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Jul 15, 2016 ... HR Transformation at Comcast ... Accenture is helping Comcast continue to draw value from its ... cable, internet and telephone service to about ...
HR Transformation at Comcast

Accenture is helping Comcast continue to draw value from its SAP HR solution. The program is enabling standardization and helping to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Michael Molinaro, Vice President of HR Operations for NBC Universal Comcast is the leading cable company in the United States. They provide cable, internet and telephone service to about 23 million households across the United States. In addition, they own many content providers.

Business challenge Melanie Penna, Vice President of HR Operations for Comcast Accenture’s been at the forefront of partnering with HR, as well as Marketing, Accounts Payable and other groups within our company to find efficiencies to better utilize our systems in order to create opportunities for standardization and to ultimately make us more competitive.

How Accenture helped Michael Molinaro We’ve used Accenture to help us solve many business challenges. Probably our biggest project that we did was a HCM implementation for Comcast in which SAP HCM Suite and we also did all the talent modules, so we did eRecruiting, the learning solution, performance management and compensation. We did this all in about 18 months and couldn’t have done it without Accenture’s help.

Melanie Penna The second two initiatives that they’ve been partnering with me on over the last year have really centered around our compensation initiatives. They helped us to streamline our compensation programs, they’ve helped us to enhance our systems, to be able to pay consistently throughout the organization and to really pull on those levers that we believe have a positive effect on employee productivity and the customer experience.

Results Michael Molinaro So we’re now on one common HR platform for the first time in the company’s history. We now have a single source of truth. We have visibility into all of our 100,000 employees, their activities, their performance. We’re able to recruit more efficiently and get better candidates and we’ve been able to reduce our overall employee churn which really helps in our customer service.

Why Accenture? Melanie Penna Well Comcast chose Accenture I think because of the deep resources that Accenture has to offer. I’ve consistently been impressed with the array of folks that have come onto our premise to work with us everywhere from an HR project to a marketing initiative. So when I think of Accenture and the partnership that we’ve had with Accenture through the years, I’ve been impressed with the ongoing partnership that we’ve had with them. And what that means to me is that there’s – there’s no fear in getting into the trenches with us at Comcast. In fact, when we’re deep into a project, it’s very difficult to understand

who’s with Comcast and who’s with Accenture because we’re working so closely together. And that’s rare to find in a consulting firm. I love the close partnership. I love the ability to take risks with me as a client and that’s really been I think the most impressive feature of working with this firm.

High performance delivered So everything that Comcast is doing on the One Comcast initiative is intended to create efficiencies within the organization and to help focus all of our efforts on an enhanced superior customer experience. The work that Accenture has been doing with us in partnership around One Comcast has helped us to focus on the customer experience, has helped us to leverage our existing systems, so that we’re all working in concert to achieve that objective. Thanks to: Mike Molinaro, VP of HR Operations, NBC Universal and Melanie Penna, VP of HR Operations, Comcast

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