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jQuery Mobile. 1. Course Contents: ... Writing your first jQuery Mobile Application ... Using JSON content. 5 Forms. • Introduction. • Native styling of form controls ...
jQuery Mobile Course Contents: 1 Getting Rolling  Introduction  Writing your first jQuery Mobile Application  Using JS Bin to create a simple application 2 Pages and Dialogs  Introduction  Writing a single-page template application  Writing a multi-page template application  Prefetching pages for faster navigation  Using the DOM cache to improve performance  Custom styling a dialog  Using CSS to create a bouncing page transition  Using JS to create a slide and fade page transition  Using data-url to handle the login page navigation  Using History API to create a custom error pop up 3 Toolbars  Introduction  Using fullscreen fixed toolbars  Using persistent navbars in toolbars  Customizing the header with multiple buttons  Adding a customized round button to the header  Add an image to the header  Adding a customized back button  Adding a layout grid to the footer 4 Buttons and Contents Formatting  Introduction  Scripting a dynamically added button  Using a custom icon in a button  Adding a custom icon sprite  Replacing the default icon sprite  Using alternate icons in a collapsible  Creating a nested accordion  Creating a custom layout grid  Using XML content  Using JSON content 5 Forms  Introduction  Native styling of form controls 1

jQuery Mobile  Disabling text controls  Grouping radio buttons in a grid  Customizing a checkbox group  Creating dynamic flip switch and slider controls  Using options to auto-initialize a select menu  Validating forms  Submitting a form using POST  Fetching data using Get  Creating an accessible form 6 List Views  Introduction  Using inset and non-inset list  Creating a custom numbered list  Using a nested list  Using a read-only nested list  Formatting content in a list  Using a split button list  Using image icons  Creating a custom search filter  Modifying a list with JavaScript 7 Configuration  Introduction  Configuring the active classes  Configuring ajaxEnabled  Configuring autoInitializePage  Configuring the default transitions  Configuring ignoreContentEnabled  Configuring the page loading and error messages  Configuring the default namespace  Configuring hashListeningEnabled and subPageUrlKey  Configuring pushStateEnabled and linkBindingEnabled 8 Events  Introduction  Using orientation events  Using scroll events  Using touch events  Virtual mouse events  Page initialization events  Page load and remove events  Page change events 2

jQuery Mobile  Page transition and animation events  Using layout events 9 Methods and Utilities  Introduction  Using loadPage() to load a page  Using changePage() to change a page  Using jqmData() and jqmRemoveData()  Using jqmEnhanceable  Using jqmHijackable  Using $.mobile.path utility methods  Using silent scrolling 10 The Theme Framework  Introduction  Theming a nested list  Using a custom background  Using custom fonts  Styling corners  Overriding the global Active State theme  Overriding an existing swatch  Using ThemeRoller tool to create a swatch 11 HTML5 and jQuery Mobile  Introduction  Using the new HTML5 semantics  Improving speed and taking your application offline  Using Web Workers for Intensive tasks  Using local and session storage  2D drawing with canvas  Applying Gaussian blur on a SVG image  Tracking your location with the geolocation API  Playing music with the