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The Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program. (PMP) has identified (name)(dob ) as one of your patients. This person appears to be obtaining controlled ...
Louisiana PMP Unsolicited Reports Joe Fontenot, R.Ph. Louisiana PMP Manager

Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 40 - Public Health and Safety Chapter 4 - Food and Drugs Part X-A. Prescription Monitoring Program

§1007. Access to prescription monitoring information  C. The board shall review the prescription monitoring information.

§1006. Reporting of prescription monitoring information  E. The Prescription Monitoring Program’s agents, a dispenser, or a prescriber may report suspected violations of this Section or violations of any law to any local, state, or federal law enforcement agency, or the appropriate prosecutorial agency for further investigation or prosecution

§1006. Reporting of prescription monitoring information  F. No agent, dispenser, or prescriber who in good faith reports suspected violations as provided for in Subsection E of this Section shall be liable to any person or entity for any claim of damages as a result of the act of reporting the information, and no lawsuit may be predicated thereon.

Dear Practitioner, The Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) has identified (name)(dob) as one of your patients. This person appears to be obtaining controlled substance prescriptions of the same or similar nature from multiple practitioners. We have developed no conclusions or judgments on the basis of this information; however, in the event this observation should concern you, we suggest you query this person’s prescription history at the PMP website.

Following your review and assessment of the prescription data for this person, you may determine one or more of the following actions to be appropriate. •  If you believe the person’s activities meet the definition of ‘doctor shopper’ as defined by the Louisiana Legislature*, we encourage you to contact the Louisiana State Police CID field office in your area. Please refer to the map on the reverse side of this page. •  If you believe the person may be addicted or have a substance use disorder, we encourage you to refer your patient to the addiction professional of your choice. In the event your patient may have resource issues, you may wish to refer your patient to Office of Behavioral Health at the La. Dept. of Health and Hospitals, toll-free, at (877) 664-2248. •  If you determine that one or more of the prescriptions listing you as the prescriber were not, in fact, prescribed by you, we encourage you to contact the pharmacy dispensing the prescription for them to correct the error in their information system.

In the event you are not currently registered for access to the Louisiana PMP, we encourage you to visit our website at www.labp.com. Select the PMP link, and then select the RxSentry® Orientation Course to complete the short required online tutorial and necessary application process. We have provided this unsolicited report in support of the program’s mission to identify and inhibit the diversion of controlled substances in a manner that will not impede the appropriate utilization of these medications for legitimate medical purposes. For the Board, Joe Fontenot Prescription Monitoring Program Manager

* La. R.S. 40:971.B(1)(i) provides that “It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or intentionally to obtain or seek to obtain any controlled dangerous substance or a prescription or a controlled dangerous substance from a health care practitioner, while being supplied with any controlled dangerous substance or a prescription for any controlled dangerous substance by another health care practitioner, without disclosing the fact of the existing prescription to the practitioner from whom the subsequent prescription for a controlled dangerous substance is sought. Failure of a practitioner to request the disclosure is not a violation of this Subsection by the practitioner. The disclosure shall be made in writing by the person obtaining or seeking to obtain the controlled dangerous substance and shall be made part of the person’s medical record by the health care practitioner. As used in this Section, the term ‘existing’ shall mean the period of time within which the prescription was prescribed to be taken”

Joe Fontenot, R.Ph. PMP Manager Louisiana Board of Pharmacy 5615 Corporate Blvd., 8th Floor Baton Rouge, LA 70808 225-922-0094 (office) [email protected]