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Don Feeney suggested it might be time to add a user survey to the website to capture information ... more sponsorships for National Problem Gambling ...

Board of Directors Meeting Monday, September 22, 2008 12:00 pm EST

I. WELCOME & ROLL CALL – (B. Eadington, C. O’Hare)

The meeting was called to order via audio and web conference by President Bill Eadington at approximately 12:05 pm. President Eadington welcomed all participants and asked Secretary O’Hare to call the roll. 13 participants were in attendance, as indicated:

|Directors: |Prese|Absen|Group (Term) | | |nt |t | | |Paul Ashe | |X |Affiliate (2010)| |Caleb Cooley – |X | |Affiliate (2009)| |Treasurer | | | | |Bill Eadington, Ph.D. |X | |Individual | |– President | | |(2010) | |Seth Eisenberg, M.D. | |X |Individual | | | | |(2009) | |Don Feeney |X | |Organizational | | | | |(2010) | |Judy Herriff |X | |Affiliate (2010)| |Connie Jones |X | |Organizational | | | | |(2011) | |Chuck Maurer, Ph.D. |X | |Affiliate (2011)| |Reece Middleton |X | |Affiliate (2011)| |Joy Mitchell |X | |Affiliate (2009)| |Rena Nora, M.D. |X | |Individual | | | | |(2011) | |Carol O’Hare – |X | |Affiliate (2009)| |Secretary | | | | |Bruce Roberts – |X | |Affiliate (2010)| |President-Elect | | | | |Roger Svendsen | |X |Individual | | | | |(2011) | |Alan Yandow | |X |Organizational | | | | |(2009) | |Other Participants: | |Keith Whyte |Executive Director, NCPG | |Melissa Martin |NCPG |


President Eadington stated that the draft minutes of the July 28th and August 25th meetings were distributed to all board members by email. Carol O’Hare noted that one correction had been received and made.

Motion by Rena Nora, second by Joy Mitchell: Move to approve the draft minutes of both meetings as presented. Motion carried.


1. Staff Report (K. Whyte)

Keith Whyte referenced the written staff report for the period of August 22 to September 22. Keith noted that web traffic continues to increase dramatically with 640,000 unique visitors having been recorded for the month of August. Dr. Nora observed that memberships spiked after the Annual Conference, possibly due to the incentive to become a member to get the discount registration. Keith confirmed that new memberships and renewals do typically increase for that reason. Don Feeney suggested it might be time to add a user survey to the website to capture information about why people visit, what they are looking for and whether they are finding what they need. Keith will work with Don and the Communications Committee to consider options for a survey.

2. Personnel Committee (Betty Greer)

President Eadington deferred discussion of this item until Betty Greer had joined the call. At that time, Dr. Eadington introduced Betty Greer, representing the Personnel Committee, to review the recommendations made in the consultant’s report titled “NCPG Central Office Needs Assessment and Staffing Plan, 2008-2010”. Betty explained that the plan represents the consultant’s recommendation for the ideal structure that would be required for implementation of the strategic plan already adopted by NCPG. Bill noted that the plan calls for 3 new positions over the next 3 years at a cost of $125,000 each, which suggests this has to start with the budget and the fundraising capabilities of the NCPG. Betty stated that the Personnel Committee did not look at the feasibility of implementation, as that would be the responsibility of the board. In the interest of time, President Eadington suggested that further discussion of the plan be placed on the agenda of the October meeting, focusing on the question of hiring any of the new positions and linking that to funding, which will also link to the discussion of expanding the membership. Don Feeney also requested a formal statement be provided by the Personnel Committee regarding the extent to which they endorse any or all of the recommendations in the report. Betty Greer will forward the board’s request on to the Personnel Committee.

IV. FINANCIAL Report – (C. Cooley)

Treasurer Caleb Cooley referenced the 2008 budget which has been revised, using information available through July, to provide more realistic budget projections for the whole year. Total projected revenue is now slightly lower at $632,828 against expenses of $656,500 for a projected net loss of $23,672. Actual revenue through July was $519,000 with actual expenses totaling $454,268 for a net profit of approximately $65,000. Caleb expressed concern that the Council continues to rely heavily on the annual conference, noting that it will be up to the Finance and Fundraising Committee to find ways to change that in the future. Dr. Nora commended the Treasurer and staff for keeping current with the accounting, in spite of the activity of the conference and the challenge of the recent office move.

Connie Jones commented on the need to solicit more sponsorships for National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, noting only $5,500 was received in 2008, with $5,000 of that amount coming from a single donor (IGT). Keith explained some of the issues that affected the fundraising activity for NPGAW, including change of the committee chairperson and lack of a consistent fundraising policy overall for the National Council.

Following discussion of the report as presented, Carol O’Hare asked if the board could also be provided an income statement showing the budget vs. actual in future reports. Treasurer Cooley concurred and will draft the report as requested.

V. OLD BUSINESS – (K. Whyte)

IGCCB Draft Contract

Keith provided the board with a cover memo summarizing the work that has been done over the last couple of years to establish a more business-like relationship between the National Council and the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board. Keith has worked with Lisa Pertzoff and legal counsel to develop the draft contract which is also being reviewed by the IGCCB. Joy Mitchell asked if this contract would create any issues with anti-trust compliance. Keith reported that the agreement has been reviewed thoroughly with counsel and the Department of Justice, and there is no conflict.

Caleb Cooley asked for clarification regarding the intent of Article I, #10: “NCPG will promote the IGCCB credential, including at an exhibit table during the annual national conference and at the NCPG booth when exhibiting at other events.” Keith explained that this is not intended to represent an exclusive endorsement, nor would this prohibit NCPG from promoting other credentials in addition to the IGCCB. Bill Eadington expressed concern about the required promotion of IGCCB, stating he would be opposed to NCPG promoting any one certification over another, but felt it was in the best interest of NCPG to broadly promote certification. Dr. Nora noted that this agreement is solely a business contract for administration and does not involve NCPG in setting the clinical standards of the board. Dr. Nora also pointed out that the IGCCB has over twenty five years relationship with NCPG in dealing with workforce development.  It is the National Certification board that established the original qualifications and requirements for certification of gambling counselors. IGCCB continues to be the "go to" entity when professional questions are asked regarding certification"

Carol O’Hare suggested amending item #10 to be stated as follows: “NCPG will provide an exhibit table during the annual national conference at no additional charge to the IGCCB and where possible make information available at NCPG booths or exhibits at other events.”

Motion by Judy Herriff, second by Connie Jones: Moved to accept the report as amended. Motion carried.


a. Discussion of Membership Committee (B. Eadington) – Deferred to the October board meeting.

VII. PROGRAM OPERATIONS – No agenda items.

VIII. NEW business – No agenda items.


A. Next Board Meeting: October 27, 2008 B. Tentative Future Meetings: November 15-16, December 29

Board members confirmed the next regular meeting will be held on Monday, October 27th and the strategic planning meeting will be held November 15-16 at the Nevada Council office in Las Vegas. Discussion ensued regarding the date for the December meeting.

Motion by Bill Eadington, second by Carol O’Hare: Moved to keep the December board meeting on the fourth Monday of the month, December 22nd. Motion carried.


Motion by Judy Herriff, second by Rena Nora: Move to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:28 pm.