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INDIVIDUAL INTERNET BANKING REQUEST FORM. LOGIN PROFILE TYPE: Non Transactional Services. Transactional Services rd. 3 Party Funds Transfer.

The form should be completed in CAPITAL LETTERS

LOGIN PROFILE TYPE: Non Transactional Services

Transactional Services

Account Enquiry

3rd Party Funds Transfer

Bank Mail


Own Account Transfer

Bill Payment





I request to be enrolled on the individual-User internet Banking plan. I understand that my registration as an internet Banking subscriber is subject to my acceptance of the terms and conditions overleaf which is subject to change



For Official Use Only: Treated by:

Authorised by:




(Thank you for banking with us, for enquiries on our products and services, please contact our Customer Service desk, call our Yes Centre on 08069880000 or visit our Website on

Terms & Conditions I/We understand that by accepting this Term & Conditions for Skye-Plus (herein after referred to as the Service) I/we can give Skye Bank (herein after referred to as 'the Bank') instructions on my/our account(s) using the Service. I/we instruct the Bank to comply with any instruction given to it by means of my/our User Identification and Password(s) (herein after referred to as Access Profile(s)) and accept responsibility for any instruction given thereof. I/we understand that authentication on the Service by the use of my/our Access Profile(s) shall be sufficient confirmation of the authenticity of any instruction given. I/we accept that I/we must not disclose details of my/our Access Profile(s) e.g. Login ID, Password, Multifactor Answers or Passcode to anyone nor write it down. I/we must not allow anyone else to have access to my/our account(s) through any medium. If the Bank is given instructions by means of my/our Access Profile(s), it shall be entitled to assume that those instructions are given by me/us. The Bank shall not be liable for complying with instructions given with my/our Access Profile(s) if it is disclosed to a third party. The Bank can therefore not be held liable for any fraudulent, duplicate or erroneous instruction given to it by means of my/our Access Profile(s). I/we shall change my/our Password(s) immediately it becomes known to a third party. I/we undertake to inform the Bank if details of my/our Access Profile(s) is/are forgotten so that my/our Access Profile(s) can be reset by the Bank. The Bank is authorized to suspend or cancel my/our Access Profile(s) without receiving notice from me/us if it suspects that my/our Access Profile(s) or the Service is/are being used in an unauthorized or fraudulent manner. The instructions that can be given through the use of the Service are set out in this mandate. Any additional instructions added to this list must be advised to the Bank in writing. I/we accept that requests made through the Service which attract fees are only binding on the Bank where my/our account(s) can also accommodate such fees in addition to the transaction amount. I/we accept that for the Service, the Skye Bank business day runs Monday through Friday from7.45am - 4.00pm (local time) excluding public holidays. To have a transfer or payment processed on the same business day, the Bank must receive my/our instructions before the end of its business day. If I/we request a transfer or payment outside of its stated business day, the Bank will process the transaction on the next business day. I/we accept that the Bank will not be held liable for any failure to provide the Service or to comply with these terms and conditions for any cause that is beyond its reasonable control and that it may, for any reason, vary these terms and conditions. I/we accept that under no circumstances will the Bank be liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential losses, damages, liabilities, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legal cost and defence or settlement costs) whatsoever arising out of or referable to material or information or in connection with any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or system failure of the Bank's services. I/we accept that the Bank does not guarantee that access to the Service will be uninterrupted. I/we accept that the Bank may, for any valid reason, alter or suspend or terminate the Service without giving me/us notice and without being liable for doing this. Should this occur, however, the Bank will endeavor to inform me/us promptly. I/we may cancel my/our service at any time by notifying the Bank in writing. Such termination applies to the Service and does not terminate my/our Skye Bank account(s) unless this is expressly stated. All correspondence shall be advised to me/us at the address the Bank has in its records. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Nigerian Law. Signature: ______________________________ Date: ________________________________ *Request for the creation of a new user profile or modification to your existing user profile requires a fresh mandate with your authorized signature to be submitted to the branch. **All 3rd party funds transfer requires a One Time Password(OTP).