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ACORN WINDOW WINDERS (Mob.) 0418-312-615. Metal (steel) window mechanism: What. repair. or. replacement. service do we offer? That depends on the. type. of metal window.
ACORN WINDOW WINDERS (Mob.) 0418-312-615

Metal (steel) window mechanism: What repair or replacement service do we offer?

That depends on the type of metal window. Below are the various types - and our solutions. But first, some words that will be useful:

WINDER = A mechanism that you wind or turn to make the window open and close STAY = A bar that keeps the window open a set distance, you just push or pull it (no winding) CASEMENT WINDOW = A window that is hinged from the side (like a door) AWNING WINDOW = A window that is hinged from the top CATCH or LATCH = A small handle that keeps a window fastened, it might either turn or lift to release

And now, on to the window types:


KM STYLE (EITHER WITH WINDERS OR STAYS) These are by far the most popular design of metal window and were manufactured from around the mid 1930s to the mid 1970s. They are mostly side hinged (casement) type, although some may be of the awning (top hinged) design. They will have either butt hinges (nearly flush with the window frame; mostly found in housing commission units) or protruding hinges (more like a pivot point than a hinge, at a distance outside the glass).

The casement catch is a lift up latch that does not go out with the window when it is opened . This is major distinction between these windows and the Crittal style (see below).

Down in the right-hand and left-hand corners of these windows is an arm (called a casement stay) that usually, but not always, has a series of holes into which a little bobbin drops to retain the window in an open position. Alternatively an arm winder (turn the handle and the arm moves in an arc) might be used to keep the window open.

Casement stays have not been manufactured for many years, we replace them with arm winders.

Where you have winders that are worn or damaged we will replace them with new.

OPTION: If the new winder handle would interfere with your curtains or blinds we can supply a handle which folds out of the way.

OPTION: Where double-glazing has been added to the window and a folding handle would not be suitable small 'T' or 'butterfly' handles are available.

CRITTAL STYLE These side-hinged windows have a catch that you turn to open or close. The catch goes out with the window.

In the bottom corners of the frame there is usually a brass double sliding arrangement with a thumb-screw to clamp the window in the open position. These slides are no longer available.

Should this type of window have fly screens they will generally be of a roll-up-and-down variety (like a holland blind) running in a guide rail either side of the frame. Or they might be slide-up-and-down or slide-side- to-side screens.

Crittal windows are generally not suitable to convert to winders.

LOCKS AND FLY SCREENS- On almost every type of window we can fit a small, easy-to-use and unobtrusive Chubb lock. However, if your window has existing fly screens it is likely that the screens will not be compatible with the new lock.

If you want a lock fitted to your window we will have to remove the fly screens. An alternative screen is available and we can advise you about this.

If we are not installing locks - just fitting winders - then your existing fly screens can be retained.


WIRE ROPE These windows were made by KM. The design is easily recognisable as it has a wire rope winder, a pair of torsion springs, and no hinges.

When these winders break they cannot be repaired or serviced. We provide a conversion which uses an Australian-made chain winder (either locking or non-locking).

ROTO These awning windows used an arm-winder with a short extended flexible extension riveted to the end of a standard arm. The winder is generally mounted to one side of the centre of the window.

When an old arm-winder is broken we replace it with a new arm-winder. Unfortunately the new type restricts the opening to about 800mm and is not available with a lock.

OPTION: A better alternative is our full conversion which is more secure, more durable and provides a larger opening of about 1200mm. This option is available with or without a built-in lock.

PIVOT TYPE These windows are mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings. They are horizontally pivoted and when opening the top part of the window swings in and the bottom swings out. Little maintenance is required.

We are able to fit locks, with some modification to the window.