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GRE Tutoring Testimonials ... Mac is a dedicated tutor ... Was able to relate GRE prep to the real world, which helped me stay engaged
GRE Tutoring Testimonials “Ainsley was delightful to work with and was very organized. She was also very flexible with scheduling and I really appreciate how understanding she was with my particular circumstances. I really feel I have everything I need to do well on the test in the future even though I wasn't able to take it now. She was very good at letting me know just what I needed to know for the test without overloading with extra information. Also she was very knowledgeable about shortcuts.” Andrew K. (student), Amherst College “Worked in a compressed time frame. Probed for problems-areas in session and systematically assigned homework reinforcing concepts. Easy-going and friendly. A phone call on the evening of the test "for nerves" was a welcome surprise. Mac is a dedicated tutor and it adds a lot to the learning process.” Ron S. (student), Cambridge, MA “In a matter of sessions she made me much more comfortable with the material and was very skilled at showing me step by step how to solve equations or approach questions that would be on the GRE. She was great! Exceeded my expectations. I had a great experience with Cambridge Coaching. Sophie, who set me up with my tutor, was easy to communicate with and always got right back to my emails. My tutor worked around my schedule and was highly knowledgable in the areas she was helping me. I got just what I was hoping for out of the experience.” Marissa D. (student), Cambridge, MA “ I had an incredible experience with Cambridge Coaching! The personalized tutoring approach helped me work more efficiently than any structured class ever would have!” Maria L. (student), Boston, MA “[Clayton] was going at keeping my attention, and spoke about things that made me interested. Was able to relate GRE prep to the real world, which helped me stay engaged with the material.” Christian K. (student), Marymount Manhattan College “Very professional both teaching and personal interaction, realistic expectations, quick to respond to emails and calls, flexible to adjust lessons according to what was needed.” Ben D. (student), Cambridge, MA “My tutor really went beyond being a tutor leading up to test day and became a coach reviewing game plans and offering support.” Melissa L. (student), New York, NY