John Adams High School

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Welcome to John Adams High School, the Pride of the East. Side! Inside this publication ... Nova Net – after school courses online. Sponsor: Description: Nova  ...
John Adams High School Mission Statement

Quality Education For Every Student Every Day Welcome to John Adams High School, the Pride of the East Side! Inside this publication, you will find a huge variety of ways in which you can become fully immersed within your high school experience while attending John Adams High School. Research has consistently shown that involved students perform better academically and socially. Please spend some time reading through this material and talking about all of these options with your parents. All of us here at john Adams High School are here to do everything in our power to help you succeed and graduate while creating four of the best years of your life. John Adams High School has a fantastic magnet program International Baccalaureate Program. Our 2009 – 2010 freshmen were the first group to be a part of a smaller learning community, which is designed to provide additional support from teachers and other adults within the building. Again, welcome to John Adams High School! We are all glad that you are here and we look forward to being a positive part of your life for the next four years! Have a GREAT school year!

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After School Tutoring After School Tutoring/ENL NHS Tutoring Program Nova Net

School Clubs           

Mock Trial Quiz Bowl Model UN Math Club Spanish Club National Honors Society Student Government Concert Band Drama Club Jazz Ensemble Marching Band

Student Outreach Clubs

 GSA – Gay Straight Alliance  JAVA – John Adams Volunteer Association

Recreational Clubs  Art Club  Ultimate Frisbee Club

Class Sponsors

AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING After School Tutoring Sponsor: Mr. Bartholmew/math department Description: Provides students with needed academic assistance and professional support in a controlled learning environment. Teachers stay after school to help students with homework. Location: Library Hours: Mon – Thurs, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

After School Tutoring ENL Sponsor: Ms. DelVecchio & Mr. Rivera Description: This program is designed to provide English language Learners with additional academic assistance. This includes help with reading, homework and difficult concepts in their courses. Location: To be announced Hours: Mon – Thurs, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

National Honors Society – after school tutoring program Sponsor: Mrs. Mary Dickerson Description: This program is designed to provide students with additional academic assistance. National Honors Society members and candidates earn service hours for their time. Hours: To be announced

EARN CREDIT AFTER SCHOOL Nova Net – after school courses online Sponsor: Description: Nova Net is a self-paced program that allows students to receive credit for selected classes. The program meets after school two days a week for 2 hours each day. Classes that are available include: Pre-Algebra 3021, Pre-Algebra 3022Algebra 3221, Algebra 3222, Algebra II 3421, Algebra II 3422, Biology 4021, Biology 4022, Chemistry 4421, Chemistry 4422, Earth and Space Science 43312, Health 8021.

Hours: Tues and Thurs, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

JAHS SCHOOL CLUBS The mission is to allow students the opportunity to interact with their peers on a social level, and to provide a service to the school and the community at large.

ACADEMIC COMPETITION Mock Trial Sponsor: Mr. Weaver Description: Mock Trial is a competition with area schools that allows students to learn the trial process through real legal cases and presentations. Some students learn trial process and act as attorneys examining witnesses and arguing law. Others act as witnesses or victims answering questions according to their affidavits(stories). Attendance is crucial Hours: Monday and Wednesday Evenings, Oct. – Feb. Goals of the program are: o to understand the American Judicial System o to present the facts of a case in a fair manner o to apply the rules of evidence and argue with respect o to use techniques of witness control marked by civility o to maintain proper demeanor at all times

Quiz Bowl Sponsors: Mrs. Hernandez Description: Quiz Bowl is an academic team that competes on Wednesdays from September to February. Practices are held on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in room 2826 unless otherwise noted.

Model UN Sponsor: Mr. Cotter Model United Nations experience brings to life the problems that face the real world and allows participants to represent their assigned country's position and work towards resolving issues of global importance. Now in its 24th year, Model UN through the University of Chicago (MUNUC) has distinguished itself as the premier high school United Nations simulation in the country. MUNUC has received considerable national praise for its professionalism and overall quality. John Adams students will attend a four day conference in late January in Chicago for this event. Meet every Thursday after school

Math Club Sponsor: Mrs. Arney Description: Math Club is a support group for John Adams high School students who struggle in their respective math courses. Students may come to tutor or to be tutored in Pre-algebra or even Calculus – and beyond Hours: Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 pm


Spanish Club Sponsor: Mr. Krueger Description: We meet in an informal setting from 3:00-4:00 and practice speaking Spanish and we promote cultural activities. For example we have used Mary Ann Dentino's room to prepare Spanish tapas, we have had presentations by students that have traveled to Spanish-speaking countries, exchange students have made presentations, we have had speakers from the Latino community, we sometimes sing, dance, or go to a Hispanic restaurant. Hours: Every other Monday 3:00 – 4:00 pm

LEADERSHIP AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE NHS - National Honors Society Sponsors: Mrs. Mary Dickerson Description: The National Scholars Honor Society is a private and independent academic honors organization dedicated to encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding high academic achievement in all areas of study. NHS also is a selective, honorary society that recognizes students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service. Students are inducted into NHS during the annual Academic Recognition Dinner in March. Open to seniors with cumulative 3.0 GPA who have participated in both extracurricular activities at school and activities outside of school, such as scouting, church groups, and volunteer service. Hours: As needed

STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student Government Sponsor: Miss Zablocki and Mrs. Berebitsky Description: The purpose of Student Government is that it shall; inform, include, and integrate the entire student body in all matters, foster communication between Administration, Faculty and Staff, and the Student Body, build school spirit and pride in our community, unite the student body for a common purpose of equality, fairness, and respect, and to promote the values of involvement and pride in John Adams high School and our community. Participants will gain a better understanding of how a democracy works, practice self-direction, gain leadership skills, and learn to accept responsibility. Activities include planning spirit week, the homecoming parade, dances and a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. Hours: Bi-weekly

PERFORMING ARTS Concert Band Sponsor: Dawn Forsythe and David Seel Description: Students taking this course are provided with a balanced comprehensive study of music through Concert Band literature. Solo and ensemble activities are designed to develop elements of musicianship and improve individual growth. Public performances serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals. Placement in Concert Band requires participation in Marching Band (see Marching Band for more information). To participate in Band you must have previous music instruction in band, you may audition or you may be admitted by recommendation of the Band Director. Concert Band begins after the Marching Band season. Four evening Band Concerts are a mandatory part of the students’ grade. These will be Winter, Spring, JA District Band Festival and Concert Band Contest. (December, March, April, May)

Hours: Beginning Mid-October, 1st Period

Drama Club Sponsor: Mr. Tony Marando Description: The John Adams Drama Club has a primary goal of providing opportunities for students to participate in the many phases of a high school production, including acting, set construction, technical support, costuming and make-up artwork and design and so on. All students are welcome to audition for JAHS productions. At least two productions are preformed each year, with a musical every year, which is cosponsored by the JAHS Music Department. Other activities may be held as well, such as backstage clean-up, make-up workshops, theater field trips, etc. Website: Hours: As needed

Jazz Ensemble Sponsor: Mr. Adrian Mark Description: Jazz Ensemble is for music students interested in performing different styles of music such as Latin, funk, swing, samba, hip hop fusion, blues and be bop. All students will audition to determine placement in one of two groups. Students taking this course develop musicianship and specific performance skills through group and individual settings for the study and performance of the varied styles of instrumental jazz. The instruction includes the study of history, formative and stylistic elements of jazz. All jazz students will have the opportunity to play with some well-known jazz artists and perform at jazz festivals around our area. Each band will perform in one or two jazz festivals as well as SBCSC Jazz Soundsations and our annual Big Band Bash. Students should be skilled in performance on their musical instrument and also be members of the concert Band, Orchestra or Choir. Students may participate in rehearsals and performances outside of the school day that support and extend learning in the classroom. Hour: Zero hour

Marching Band Sponsor: Mr. Adrian Mark Description: Members of the Concert band must participate in the Marching Band. The majority of performances are on either Friday or Saturday nights. Rehearsals and performances are mandatory. Marching band starts rehearsals in the summer and run the first 9 weeks of school. Once Marching Band is over, members will begin Concert Band everyday beginning at 7:45 am. Hours: Zero hour (6:45 am) through 1st period, Rehearsals begin the last week in July and run thru Mid-October.

STUDENT OUTREACH CLUBS GSA - Gay Straight Alliance Sponsor: Mrs. Becki Hernandez Description: To provide support for students who are questioning their sexual orientation, and to provide information on community resources for those students, including communication with friends and family; and to advocate for providing all students with the safety and respect they deserve. All students welcome – gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, bisexual and questioning. Hours: Tuesdays, 3:00 – 4:00 pm


John Adams Volunteer Association) Sponsor: Mark Wilson The John Adams Volunteer Association (JAVA) is a studentbased, volunteer group that seeks opportunities to assist and better the community through service. Throughout the school year, JAVA is committed to and involved in a vide variety of community service projects all focused on aiding, supporting, and bettering our community. JAVA is community focused, student led, and student driven. JAVA IS students on a mission! Meetings: Monday @ 3:00 pm Room 2206

RECREATIONAL CLUBS Art Club Sponsor: Mrs. Woodward Description: Art club is open to all JAHS students who wish to work on art after school. Students form friendships as they make art. Students also assist the drama club with construction and painting of scenery. Art club holds fundraisers through the year. Hours: Wednesdays, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Ultimate Frisbee Club


Ms. Elliott

Description: The purpose of the Ultimate Club is to introduce high school students, both male and female, to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. The sport of Ultimate focuses on honesty and integrity and requires that players call their own fouls. One day a week after school, students will join with members from the Notre Dame Ultimate Club to learn throwing techniques, strategies, and different games associated with the sport. Students should wear workout clothes and running shoes when coming each week. Information about the club will be posted in Ms. Elliott’s room during the school year.

Class Officers – Freshmen Sponsor: Amanda Zablocki Description: Encourages the development of the officers’ leadership skills, helps each class to develop its own identity, and enhances the overall school environment. Responsibilities include planning a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. Hours: during homeroom and after school hours to be announced

Class Officers – Sophomores Sponsor: Courtney DelVecchio Description: Encourages the development of the officers’ leadership skills, helps each class to develop its own identity, and enhances the overall school environment. Responsibilities include planning a variety of fundraisers throughout the year and the Spring Fling in April. Hours: during homeroom and after school hours to be announced

Class Officers – Juniors

Sponsor: Cecilia Stanton Description: Encourages the development of the officers’ leadership skills, helps each class to develop its own identity, and enhances the overall school environment. Responsibilities include planning a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. Hours: during homeroom and after school hours to be announced

Class Officers – Seniors Sponsor: Michele Thomas Description: Encourages the development of the officers’ leadership skills, helps each class to develop its own identity, and enhances the overall school environment. Responsibilities include planning a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, Homecoming Dance, Morp Dance, and Prom. Hours: during homeroom and after school hours to be announced