Have You Ever...?

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What's the longest drive you've ever taken? most interesting museum [be] to; poorest country [be] in; longest flight [take]; longest time [go] without sleep; worst job ...
Have You Ever…? What’s the most you’ve ever…? (Present Perfect) R. Shur

Ask your partner, "Have you ever.....?" about the following activities or activities not in this list but that you would like to know about. Then tell us about your partner’s experiences, including things he or she has done and, more specifically, where and when they did things whenever it’s possible for him or her to remember. In addition, tell us about things your partner has never done but would like to someday. [http://eslprof.com/handouts/Comp/HaveYouEver.doc]

1. eat at an expensive restaurant Have you ever eaten at an expensive restaurant? 2. fly in a helicopter

3. go boating on a lake or river

4. swim in a lake or river

5. take a difficult test

6. see a famous person

7. get drunk [on alcohol] or high [on drugs]

8. have a terrible accident

9. be mugged

10. see a dead body

11. have a pet

12. lose something valuable

13. forget something important

14. get lost

15. find money on the street

16. win anything

17. fight with somebody

18. cry at a movie

19. think about committing suicide

20. hurt, or want to hurt, somebody

21. sing in front of an audience

22. catch a fish

23. do something illegal

24. ride a horse

25. sell something valuable The most you’ve ever done…

Ask a sentence with a superlative and present perfect. The first one is done for you.

1. longest drive [take] What’s the longest drive you’ve ever taken? 2. most interesting museum [be] to 3. poorest country [be] in 4. longest flight [take] 5. longest time [go] without sleep 6. worst job [have] 7. hardest school subject [take] 8. most money [find] 9. most beautiful place [see] 10. most valuable thing [lose] 11. worst natural disaster [experience] or [be through] 12. most famous celebrity [see] in person 13. most unusual food [eat] 14. how many jobs [have] 15. most dangerous animal [see] 16. scariest ride [be] on 17. scariest thing [do] 18. worst fight [witness] or [be] in 19. saddest movie [see] 20. fastest [drive]