October 22, 2015 - Alberta Beef Producers

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Oct 22, 2015 ... R. Smith, Cailliau and Charlie Christie were at a meeting two weeks ago ... so Chris Israelson will attend in his place, while Charlie. Christie, R.
ALBERTA BEEF PRODUCERS MINUTES FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING THURSDAY OCTOBER 22, 2015, 8:30 a.m. AT THE ABP BOARD ROOM, CALGARY, AB Present: Greg Bowie Bob Lowe Roland Cailliau Rick Friesen Cecilie Fleming Brian Edge Judy Fenton Rob Somerville Tim Sekura Colin Campbell Lyndon Mansell Norm Hennigar John Buckley Tim Smith Larry Delver


Chair Vice-Chair Finance Chair Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9 Director at Large CCC Chair CIC Chair


Rich Smith Fred Hays Laura Procunier Rosanne Allen Katelyn Laverdure Karin Schmid


Executive Director Policy Analyst Controller Executive Assistant Communications Beef Production


Howard Bekkering

- CFC Chair

The Chair called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. 1.

Adoption of Agenda

(a) Adoption of Agenda: Motion by Buckley/Delver: “That the agenda be approved as presented.” Carried 2.

Minutes of the Previous Meetings

(a) Minutes of the September 17, 2015 meeting: Motion by Delver/Fleming: “That the minutes of the September 17, 2015 Board of Directors meeting be approved with amendments.” Carried 3.

Financial Report

(a) Financial Statement ending September 30, 2015: Cailliau presented the financial statement for the period ending September 30, 2015. He explained to the directors that the budget was on track with a little over 42% of the

budget spent halfway through the fiscal year and marketings are current. Marketings continue to decline and are down 100,000 head from this time last year. Motion by Cailliau/Edge: “That the financial statement be accepted for information purposes only.” Carried 4.

Decision Items

(a) ACFA/Government industry funding discussions: The Executive and R. Smith met with ACFA Executive at the beginning of October to discuss industry funding because this will be a focus of the fall meetings. ACFA voiced concerns over any move to return to a nonrefundable service charge, but they recognize the importance of keeping money in the industry. The Executive and R. Smith also met with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and the General Manager of Marketing Council to inform them of what would be discussed by producers at the fall meetings, specifically an increase in the National Check-off (NCO) and options for a non-refundable service charge. The government will have a representative at all of the fall meetings who reports to the department of Agriculture and Forestry. ACFA was more receptive to the idea of a non-refundable service charge with a commitment from ABP that the retained refund revenue, $0.60 or 30% of the $2.00 service charge, would be used solely for marketing, research, and industry collaboration. The government representatives noted that a legislation change would be required to create a nonrefundable service charge and there may be a need for a plebiscite of producers for this change. (b) NCOA response to provinces: Canada Beef has taken significant steps to address the request from the provinces to create separation between the NCO administration function of the Agency and the marketing activities of Canada Beef. The Agency now will have two divisions, these being a National Check-off division under the direction of a new NCO administrator and a Market Development and Promotion division operating as Canada Beef under the direction of Rob Meijer. The NCO administrator will report to the Board and the NCO Committee, while Rob Meijer will report to the Marketing and Promotion Committee. These steps do not complete the changes in structure that the provinces would like to see and there are still details regarding NCO administration that need to be developed, but they do represent a positive move forward. There were concerns expressed by ABP representatives at the Annual Forum

Alberta Beef Producers – Board of Directors – October 22, 2015 about Canada Beef operations and internal relationships separate the NCOA from CBI. (c) Industry funding strategy: Through the Plan Review in 2014 and much of this year, ABP has been discussing the need for increased industry funding if our sector is going to remain competitive in a global market. The organizations responsible for implementing the National Beef Strategy have developed budgets that will require an increase in the NCO from $1.00 to $2.50 per marketing if we are going to reach the objectives in the strategy. On the issue of provincial funding, we have heard a consistent message from producers that we need to address the $2.5 million per year in industry funding that is lost to service charge refunds. At the fall meetings, it will be important to get producers talking about industry funding and providing direction to the delegates for decisions at the AGM. ABP will start the conversation with a PowerPoint presentation on industry funding that will be delivered by a director, Executive member, or the Executive Director at each meeting. When speaking to producers at the fall meetings the directors need to be clear about the difference in provincial levy and the national levy and make it clear that CCA is not funded by the national levy. The presentation includes options of no increase in industry funding, an increase in the NCO to $2.50 per marketing, and a return to a non-refundable service charge with the commitment that $0.60 per marketing will be used solely for marketing, research, and industry collaboration. ABP will retain control over allocation of the $0.60, but likely would receive advice on investment of some portion of this funding from the Cattle Industry Leaders Forum. At each meeting, we will be seeking resolutions or a straw vote of the producers on the industry funding issue. (d) Fall meeting strategy and plans: The directors reviewed other details related to the fall meetings. The Board package included a list of meetings the Executive and the ED will be attending. One of them will be at every meeting, except one, and they are prepared to present the funding strategy if the zone director would like them to. The directors also received their full fall meeting materials packages and training on the use of the mini-iPads that will be used to present the DVD and the industry funding presentation. One director raised the question of changing the dates of the fall meetings and the AGM. This could be considered in future years. (e) Cattle Industry Leaders Forum: With the terms of the delegates on the Cattle Industry Council ending this fall, ABP needs to move forward on creating the Cattle Industry Leaders Forum. The forum is intended to bring together high level representation from across the industry to provide strategic insight and advice for ABP and the other organizations involved in the forum.

One director described the forum as an organization to provide broadly based knowledge of the entire continuum of beef production and to provide recommendations to better advance the industry. ABP sees the forum as a strategic, proactive think tank. The directors spent a considerable amount of time discussing the role of the forum, our expectations of the forum, the organizations that should be invited to participate in the forum, the qualifications of the forum chair, and a facilitated organizational meeting of the forum. R. Smith will take the information generated by this discussion and prepare a draft Terms of Reference document for the Board to review at the November meeting. (f) Sustainability pilot workshops: McDonald’s is still looking for more producers to participate in the sustainability pilot project. They see a good way to attract more producers is through workshops organized by a producer who invites local producers to attend. There was a workshop in Stavely where 45 people attended and 16 people have since asked to be verified. We are still trying to organize more workshops around the province. The ABP directors will be asked if they are willing to organize them or do they know someone who would be interested in organizing one. The purpose of the workshop is to explain the pilot project to producers with the idea that once they understand, they will be more interested in participating. (g) ABQSH Appointment and AGM: The AGM is in November and Fleming is currently on the board as our representative. Although ABQSH will keep Fleming on the board until we direct otherwise, the ABP appointment was for only one year and a motion will be required to continue it. Motion by Friesen/Campbell: “That Cecilie Fleming continues to represent ABP on the Alberta Quality Starts Here board.” Carried (h) Farm Implement Board nomination: We have received a call for a nomination to the Farm Implement Board (FIB). Brian Chomlak has previously been nominated by ABP and currently sits as an alternate on the FIB. He would be interested in continuing his work on the FIB. They meet four times a year to settle disputes and set policy with respect to farm implement sales and service. Motion by Fleming/Friesen: “That ABP nominate Brian Chomlak to serve on the Farm Implement Board.” Carried

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Alberta Beef Producers – Board of Directors – October 22, 2015 (i) Cattle Implementation Plan (CIP): Edge has been sitting on the CIP committee for the last few years. Due to health issues he feels he can no longer represent ABP and suggested the board appoint someone else. Bekkering is representing ABP on the CCIA board and the CIPO committee operates under CCIA. Bekkering would be willing to sit on the CIP committee, as well. Motion by Fleming/Friesen: “That Howard Bekkering be appointed to represent ABP on the Cattle Implementation Plan.” Carried 5.

In Camera


Discussion Items

(a) Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) Report: The CRSB AGM was held on September 30th and October 1st in Saskatoon with 46 members and 40 observers in attendance. Bowie, Lowe and R. Smith attended and thought that it was a good meeting and tour. The CRSB seems to be growing well and there is good participation and interest from the members. The meeting included updates from the CRSB Council, the Global and U.S. roundtables, the sustainability assessment committee, and the McDonald’s Pilot Project. The sustainability assessment is being done by Deloitte and will be a powerful tool for the industry if it is done correctly. The CRSB Indicator Committee, on which Bowie sits, went over its recommendations. Bowie participated in a conference call this week to fine tune the recommendations. The committee kept some of the indicators and worked on the wording of a few of the indicators that caused concern. Bowie is waiting for the refined document that will go to the CRSB council for final approval. The cost of bringing everyone together is substantial so they have had a number of very long conference calls. (b) VBP+/ABQSH Update: Andrea Brocklebank, BCRC, gave the directors an update on Verified Beef Production and the VBP+ plans. Brocklebank provided an explanation for directors who weren’t aware of how ABQSH and VBP+ were funded and organized. All of the VBP+ modules will be ready to deliver in 2016 with the biosecurity and animal care modules ready before March, 2016 and the environment module ready soon after that date. Brocklebank discussed the VBP+ strategy and business plan. VBP represents an opportunity for the industry to develop our own program supporting sustainability

assessment and verification, but it needs to be a credible, national program. If VBP is going to be a framework for our sustainability program, it will need a sound business plan and more industry funding. VBP is currently under BCRC, but there is consideration of making it a division of the CCA. VBP could be provided with funding from the increased NCO and there will be a need for greater coordination at the national and provincial levels. ABP has strongly supported ABQSH and the directors were receptive to Brocklebank’s points. They agreed that VBP would be part of the NCO discussion in Alberta. (c) CCA update (TPP/COOL): There are plans for a large industry event to be held next summer as part of the connectivity pillar of the National Beef Strategy. Jill Harvie is the staff person in charge of the event and the intent is to make it like the NCBA convention. It should encompass all of the cattle organizations in Canada. The planning committee will be named next week. The CCA semi-annual general meeting will be a part of the event and it will take place in Calgary sometime in August, 2016. We are expecting a ruling from the WTO on COOL retaliation amounts in early December and CCA is continuing with talks in Washington DC. We are hoping that the new government will maintain the strong position on retaliation that was taken by the previous government. A TPP agreement was reached and Canada is a founding member of the TPP. It will take time for the countries in the TTP to ratify the agreement. Although the TPP will be very good for the beef industry, there is opposition to the agreement in Canada and the U.S. (d) Farm safety update: R. Smith, Cailliau and Charlie Christie were at a meeting two weeks ago with the government to discuss farm safety. The meeting was not about specific changes in labour legislation, but the government wanted input from the industry organizations on how to communicate any future changes to producers. The group made it clear that industry is against mandatory WCB coverage for farms and ranches. John Brown, Brent McEwen and Jason Krips were at the meeting and will report the views of the industry participants directly to their respective Ministers. It is important that we keep talking to the government about farm and ranch health and safety so that the officials are fully aware of industry positions. (e) Harvest Gala: The Harvest Gala will take place on October 23rd at the BMO Centre here in Calgary. As we have done in the past, ABP bought a table at the Gala. Cailliau is unable to attend so Chris Israelson will attend in his place, while Charlie Christie, R. Smith, Lowe, and Bowie also will be attending. R. Smith is going as a board member as Ag for Life and 450 tickets have been sold for the event. Ag for

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Alberta Beef Producers – Board of Directors – October 22, 2015 There will be a meeting on November 13th and the committee will be inviting people from the AAMDC. Developing a strategy to roll out salient points from the Mistakiis report. Will be brought back to the Board for approval and presented at the AGM. They are also developing a 3 copy report form to record any interactions between producers and wildlife. One copy will be sent to ABP, one to the respective MLA and one to government. One issue to settle is how wildlife officers decide who gets reimbursed and who doesn’t.

life contributes $100,000 each year to the Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP). (f) PNWER Update – Delver: Delver provided a written report. PNWER will be held in Calgary next summer beginning at the end of the Stampede. Delver suggested a tour of Cargill be part of the event. Delver was asked to look into an issue involving CFIA certification for US calves that are being backgrounded in Canada and sent back to the US for finishing. The meeting with PNWER was very introductory. Delver believes ABP needs to be more involved in PNWER. (g) Council and Committee Reports:

(vi) Research Committee: Will be meeting November 23rd. (h) Zone reports:

(i) Cattle Feeder Council:

No reports at this time

Nothing to report


(ii) Cattle Industry Council:

Reading Materials

(a) Beef Supply at a Glance:

Nothing to report


Next Meeting and Upcoming Events

(iii) Cow Calf Council:


Resolution Committee meeting – TBD

AFAC wants a small committee formed to provide advice on development of their Feed Needs Module for perennial insurance. AFSC asked Tim Smith to participate and Bowie, Mansell, and Somerville also expressed an interest in participating.


Board meeting – November 18, 2015, ABP Board Room, Calgary, AB


Board and staff meeting facilitation session – November 19, 2015, ABP Board Room, Calgary, AB


New Delegate Orientation – November 25, 2015, ABP Board Room, Calgary, AB


AGM – December 7 – 9, 2015, Sheraton Cavalier, Calgary, AB

(iv) Environment Committee: The committee met on October 21st in the ABP Board Room. There were a number of presenters including Tom Bradley from Farming for Tomorrow. ABP has been contributing $9000 a year to the magazine in exchange for three articles, usually one of which is a feature on the ESA winner. After some debate, the committee recommended that the contribution continue and that we better utilize the magazine. There was a presentation by Tom Goddard, Agriculture & Forestry on Climate Change; Fawn Jackson spoke about an Ecological Services Program; Hugh Hunt gave a presentation on the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP).



The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Sekura at 3:45 p.m.

The committee reviewed the changes made to the EC Policy at the June meeting and approved the amendments. Fenton brought the amended policy to the board for approval. Motion by Fenton/Delver: “That the Environment Committee Policy amendments be approved.” Carried (v) Wildlife Committee:

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