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MD Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Association. 2017 Robert M. Chamberlain Distinguished Mentor Award Program.
[pic] |Instructions:|1. Use 10-point ARIAL font and 0.50-inch margins in the space provided| | |below. | | |2. Describe your mentor in the following three areas: | |Any |Teacher – How He/She acts as an Instructor, Example, Learning | |modification |Facilitator, and Goal Setter; | |in font size |Coach – How He/She should act as an Observer, Critic, and Cheerleader;| |to |Sponsor – How He/She should serve as an Advocate, Promoter, | |accommodate |Facilitator, and Protector. | |additional |Nominations with fewer than 100 word descriptions may not provide | |text will |sufficient information for committee review. Nominations are rated | |disqualify |based on the depth, quality, and impact of mentoring for each of the | |your |three areas. Ratings are averaged to create a total score for each | |nomination. |nomination. | |Thank you. |Please limit your nomination to the space provided. | | |3. Email Form to: [email protected] | | |4. Deadline: 5PM Friday December 9, 2016 | |Submitted by:| | |Mentor’s | | |Name: | | |Department: | | |Description: Submit your nomination in this space. | | |