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Jun 1, 2016 ... his dental practice in 1986 and is currently working with Yorktown Dental. Pete and Penny live in Seaford, have 4 grown children, and operate ...
From the Helm….

June 2016

37° 12‘ 20” N, 76° 26’ 11” W Volume 36 #6 www.seafordyachtclub.com

I would like to recognize a significant occasion that occurred this month – it was that outstanding meal that Lynn and Jody Kelly and all their volunteers prepared and served for us at our May Monthly Dinner Meeting! But what was most significant was seeing the “old timers” in that kitchen helping, and the “new comers” leading! It was great to see that happening, and our thanks goes not only to the “old timers” for their assistance but also to Lynn and Kelly for stepping up and taking on new challenges! Lynn and Kelly joined us just a year ago – it is no small feat to take on the challenge of hosting a meal for another 125 or so members whom you are just getting to know! Well done to all!

It was also a pleasure at the Dinner Meeting this month to welcome Penny and Pete Showalter as new members to the Seaford Yacht Club. Penny, a Virginia Tech graduate, is a retired educator having taught elementary school in Newport News for 29 years. Pete, an alumnus of the University of Virginia and the MCV School of Dentistry, opened his dental practice in 1986 and is currently working with Yorktown Dental. Pete and Penny live in Seaford, have 4 grown children, and operate a Carver power boat from Goose Creek. Welcome aboard Penny and Pete!

Watch for an announcement of a new activity this year at our dock! Ben Huggins has proposed and the Board of Trustees has agreed to begin what we will call Saturday DaySailing. On one Saturday a month we will encourage slipholders to join in a day sail from the SYC Dock out to a given point and back to the Dock, and to invite other members and guests to join in the fun. At the conclusion of the sail we will enjoy a potluck meal and BYOB at the dock. I’m sure Ben will provide a flyer elsewhere in this Semaphore with more information – look for it! We mentioned it at the Dinner Meeting this month and will remind members again that as of July 1 of this year all PWC operators and all who operate boats with 10 hp or more must carry on board the Virginia Boating Education Certification Card. The card and the requirement for it is described at: https://www.boat-ed.com/virginia/boating_card.html Or you can Google dgif.virginia.gov/boating/education and scroll down to find classes to be held in the local area. As noted in these references online courses are available as well although I’m told the online course takes longer and is a bit more cumbersome. Art Dister tells me we have over 20 boats signed up for the Memorial Weekend Cruise to Doziers Regatta Point Marina! Should be a lot of fun – come join us by water or highway! Malcolm Burgess, Commodore

Thanks to slip holders: Who reconfigured their shore power lines to avoid being in the water at all tide situations thus increasing safety and reducing stray current to fellow member's boats For Adding or tightening spring lines to keep boats pulled into slips which maximizes space for fellow members to maneuver while docking and avoid collision.

SYC Marina Open Slips: Currently we have 3 slips open in the thoroughfare between A and B Docks. If you are considering moving your boat to SYC marina or know of potential new members needing slips, now is a good time. A slip lease application is the first step. Copies are pinned to the dock master board in the Barnacle or I will forward upon request. The slip assignments including "Vacant" are also posted.


2016 Coast Guard Inspection: John LaRoche has made his services available to perform C.G. inspection and provide 2016 stickers upon passing. John also reminds us that the Coast Guard requires to have a boater safety course completion card on board for boats over 10 HP and personal water craft operators. Information can be found at dgif.virginia.gov. Let me know of any questions or clarification Thank you, Jerry Dooley, Dockmaster

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JULY 4 AND UPCOMING CRUISES Plan now to participate in the July 4th cruise. We have limited reservations for Waterside on Monday July 4th where you will be able to observe the great fireworks display for which Norfolk is famous. We will visit Hampton City Dock on Saturday and Smithfield Station on Sunday. It is necessary that you make reservations for all three sites personally or make them on the SYC website and we will do them for you. Because of the limited space on that weekend it is important you make your reservations now. You can always cancel. And on Saturday June 18 we have a full moon cruise just down the river from the club. Watch for details by message. Questions, call Art or Ben.


Dinner Meeting News; Great food, great music, great fellowship-- all the ingredients for a perfect picnic--and no ants! The delicious May dinner, hosted by Lynn and Jody Kelly, featured smoked pork, twice baked potatoes, coleslaw, and carport salad. And for dessert there were brownies, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and strawberry short cake—so hard to choose just one.

The hosts were assisted by Danny and Doris Smoker, Mike and Jeanette Webb, Phil and Sandy Hopkins, John and Jeanne Brooks, Bob and Janet Beilhart, Liz Epperson, Marti Coffield, Bill and Kelli Willshire, Daniel Hodges, Zane Morris, and Ben Clark. Special thanks goes to Jim and Linda Blotter for donating many of the anchor table decorations, and to Mike Webb who created the rest. Jeanette Webb and Doris Smoker added the finishing touches to them. Lending a festive atmosphere before and after dinner was the talented Chisman Creek Band who entertained us with toe tapping bluegrass music.

The June dinner meeting on June 21st will have a southern living theme: fried chicken, green beans almandine, skinny scalloped potatoes, broccoli salad, rolls, and homemade apple cobbler with ice cream for dessert. Be sure to make your reservation when the telephone committee member calls. Correction for the April dinner meeting: Bill and Joan Edmonds also assisted with the April dinner. Bon Appetit, Audrey Moore and Marti Coffield Monthly Dinner Meeting Co-Chairs

Flag Raising Thank You; Kelli, Bill, Mike, and I would like to thank the SYC members that helped put the Flag Raising Brunch together. Flag Raising is done in two parts. Commodore Malcolm Burgess was in charge of the program and Past Commodore Bill Willshire was in charge of the brunch. Since the Willshire’s were on a wedding anniversary European trip that had been planned over a year ago, Mike and I put in to action what Kelli and Bill planned. We know an event like this cannot be done alone. Our thanks go to Gladys Wagner, Linda and Jim Blotter, Winnie and Tom Feldhaus, Tom and Fran Butterfoss, Barbara and Dave Georgiana, Barbara Adcox, Donna Gilroy, Carol Brower, Lillian Downs, Sandy Shem, Bill and Alita Small, Doris Smoker, Sally Thomas and John Brooks. And let’s not forget the bloody marys and mimosa makers and shakers, Bob and Janet Beilhart and Carl Early and Jan Phillips. If that’s not enough, would also like to thank everyone that pitched in to help clean up after the event. Hope everyone had a wonderful time despite the rain. Jeanette and Mike Webb Marcella’s Asian Slaw Ingredients Salad 1 package Ramen noodles (Beef or Oriental work well) 16 oz. shredded cabbage (can extra if needed) 1 cup sunflower seeds 1 cup slivered blanched almonds 1 small bunch green onions

Mix dressing well and pour over salad. Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving. Recipe for Semaphore Corn Salad 2 15 oz. cans whole corn drained 2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese 1 cup mayonnaise 1 cup green pepper chopped small ½ cup red onion chopped small 1 10 oz. bag chili cheese Fritos crushed mix the 1st 5 ingredients in a bowl and chill for a few hours. Stir in corn chips just before serving Serves 15

Dressing Seasoning package from Ramon noodles ½ cup oil (used 1/3) ½ cup sugar (use 1/3) Crush Ramen noodles Add shredded cabbage, sliced green onions, and nuts.


Racing News

Spring Regatta, April 30th Our 1st race of the year on the Chesapeake Bay! Dave Crossett’s “Gator” was 1st place with Chuck Eldred on “Gail Force” taking 2nd place, Dave Georgianna on “Bay Key” finishing 3rd with Mike Webb's “Incision” and Geoff Roger's “Sea Bear” competing. Our thanks go to the race committee, Art Dister, Malcolm Burgess and Bill Jones on “Follow Me”.

Staggered Start Race, May 21st The Staggered Start Race was to occur on Saturday, May 21st. The Staggered Start Race was canceled due to rain and high wind. Mike Webb sponsored the Staggered Start Race. Summer Regatta, July 16th The Summer Regatta race will occur on July 16th. John Bryant will be the race sponsor. Tom Feldhaus, Race Chairmen

Landscape Committee: Senses, Sights, Sounds. Many Thanks to the outstanding committee members who worked in the rain and several other days preparing for our growing season. Your gardens and the grounds looked very nice for Flag Raising Weekend and continue to radiate pleasure to the SYC setting. Thank goodness for the rain, as it nurtured our plants. We are looking forward to sunny days to enjoy our outdoor pleasures. ALERT! Get ready for the noise! Another 17-year cycle has ended for the cicada. Late in May, the cicadas emerge from their underground homes for a noisy 4 week mating spree. This is a great time to go sailing, cruising, or just being out on the water! Barbara Georgianna, Landscape Chair

New Members, Pete & Penny Showalter; Pete Showalter has been a resident of Seaford since 1988. He opened his dental practice in York County in 1986 and is currently practicing with Yorktown Dental. After college and graduate school, he served in the Air Force and was stationed at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL. While living in the Florida Panhandle, he bought a sailboat and his love of being on the water began. He is an alumnus of UVA and was graduated from MCV School of Dentistry. Penny moved to Seaford in 1999 when they married. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech which makes thing interesting in the Showalter household. Now retired, she taught elementary school in Newport News for 29 years. She has served on the York County Library Board of Trustees for many years. Both Pete and Penny are active members of the Seaford Baptist Church. Early in their marriage, Pete bought Penny a 21 ft. Key West for Valentine’s Day. The sailboat has been sold and Pete has crossed over to power. It served its purpose well on fishing outings and puttering around the local creeks and rivers, but Penny wouldn’t get far from land in a boat of that size. So he dreamed bigger. Pete’s a smart man and promised his wife he would name a bigger boat after her. So A Pretty Penny was found in Alabama and trucked home to Seaford. The couple has enjoyed boating trips around the Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Shore and the Albemarle Sound on this Carver over the past few years.


Summary Of SYC Board of Trustees Meeting May 10, 2016

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Members Present: Malcolm Burgess, Fran Butterfoss, Carl Early, Winnie Feldhaus, Jandy Strickland, Bill Heath, Bob James, Ben Huggin, Jan Briede Members Absent: Bill Willshire, Toni Gay, David Coffield Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the April 12 meeting previously distributed by the Secretary were approved. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer presented detailed treasurer’s reports in three formats. These reports will be posted to the member’s only portion of the SYC website. Jandy stated that the HVAC system was $300. over budget, but that it should be covered by less expenditures in other budgeted areas. Old Business: Recognize Flag Raising Contributions Malcolm recognized all of the volunteer effort that made the Flag Raising Ceremony successful. Special thanks were given to Jeanette and Mike Webb for coordinating the setup, meal preparation and cleanup, as well as arranging for the flagpole plantings. Also mentioned were the many volunteers who supported Jeanette for these efforts. BOT members praised the beautiful flowers and many arrangements located on tables thru out the club that were provided by Lillian Down. Lillian also provided the lovely wreath used in the memorial service. Bob and Janet Beilhart were thanked for the Mimosas/Bloody Marys as well as helping with the meal, cleanup and wreath laying. Fran Butterfoss was thanked for the recommendation that Chaplain Rutan of the NWS be invited to provide the Blessing of the Fleet, and for raising the flags in the rain. Carl Early was thanked for serving Mimosas/Bloody Marys, helping Fran in raising the flags in the rain, firing the cannon, and for the help he and Jan provided in the cleanup. Barbara & Dave Georgianna were thanked for continuing to work on the landscape preparations and coordination, finishing work that had not been completed in the annual cleanup day. Donna Gilroy was thanked for the coordination of reservations and Gregg Epperson for providing the sound system which allowed members to hear the service under the club tent. Malcolm was thanked by the other members of the BOT for arranging for the bagpiper and the York County Fire Boat from Division 6. Their participation in our service was very much appreciated by the SYC members. Slip Assignment Issue Status There was a brief discussion of a slip assignment issue, but the BOT agreed that this was a responsibility of the Dock Master and should not come before the BOT. Clothing Sales Accounting Status & Raffle It was recommended that inventory, amount sold, and cash on hand be reported quarterly. The most recent accounting noted $4383 inventory (current value retail?) and $878 cash on hand. There was a discussion of options to stream line the clothing sale, such as limited stock, asking members what items 5

that they might like, perhaps placing clothing orders several times a year, and whether we need to continue to hold clothing sales at every dinner meeting. It was noted that Carla will not be able to attend the next monthly dinner meeting – Fran Butterfoss & Bill Heath agreed conduct the raffle in her absence. Long Range Planning Committee Charter & Plan There was a discussion of the charter of the Long Range Planning Committee and the need for a long range plan. The committee chair requested guidance from the BOT. A time frame of 5-10 years was recommended. Since a plan currently does not exist, the committee should develop and update the plan as needed. It is the responsibility of the BOT to approve and implement the plan. The long range planning committee chair recommended consulting various groups – charter members, past commodores, BOT members, committee chairs, as well as any interested club members. Fran recommended that the BOT members read the BOAT US (April/May) article on private yacht clubs. New Business: Information for BOT Members Malcolm reminded the BOT that a Boating Safety Course was required of boaters by July 1, 2016. Malcolm reminded BOT members of the ABC requirements and reviewed a discussion he had with the ABC inspector during their recent visit. Flag Officer flags Malcolm presented flag officers their corresponding burgees and encouraged the officers to fly them when on their boat.

Reciprocity Agreements SYC has received two new reciprocity agreements which will be posted on the SYC website. Members are encouraged to inquire about reciprocity privileges when planning to stop at clubs that traditionally offer them but have not yet offered letters this year.

Membership Requirements - Request for Clarification The BOT was requested to clarify the definition of a membership. The BOT decided that a membership will consist of a family unit living in the same home to include children and or parents that are living in the home. It was concluded that no change is required in the wording of the Club’s Bylaws.

Ben Huggin proposal for day sailing Ben Huggin proposed that the Thursday family sailing evenings be replaced by a monthly Saturday boating activity. Club members would be encouraged to take their boats out on Saturday, offering rides to other club members. The boats would return to the club at 5:30 for a cookout. The BOT concurred with the proposal and Ben will coordinate with Sandy Hopkins in order to pick dates that do not interfere with outdoor rentals. A flyer will be posted in the Semaphore and the activity announced at the monthly dinner meeting. Defibrillator training Malcolm recommended and it was agreed that the BOT receive training on how to use the defibrillator. The defibrillator was recently checked and the battery was OK, but the pads were out of date and will be replaced May 11. Security Camera Proposal The Dock Master has requested that the club consider a security camera on the docks. The BOT discussed the need, various costs and options, which included type of monitoring, trenching from clubhouse to pier versus wireless system, camera resolution, and system maintenance. It was estimated that the system would cost $6,000 if installed as self-help, but as much as $10,000 if done professionally. The BOT recommended that the Dock Master develop cost estimates for various options, as well as asking club members for their inputs. 6

Potential New Members: An application for membership was posted in the Barnacle for Pete and Penny Showalter on 4/4/2016. The BOT voted to approve membership of the Showalters in SYC. New Rentals: May 13-14 Adcox Wedding Anniversary Party - requested date change to May 13-14 Sandy Hopkins recommended approval, and the BOT approved via email vote 15 May 29 - Mike and Jeanette Webb – Sunday Birthday Party for Grandson. The BOT voted for approval June 11 - Cindy Atkins and Art Dister – Wedding Reception. The BOT voted for approval. July 23 - Rick and Joan Dupuy - Anniversary Party. The BOT voted for approval. Calendar: May 13-14 May 21 May 21 May 27-30 May 29 June 11 June 18

Adcox Rental for Wedding Anniversary Party Staggered Start Race Webb Rental for Birthday Party Memorial Weekend Cruise Webb Rental for Birthday Party Dister Rental for Wedding Reception Saturday Boating day

Adjourn: 9:20 pm Respectfully submitted by Winnie Feldhaus, SYC Secretary


on April

SYC DaY TripS anD Dinner

Come one, come all! Powerboats, Sailboats, Land Yachts.

We will be hosting some fun boating and dining at the dock on selected weekends this summer. We have a beautiful facility, let’s get our boats out and have some fun.

EVERYONE is encouraged to come out with your boat, share a ride on another, or

just come for the dinner and fellowship. SYC Day Trips are short rides around the area with a meal on the dock. These are, “Bring your own dinner and BYOB” and will begin around 5:00 on the dock. Bring your friends out for an afternoon boat ride. The club also has corn hole to play in the grass. Jerry Dooley, the dock master, has free slips for members. Just give him a call. We might even have ice cream for the kids! Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain Ben Huggin and Jerry Dooley Yep, that’s Ben and Jerry’s idea of fun! Ben 746-0051 [email protected] Jerry 768-8604 [email protected]




A special Thanks to Paul Blais for these great pictures.