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FOLSOM PREMIUM OUTLETS. Tenant Handbook. ... Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 Folsom, CA 95630 ... No provision has been made for on-site storage until your suite …


Rev 1/29/15


Tenant Handbook

Table of Contents

1. GENERAL PROJECT INFORMATION • Project Fact Sheet • Important Telephone Numbers • Site Plan/Area Maps/Directions

2. ACCOMODATIONS • Lodging for Folsom Area

3. TENANT IMPROVEMENT INFORMATION • Tenant Improvement Construction Information • Food Tenant Design Requirements • Barricade Specifications

4. SIGN/STOREFRONT CRITERIA • Sign Criteria – see the separate Tenant Sign Criteria document for this center available on website • Storefront Criteria – see the separate ‘Storefront Criteria’ document available on website.

You can review the center's Tenant Handbook and Construction Rules, Tenant Sign Criteria and Storefront Criteria by logging onto


Project Fact Sheet

Landlord: Simon Property Group 60 Columbia Road Bldg. B, 3rd Floor Morristown, NJ 07960 Phone: (973) 228-6111 Fax: (973) 228-3891

Center Manager: Folsom Premium Outlets, LLC

Management Office: 13000 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 309 Folsom, CA 95630 Phone: (916) 985-0313 Fax: (916) 985-0830


Important Telephone Numbers

Building Department (916) 355- 7213 (Permits/Building Inspections)

Business License, City of Folsom (916) 355- 7312

Chamber of Commerce (916) 985-2698

City Hall, City of Folsom (916) 355- 7200

Emergency/Sheriff/Ambulance/Police (916) 355-7232 or 911

Federal Express (800) 238- 5355

Fire Department Business Office (916) 355-7250

Mercy Hospital of Folsom (916) 983-7400

Planning Department, City of Folsom (916) 355-7222

Police Department Business Office (916) 355- 7230

Post Office (916) 983- 3120

United Parcel Service (800) 742- 5877


Directions from Sacramento Airport

• Exit Airport, take I-5 South (Interstate 5) towards Sacramento

• Take the Highway 50 Exit towards South Lake Tahoe/Placerville (East Bound)

• Remain on Highway 50 (East); Exit at Folsom Boulevard

• At Exit Signal, Turn Left onto Folsom Boulevard

• Turn Right at Signal on Iron Point Road – Center is on the Left

Located on the Corner of Folsom Boulevard and Iron Point Road:

Folsom Premium Outlets

13000 Folsom Boulevard

Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 985-0313


Lodging Suggestions for Folsom Area

Fairfield Inn & Suites Hampton Inn & Suites

10745 Gold Center Drive 155 Placerville Road Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 858-8680 (916) 235-7744

Hilton Garden Inn Larkspur Landing

221 Iron Point Road 121 Iron Point Road Folsom, CA 95630 Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 353-1717 (916) 355-1616

Lake Natoma Inn Residence Inn

702 Gold Lake Drive 2555 Iron Point Road Folsom, CA 95630 Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 351-1500 (916) 983-7289

La Quinta Inn & Suites Sacramento Marriott R.C. Hotel

11131 Folsom Boulevard 11211 Point East Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (916) 638-1111 (916) 638-1100

Courtyard by Marriott Extended Stay America

2575 Iron Point Road 10721 White Rock Road Folsom, CA 95630 Rancho Cordova CA 95670 (916) 984-7624 (916) 635-2363

• Rancho Cordova area Hotels and Inns are all located next to Highway 50 and within an eight mile drive west of the center.


Tenant Improvement Construction Information

1. Please provide Landlord with one (1) set of prints and an electronic file for the plan review/approval process. An Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file will be acceptable - you can email the file directly to the Tenant Manager. Your tenant improvement drawings must be approved by Landlord prior to commencing work. Please allow 5-10 working days for Landlord review.

2. Please note that Tenant is required to provide Landlord with as-built tenant improvement drawings (including any plan check corrections or engineered plans) as an electronic file (pdf) upon completion of the store construction.

3. All tenant contractors must provide Landlord with an original signed copy of the Construction Rules (see following). The tenant contractor obtaining the tenant improvement permit is the contractor responsible for submitting all required information and certificates of insurance to the Landlord.

4. Due to structural engineering design of the roof system, Tenants and/or their contractors cannot attach to or construct anything on the bottom of the roof trusses unless approved by Landlord

5. Prior to designing its tenant improvement plans, Tenants must verify all applicable State of California and Building and Fire Codes. Verify the applicable California Fire Sprinkler Code and "Hazard level" classification for Tenant's merchandise, and Tenant's intended stockroom shelving design. Tenants are responsible for all changes to the existing fire sprinkler system, including any upgrades required to increase fire sprinkler coverage. Verify intended stockroom shelving design and seismic calculations related to California Building Code. Tenants are advised to consult with their California licensed architect on the local jurisdiction requirements and on all building code issues

ASBESTOS!!! The local City, County, State of California or other local jurisdiction may require incoming Tenants to provide an asbestos survey as part of Tenant’s building permit submittal package. As this asbestos survey would be a requirement for Tenant to obtain its TI permit, said survey is Tenant’s responsibility. Tenant should contact Tenant Manager immediately if any asbestos material is discovered during its survey.

6. The address for Folsom Premium Outlets is as follows:

Folsom Premium Outlets 13000 Folsom Boulevard, Suite #______ Folsom, CA 95630

Please use your individual suite number for all deliveries. DO NOT have deliveries of store supplies or your tenant improvement construction materials made prior to your store turnover date. A representative of your company must be onsite to receive any deliveries for your

Tenant Improvement Construction Information

Folsom Premium Outlets

store. The Landlord cannot accept any deliveries for your store. No provision has been made for on-site storage until your suite is ready for turnover.

7. Tenants and their contractors will be responsible for removal of all construction and store set up debris generated during tenant improvement construction. This includes all debris from store fixtures and initial merchandise deliveries. A trash bin must be ordered from landlord required waste hauler (please see Utilities page), and location of bin must be approved by the General Manager prior to drop-off.

8. Tenants are to order their utility services (electricity, gas and telephone) to begin on their turnover date, or their construction start date, whichever is the earlier. See utility company listing in this handbook.

9. Tenant shall make application for electrical service in Tenant’s name prior to start of Tenant’s work. If permanent electrical meters are not installed prior to start of tenant improvement construction, Tenant’s electrical contractor shall be responsible to provide temporary power and lighting for the Demised Premises, per code, with ground fault protection. Upon completion of the permanent system of electrical power furnished by the Landlord, Tenant’s contractor may utilize the permanent power from the Tenant’s panelboard. Electrical usage charges are the responsibility of the Tenant starting on the day the keys are picked up or work is started in the Demised Premises by Tenant.

10. All Tenants must provide regular maintenance of their HVAC system. Each Tenant is to provide a copy of their maintenance contract to the General Manager within one (1) month of their turnover date.

11. Protection for the HVAC unit(s) (construction filter) must be in place prior to the start of Tenant’s construction. The HVAC unit must also be cleaned when tenant construction is complete. This is the responsibility of the Tenant, NOT the Landlord. If painting ceiling, HVAC unit must be off – not running.

12. Relocation of thermostat controls shall be at the Tenant’s expense and any repairs or failed installations resulting from incomplete or inadequate relocation shall be the Tenant’s responsibility.

13. A one-hour, fire rated exit corridor is typically required per current State of California and Building and Fire Codes if the sales area of your space is larger than 1500 square feet. The width of fire corridor must be adequate to meet ADA code requirements. Tenants are advised to consult with their California licensed architect on this and all building code issues.

14. The City of Folsom requires a building permit for all tenant improvement construction. Your architect or contractor will need to submit three (3) complete sets of tenant improvement plans. Food Court Tenants must submit four (4) complete sets of plans. You will need to allow at least six to eight (6-8) weeks for the plan check and permit issuance of your tenant improvement plans.

15. You or your architect should contact the City of Folsom Building Department at (916) 351-3555 to verify whether your specific tenant improvements require that the plans be

Tenant Improvement Construction Information

Folsom Premium Outlets

stamped and signed by an architect licensed in the State of California prior to applying for a building permit. A list of architects is included in this section.

16. All contractors and their sub-contractors performing work within your store must have a valid State of California Contractors License. Applications for said license can be obtained from the State of California Contractors License Board, 9835 Goethe Road, Sacramento, CA 95826. The phone number is (800) 321-2752. A list of several tenant improvement contractors is included in this section.

17. A Business License will be required for all Tenants. The City of Folsom issues the business license; the Business License Department telephone number is (916) 355-7312. The city requires a business license to be completed prior to issuance of tenant’s certificate of occupancy and before the store opens.


19. Burglar Alarms/Perimeter Intrusion Security Devices – All such devices must be approved by the Landlord prior to installation, including application of “riot glass” or any type of film to doors and/or windows. No exterior alarms, strobe lights or other enunciator devices may be mounted on storefronts. Due to potential interference with the Center’s fire alarm system, “Smoke Cloak” or similar systems which generate smoke, are prohibited. Application of any decals to storefronts referencing security protection must be done in compliance with Premium Outlets Storefront Criteria.

20. The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District requires that each Tenant perform an asbestos survey prior to renovation under SMAQMD Rule 902, Asbestos. The California Health and Safety Code (CH & SC) provides that a violation of this rule may result in civil penalties as specified in CH & SC Sections 42402, 42402.1, 42402.2 or 42402.3 for each day the rule is violated. According to this agency, demolition and/or tenant improvement construction cannot begin until a survey has been made. Further information is available at their website:

City of Folsom Building Dept. may require incoming Tenants to provide their asbestos survey as part of Tenant’s building permit submittal package. As this asbestos survey would be a requirement for Tenant to obtain its TI permit, said survey is Tenant’s responsibility. Tenant should contact Tenant Manager immediately if any asbestos material is discovered during its survey.

21. As per American with Disabilities Act, you are required to provide 5" X 13" signage outside of the store front doors. These signs will be blue plastic and have the store name printed in white letters with raised Braille below the name. These signs will be mounted 60" from the ground.

21. Visitor Name Badges – No contractor is allowed on our property without wearing a visitor badge. A contractor may pick up badges for his entire crew at the mall office. These badges self destruct within 24 hours, thus every day you must get new ones. Everyone working in the suite must wear a badge. If security sees an expired badge, you will be asked to obtain a new one at the office before any other work can be performed.

Tenant Improvement Construction Information

Folsom Premium Outlets

Food Tenant Design Requirements

Below is the minumum design requirements that must be used by ALL Food and Food Court Tenants for all kitchen prep area’s.

This requirement is to prevent any mositure or dampness penetrating the demising wall(s) that can lead to damage to the food space and/or adjoining spaces.

Demising and/or concrete walls:

1. Demising walls must be moisture resistant gypsum board w/ Sporgard™ (National Gypsum) on metal studs. Other wall options acceptable by landlord would be Hardibacker prior to installing wall finishes or Ultracode drywall, by USG. All concrete walls, rear or demising, must be furred out with the above specs, no exceptions.

2. Install water proof membrane a minumum of 24” above floor.

3. FRP applied to all walls to a minumum height or 48” above wall base tile, and caulked with a silicone sealant.

4. Metal or PVC corner guard must be applied to all corners and caulked with a silicone sealant.

Flooring area:

1. Floor tile and flooring base installed must be sealed. This application should be re-applied semi-annually.

2. Floor drains must be installed in any food preparation area that require cleaning methods of hosing or washing walls. It is the tenant responsibility to make certain that all flooring is sloped for proper drainage to the floor drain(s).

Tile/Grout: Must have Durock and /or equal applied to studs.


Barricade Specifications

1” x 4” Molding along Exterior, Finished T III Board, 4” on center top, bottom & corners Painted White by Tenant/GC

Existing Grade Level Surface

Barricades must be erected if there is any construction that goes beyond or on the front wall of the tenant space. These barricades must be painted with 3 coats of white paint. Tenant contractor must maintain a safe environment for customers and employees during construction period. All work areas must be inaccessible or blocked off from customer/employee flow.

Barricade Construction Notes:

1. No openings are permitted. 2. All supporting must be concealed behind the barricade 3. Placement & design must be approved in writing by LL PRIOR to installation. 4. Signage: 2mm black pvc, 2’x4’ with white optima bold lettering.

*Food Court Barricades MUST go to top of ceiling to prevent dust in food court area.


Temporary Tenants


• Submittal of plans to Landlord required. • Submittal of plans to Building Department. • Business License required. • Signage & Permit required. • Construction Permit required. • Length of time to acquire construction permit: 3 weeks for first plan check and 2 weeks for second plan check.


• Business License required. • Signage & Permit required. • Tenant must notify Landlord by sending a letter on company letterhead to the Tenant Manager stating that there will be no work performed before keys will be released.

PLEASE NOTE: If there is work being done by the Tenant, but it is minor and the local authority does not require a building permit, then a letter from that authority on their letterhead must be received by the Tenant Manager before keys will be released.


Business license must be obtained from City Hall at 916-355-7312. The Building Department can be reached at 916-351-3555.

Please verify with local jurisdiction since code and procedure may have been modified.

Please Note:

When Tenant vacates or installs permanent sign, Tenant is responsible for restoring the fascia of the building back to its previous condition, i.e.: removal of any silicone residue, patching holes, stucco repair, re-painting etc. Final approval and acceptance of any such repairs shall be solely at the discretion of a representative of Landlord. Inspection of completed repair must be performed by Tenant and inspected and accepted by a representative of the Premium Outlet Center.

Additional Center Visibility Any additional visibility of a sale including flyers, etc. must be coordinated with the on-site Center Management and approved by the Premium Outlet’s Marketing Department.

----------------------- 4’ x 2’ Tenant Brand/Logo Opening Soon or Open Date (Panel provided and installed by Tenant)

4’ x 2’ Tenant Brand/Logo Opening Soon or Open Date (Panel provided and installed by Tenant)

4’ x 2’ Tenant Brand/Logo Opening Soon or Open Date (Panel provided and installed by Tenant)