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volt radar detectors using a jumper cord. WARRANTY: This unit is guaranteed by the manufacturer against defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years ...
INSTALLATION 1) Attach the windshield bracket to the PHAZER II. Align the edge on the bracket with the slot opening on the front of the case. Slide the bracket into the case until it locks into place. 2) Place the windshield bracket in the upper center portion of the windshield. The ideal position will be right below the rear view mirror. Press firmly to seat suction cups. Note: Tinted glass will degrade the laser performance. 3) Bend the windshield bracket mount to a level position. 4) The PHAZER II will hang from the bottom of the bracket and must have an unobstructed view of the road. 5) Complete and mail in the ticket rebate registration form (included separately): A rebate will not be processed without registration. Remote mounting is not recommended. Hard wire: Remove cigarette lighter plug. Connect the black with white stripe wire to +12 Volts, and then connect the solid black wire to ground. If your power cord has a dashed white stripe then connect this to ground and solid black wire to +12 Volts.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Plug the power cord into either one of the two power jacks on the PHAZER II and plug the large end into the cigarette lighter. Push the power button to the on position. The PHAZER II will automatically begin the dual diagnostics test. The green power light will illuminate along with the yellow test light, you will also hear a soft chirping tone from the speaker. When the test is complete the green power light will remain illuminated. Your PHAZER II is now operational. Manual Test: Cycle the power off and then back on. The PHAZER II will start the dual diagnostics test as described above. If the power and test lights do not illuminate or no sound is heard, check the fuse in the power cord. Replace the two ampere fuse by removing the silver tip on the large end of the power cord. Should you need service, return the unit to us freight prepaid with your shipping address and phone number. Accessory jack: The accessory jack will power most 12volt radar detectors using a jumper cord. WARRANTY: This unit is guaranteed by the manufacturer against defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years from the purchase date. If you have any difficulties with the PHAZER II, the unit will be repaired or replaced by the factory at no charge.

ACCESSORIES The following accessories and parts are available: Windshield mount $ 5.00 Jumper Cord $ 5.00 Power Cord $ 5.00 Suction Cups (set of 3) $ 2.00 2 amp fuses (two each) $ 2.00 Replacement Owners Manual $ 3.50 A $10.00 shipping and handling fee will be added to the total of each order. VISA/MC and Discover Accepted CAUTION: Tamper Fee: Tampering with, disassembly, or modification of this product voids the warranty and a tamper fee of $75.00 will be charged to repair it. Unit is not waterproof any liquid spilled will damage the unit and void the warranty. WE DO NOT ACCEPT COD SHIPMENTS ROCKY MOUNTAIN RADAR 6469 DONIPHAN DRIVE EL PASO, 79932

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“You can’t catch what you can’t see” ™The

PHAZER II laser-radar scrambler is the latest in scrambling technology 

FCC legal (not legal in UT, CA, MN, OK, NE, CO, VA or DC.)

Disables X, K, and Ka bands

Disables all LASER units

One-year ticket rebate program*

On/Off Switch

Built-in dual diagnostics

Test circuit with speaker

+12 volt accessory jack

Compact size 1.4 x 2.4 x 3.3

3-year warranty * Registration Required, US only

DOES IT REALLY WORK? HERE’S WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY “From the body of test data taken during the road tests it is clear that use of these passive scramblers does reduce the range at which police radar units can acquire and/or maintain lock (give consistent and accurate speed reading) and that this effectiveness can be measured.” -R. Delyser, PhD, U. of Denver “Preliminary conclusion of laboratory tests is the scrambler will indeed scramble police radar at long range, allowing speeding drivers with radar detectors time to slow down before their speed can be detected”- J.S.H. PhD- University Professor “This renders the radar unable to display a speed reading. The radar is effectively disabled.”- M. Jeffries- Sr. Electronic Tech. Nebraska Highway State Patrol “below are documented tests… at a distance the scramblers will have an effect on radar verification of speed, however, within 100 feet (punch-through) lock on was successful.”- State of Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation.

e of a Radar Detector is recommended to alert you to the presence of radar.


The PHAZER II is a passive radar scrambler. It has an FM chirp, a mixer, and antenna for all three radar bands – X, K, Ka. Radar: When the PHAZER II receives the radar signal, it mixes the signal with an FM chirp then reflects it back to the radar where the added chirp confuses the computer inside the radar gun causing the screen to remain blank. The PHAZER II will not scramble the roadside trailer signs because they do not have a sampling computer. The PHAZER II has a 2-to-3 mile range. Once a vehicle is within 150 feet of the police radar, the radar has a chance of reading it’s speed. This is known as “punch-through”. Drivers should adjust their speed accordingly. Laser: The PHAZER II transmits a specially modulated laser beam that confuses the computer in the Lidar units up to the maximum range of the gun making your vehicle electronically invisible. There is no laser punch-through. THE PHAZER II PROTECTS FROM THE FRONT ONLY THE PHAZER II DOES NOT ALERT YOU TO THE PRESENCE OF POLICE RADAR OR LASER.

HOW IS THIS LEGAL? The PHAZER II conforms to all federal regulations. Part 15 of the FCC code regulates consumer products

which may transmit or leak radio frequency energy into the atmosphere. Since the PHAZER II is not a transmitter, we can disregard the sections on transmitters. The PHAZER II is a reflective receiver. It receives the police signal and reflects it back to the radar gun. Part 15 also controls the levels of radio frequency leakage from products designed to comply with this statute. The PHAZER II has no radio frequency emissions. The PHAZER II is banned in UT, CA, MN, OK, NE, CO, VA, and Washington, DC. THERE ARE NO LAWS LIMITING THE TRANSMISSION OF LIGHT!