Funds TRansfer Form - Skye Bank

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Funds Transfer Form Date Local Transfer:Interbank Transfer Authorised SignatoryAuthorised Signatory Transfers within Skye Bank Foreign Currency Transfer:
Funds Transfer Form Local Transfer:

Interbank Transfer

Foreign Currency Transfer:


Date Transfers within Skye Bank Pounds Sterling


APPLICANT’S DETAILS Account Name Account Number Domiciled Branch Amount in Figures Amount in words

Value Date Means of Identification:

E-mail Driver’s License

Means of Identification No.

International Passport

National ID Card

Expiry Date

BENEFICIARY’S DETAILS Account Name Account Number Beneficiary’s Address

Sort Code/IBAN/ABA Routing No. Bank

Swift Code

Account Number Further Credit To Purpose/Additional Information B/O (if applicable)


Account No.

Swift Code

TELEX CHARGE Debit Telex charges to Account No.

Take Offshore charges:

Debit Offshore Charges



For principal and commission

INDEMNITY FOR HONOURING NON-CHEQUE FUNDS TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS In consideration of the Bank agreeing to accept and act upon any such instructions, communications and documents by fax, telephone, email, letters issued according to my/our mandate, I/We hereby irrevocably undertake to indemnify the Bank and hold it harmless from and against all costs (including without limitation legal fees and expenses, claims, losses, liabilities, damages, and proceedings) whatsoever that the Bank may suffer or incur or that may arise as a result of the Bank's accepting or acting upon such instructions, communications or documents. The bank shall have absolute discretion, for any reason whatsoever to act or not to act upon documentation received by fax, telephone, emails or letters and/or request verification of documents and instructions received by such means except where the Bank is expressly instructed otherwise.

Authorised Signatory

Authorised Signatory

DISCLAIMER I/We authorize Skye Bank Plc to debit my/our accounts with the sum of =N=________________________ being the sum and charges incurred for transfer. I/We agree that the bank is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur from failure to identify the beneficiary, delay in transfer or irregularities in information provided.



Terms and Conditions


Payment of the transferred funds and/or transfer of fund is subject to rules and regulations of the country where drafts are to be encashed or payment is to be made. In view of the prevalence of exchange restrictions throughout the world, the liability of Skye Bank Plc (herein referred to as “the Bank”) with respect to the payment of the transferred funds shall not exceed the amount transferred at any given point and in any case the extent to which the transferred funds are able to be paid under any government or other restrictions existing in the place of payment at time payment instructions are received. Neither the bank nor its correspondent or agents shall be liable for any delay or loss caused by any incidence of force majeure or any act or order of any Government Agency as a result or in consequence of any other cause whatsoever.


Should a refund from the Bank of the amount of the transferred funds be desired, before the transfer has been effected, refund shall be made less costs, charges, expenses and interest provided the bank is in possession of the funds for which the payment instruction were issued free from any exchange or other restrictions.


The applicant agrees to assume full responsibility for the genuineness or correctness and validity of all endorsements appearing on all instructions and further irrevocably and unconditionally accepts responsibility for any loss, claim (including third party claims) or damage whatsoever that may arise as a result of inputting wrong information/instruction or figures and in consequence agrees to hold the bank harmless and without liability for any loss the applicant may suffer as a result thereof and to indemnify the Bank on demand against all losses, costs (including legal cost),claims or damages suffered by the Bank in respect of same.


Currency other than that of the country to which the remittance is made shall be payable to the payee at the buying rate of the banks' correspondent agents unless the payee by arrangement with the paying Correspondent or agent obtains payment in some other currency upon paying all charges of our Correspondent or agent in connection therewith.


The bank may take its customary step for remittance according to this contract. In so doing the bank shall be free on behalf of the customer to make use of any Correspondent sub-agency but in no case will the bank or any of its Correspondent or agent be liable for mutilations interruptions, omissions, errors or delay occurring in the wire, cable, or any other courier service or any employee of such authority or through other cause. The bank may send any message relative to their transfer in explicit language, code or cipher.



The Bank shall not be held liable for any error, default act or omission, of the Customer or its representatives

The Customer warrants to the bank that the information supplied herein is correct, and he/she/it shall not use the service for any improper, illegal or unlawful purpose. The Bank is hereby indemnified for any losses incurred, costs, claims or damages by carrying out his/her/its instructions.

8. 9.

The Customer agrees that transfers and/or issuance of drafts are subject to the laws of Nigeria. The Bank shall not be held liable for any transfer charges that may be deducted from the amount to be transferred by the receiving Bank.