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Each episode of Feng Shui Life features fabulous homes, businesses, landscape design and advice from. Feng Shui practitioners from around the World.

feng shui • (fung schway) the art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance your well being.

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FENG SHUI LIFE The “Ent ertainm ent Tonight ” of Feng Shui. High-end hotels, sensuous design, state of the art retail stores, Asian fusion cuisine and celebrity gossip, it’s all right here on Fe ng S hui Life . Follow our dynamic hosts Karyn Klaire, Phil Guerrero, Gillian Vanderburgh and Stacey Munro as they report on what, where and who is practicing Feng Shui and why? Find out all there is to know about the trendy practices of Feng Shui, Zen and other related topics.

It is important to create balance between our personal and professional lives. We all need equal measures of yin and yang. For instance, Feng Shui savvy designers apply Feng Shui principles to urban and interior spaces, creating movement between natural and industrial design. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the flow of good “chi”. People who live and work in such environments feel more energetic and creative, thereby increasing the potential for financial success and personal harmony. Fe ng S hui Li fe is a lifestyle series produced to improve the viewer’s health, wealth, and happiness. Each episode of Fe ng S hui Li fe features fabulous homes, businesses, landscape design and advice from Feng Shui practitioners from around the World. Graphically and visually stimulating, FSL is a fast paced, informative and highly entertaining show.



Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.

Season 1 ep isode d escriptions In season one, F eng Shui Li fe travels to; Los Angeles, New York City, Montreal and Toronto. We have featured segments from Donald Trump’s International Hotel and Towers and Oprah’s personal Feng Shui consultant.

Epi sod e 1 -Toronto - Cecconi Simone redesigns Robert Lantos’ “Serendipity Point Films” offices. -Montreal - “Bubbles Champagne Bar” gets a makeover by vivacious Zen designer Michel Prête. -Northern Ontario - wilderness resort “Lake Obabika Lodge” is the “waiting list only” place to be after discovering Feng Shui.

Epi sod e 2 -Montréal - Hyperchip gives new life to a vintage building with the help of Feng Shui. -Toronto - Avoid stress. Geomancer Debra Martin demonstrates and explains the importance of dowsing. -Los Angeles- Architect firm, expands their own digs with the help of Feng Shui Practitioner Kartar Diamond.

Epi sod e 3 -L.A - Sexy boutique hotel the “W” combines business amenities and creature comforts to create a blend of style and substance. -Leading Feng Shui scholar, Master Joseph Yu shares how he went from skepticism to enthusiasm about Feng Shui. -Montréal - Practitioner Tracey Mackenzie creates a safe, nurturing space for Psychologist, Dr. Julie Lawson. -Plus, wise words about successful cities, from Malaysian Master Yap Cheng Hai.

Epi sod e 4 -Toronto-International star chef Susur Lee chats about the importance of yin/yang in Asian Fusion cuisine presentation. -The true Chinese Feng Shui adaptation of the Montreal’s China Town Holiday Inn. -New York City - Italian Fashion Designer Alberta Ferretti has her Soho Boutique designed with Feng Shui in mind, by architect David Ling.


Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.

Epi sod e 5 -Celebrity Practitioner, Angi Ma Wong shares “The House of Women”, a client’s home in Palos Verde, California. -Montreal - Financial firm president surrounds himself with what he loves. Fish, fish and more fish. -A One-on-one with Feng Shui’s consumer advocate and commentator: Cate Bramble.

Epi sod e 6

-Toronto - Find out some Feng Shui real estate secrets while home with realtor Ilenna Tai. -Some very wise words from Master Yap Cheng Hai. -Getting away from it all with Author/Black Sect Practitioner Robin Lennon.

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Epi sod e 7 -New York City - Secrets of success: Donald Trump’s International Hotel and Tower. -Practitioner/Author Lina Visconti helps illustrate some of the basic Feng Shui principals from a client’s condo. -One of North America’s most recognized Feng Shui Consultants, Angi Ma Wong, shares her home in California.

Epi sod e 8 -New York - Acclaimed Architect, David Ling demonstrates the use of water, concrete, steel and wood as it applies to contemporary Feng Shui design. -From a Malibu doctor’s estate, Practitioner Kartar Diamond advises Feng Shui measures to follow during construction. -An Asian Fusion inspired sushi restaurant, Tomo in Montreal, is discussed with Interior Designer Michel Prête.

Epi sod e 9 -Executive Producer/Director Claude Barnes of Keep It In The Family Productions walks us through the F SL studio. -Master Practitioner Susan Chow recommends how to invite auspicious luck and do a little bad chi busting, creating a harmonious work environment for these “super creative folks”. -MIYABI Landscape and Design executes the innovative creation of interior Japanese/Zen garden throughout the production offices.


Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.

Epi sod e 1 0 -Feng Shui Practitioner, Lori Beardmore, joins forces with a team of Chi Gong Instructors to create a home that satisfies all expectations. -Fe ng Shui Li fe ’s Chi Wiz, Master Practitioner, Susan Chow, shares advice about front doors, washrooms, landscaping, the importance of your birth date and criteria to watch for when choosing the right practitioner. -Mt Pleasant Cemetery Group talks about their working relationship with Strasman Architects firm and Feng Shui Master, Ivan Yip.

Epi sod e 1 1 -Handbag designer Jane Ip tells us how she incorporated Feng Shui as a measure of serenity in her International Boutiques in Las Vegas, Cairo and Toronto. -Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai talks about Toronto’s chi; House of Parliament, CN Tower, Stock Exchange and the Waterfront. -Practitioner Malca Narol tackles a small space with client Thomas Sparling Landscape Architects.

Epi sod e 1 2 -Master some -Master -Design Asian

Practitioner Susan Chow, works with a family to help alleviate health problems. Joseph Yu answers top ten FSL’ s viewer questions. firm Yabu Pushelberg chats about organic harmony and detail the Fusion design behind restaurant/lounge Monsoon.

Epi sod e 1 3 -F SL’ s featured cartoonist; Sandra Bell Lundy, chats about Feng Shui humour in her cartoon strip Between Friends. -A Reiki Instructor helps a patient combat pain with the use of this internal chi repair method. -Located in the Crowne Plaza Towers, the Victoria Spa is a Feng Shui oasis, created by the owner herself.


Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.

FENG SHUI LIFE – SEASON 2 Episode descriptions

Episode 1

-London boutique hotel 'My Hotel' designed with Feng Shui principals; shares it's philosophies and the reasons why their guest’s feel so comfortable. -A German designer shows off her line of Feng shui watches on ‘Feng shui for Sale’

Episode 2

-A one-on-one interview with European Feng shui Author/Publisher Stephen Skinner. Sharing his journey through FS and the launching of FENG SHUI FOR MODERN LIVING magazine. -Combining Asian Fusion with philosophy. FSL takes you to FENGSUSHI, a trendy sushi chain in London.

Episode 3

-Quebec city's Mont Saint Anne ski resort is the perfect Feng shui winter wonderland. -A one-on-one interview with feng shui consumer advocate, Cate Bramble. -Students from around the world learn Feng Shui the right way with Master Joseph Yu at The Feng Shui Research Center.

Episode 4

-London's 'The Hempel' hotel is a tribute to ancient Asian design, and the ultimate celebrity hideaway. -A one-on-one interview with German feng shui practitioner Lothar B. Baier who tells us how Feng Shui is viewed in Europe. -Feng Shui Art, excellent examples of not only FS for sale, but also great ideas on how to activate or support the FS elements.

Episode 5

-A review of Bermuda’s Fairmont Southampton Princess Resort by practitioner Tracey Mackenzie proves that this facility possesses the perfect Feng Shui landform. -A one-on-one interview with South African practitioner, Shari Denobrega.

Episode 6

-Find out how a Vancouver Chinese restaurant beat the competition by applying Feng Shui to their business. -Co-host Phil Guerrero delivers some Feng Shui Celebrity Gossip. -Cate Bramble is back. FSL’s regular “Chi-Cop” shares valuable information.

Episode 7

-A review of London’s famous ‘hot spot’ China White night club designed by World-renowned practitioner RENUKA. -A Feng Shui Life “just for laughs” segment takes a humorous look at comics, quotes and good-natured kidding about FS. -A one-on-one interview with musician Larry Lee to find out how Feng Shui has changed his life.

Episode 8

-Travel to Cologne, Germany and see how a first class hotel applied Feng Shui to improve staff moral and created the perfect atmosphere for their clientele. 6

Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.

-Feng Shui viewpoints from Industry Icons, Architects, Designers, Practitioners and satisfied consumers. Episode 9

-Feng Shui Life visits a yoga show and conference in Toronto, Canada to demonstrate the parallels between the Feng Shui Lifestyle and the Yogic Lifestyle. -Vastu Shastra, the Indian sibling philosophy, is discussed, comparing many FS concepts. -Interior Designer “Luc”, tells how “energy” influenced his vision.

Episode 10 -A Feng Shui Life Exclusive. For the first time in history, see and hear 5 of the Worlds top Feng Shui Masters and 10 international practitioners, all under one roof at the 1st World Classical Feng Shui Conference. This event took place in Cologne, Germany and is the Feng Shui enthusiast’s “must see” episode. Episode 11

-A sacred space. The importance of fulfilling mind, body and soul. -An authentic residential “flying stars feng shui audit” with Practitioner Donna Johnson. -An in-depth look at Canadian Interior Designer. Johnson Chui and his many FS inspired showplaces.

Episode 12

-How Feng Shui and it’s knowledge aided a Home Interiors Retail Store. -“Feng Shui for Sale” tips on how FS cures can be applied; Water elements, fire elements, Metal Noise, chi manipulators and Symbols. -A Do It Yourself feng shui success story from a Beauty Salon owner and her Interior Designer Friend.

Episode 13

-An Internationally established Ad Agency, Brainstorm Group, shares their FS design process with Interior Designer, Monique Le Ray. -Landscape Design with Christopher Clayton and how he feels Asian Culture has inspired his work.


Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.


Feng Shui was originated in China with the soul purpose of finding suitable burial sites for Royalty. Feng Shui (fung schway) simply means wind and water. Celebrity enthusiasts include: Madonna, Johnny Depp, Sylvester Stalone, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Hanks, Boy George, Donald Trump, Bette Midler and Prince Charles. Film Guru, Robert Lantos, had Serendipity Films offices designed according to Feng Shui principles. Donald Trump only builds after his personal Feng Shui Master has completed a proper survey of the grounds. Chapters book store has over 300 books on the topic of FENG SHUI. Toronto’s World famous Chef Susur Lee, incorporates the principals of Feng Shui in his everyday life and business. He believes this has led to his overwhelming success. Our interactive website www.fengshuilife.tv receives over 60,000 hits per month since our first airing.


Keep It In The Family Productions Inc.


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Claude Barnes is a seasoned, established figure within the film and television industry. His 23 years of experience have earned him both Gemini and Emmy Award nominations. He was Director of Photography for a documentary on Peace Keeping During the war in Bosnia, has shot one-on-one interviews with celebrities such as Mike Wallace, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Geena Davis and Brad Pitt, and was chosen as a video Director of Photography for the feature film Murder at 1600 starring Wesley Snipes. His trend setting work on television and feature films has put him in high demand as a producer. Claude's list of clients includes: City TV, Alliance Atlantis, MuchMusic, CBC, TSN, Bravo, Fox, ABC, CNN, ESPN, WTN, TLC, HBO, CBS, NBC and YTV. His series, PWC TV, Behind The Lens, Crimes of Fashion, Starstruck! , Icons of Wrestling, Fe ng Shui Life and his documentaries, Soccer in the New World, Baja Odyssey "Six Guys And A Hummer" and A Force of One , are all broadcasted Internationally. As Executive Producer of Fe ng Shui Life , Claude lends his contemporary vision, recognized style, and creative flair to the making of this pioneering “innertainment” series. His involvement is what makes Fe ng Shui Li fe , the highly stylized, sophisticated show that it is. His valuable production experience enables the team to best represent the innovative world of Feng Shui and other related topics.

Kary n Kl air e

Pr od uc er

Drawing on a history of creative design, visual merchandising and artistry, F SL’ s p rod uc er , Karyn Klaire, combines talent and her thorough understanding of Feng Shui, to create a catalyst approach to this informative and innovative design. After modeling and performing throughout the 1980’s, Karyn retailed in the then, Bohemian Culture of Toronto’s Queen Street West area. She then became producer for Keep it in the Family Productions and co-produced 26 episodes of Crimes of Fashion. Today, by communicating with the Feng Shui industry’s most recognized individuals, Karyn is able to provide her colleagues with a constant source of inspiration, resulting in the successful production of Fe ng Shui Li fe .