Choose from below

AVAILABLE DATABASES News Services Databases • World News Digest • Issues and Controversies • Issues and Controversies in American History • Today’s Science Reference Databases


For technical assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-322-8755 ext. 4274.

• American History Online • American Women’s History Online • African-American History Online • American Indian History Online • Modern World History Online • Ancient and Medieval History Online • World Atlas • Curriculum Resource Center • Curriculum Resource Center: Junior Edition • Bloom’s Literary Reference Online • Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center • Health Reference Center • Science Online.

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Conduct searches using the search operators and, or, and not to broaden or narrow searches. Search results in many of our databases are listed by relevancy, as well as within tabs labeled by type of content.

Use “Page Tools” to save, e-mail, and print entries, change the entry text size, and locate citation information.

“Curriculum Tools” promote classroom use with practical activities and research tools for students and educators.

Further explore key principles in science using our printable diagrams and experiments.

Use sidebar links and hyperlinks within entries to guide further research. Scroll to the bottom of an entry for citation information.

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