Online Directed Reading GAME MATHEMATICS I

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Online Directed Reading GAME MATHEMATICS I • OFFICE: ... Outcomes for Edmonds Community College degrees and certificates can be found in the ... PDF available on Canvas
CS 170 Online Directed Reading


OFFICE: Alderwood, Room 204A E-MAIL: [email protected] *preferred PHONE: (425)640-1177 FAX: (425)771-3366

OFFICE HOURS: Spring 2014   

10:30 - 11:20 am Monday - Thursday 2:20 - 2:45 pm Wednesday - Thursday by appointment

 COURSE DESCRIPTION: First of a two-course sequence. Introduction to the mathematical principles used to represent 2D and 3D space in game programming. Topics include sets, functions, polynomials, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and their application to computer game graphics and physics.  CREDITS PRE-REQUISITES College algebra or department permission. 5

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: Reason clearly using varied analytic and creative approaches  Define a set and utilize set notation and operations including Cartesian product.  Interpret common set operations from both an analytic and geometric viewpoint 

Graph various functions in 2D and 3D space.

Use polynomial functions to solve interpolation, approximation, and prediction problems characteristic of computer games.

Use trigonometric functions and identities to solve 2D and 3D problems in math, physics and computer graphics.

Represent basic 2D and 3D figures such as ellipses, paraboloids, ellipsoids, and prisms using analytic geometry.

Communicate and interact respectfully through critical and imaginative expression 

Clearly communicate problem and solution descriptions to peers, and work with peers to jointly solve mathematical problems.

This course is part of a certificate or a degree, and assesses student achievement of these specific outcomes: Outcomes for Edmonds Community College degrees and certificates can be found in the online college catalog ( embedded within each degree or certificate. To find specific outcomes, click on the Degrees and Certificates link and select a program from the list.ificates and their Outcomes are listed at

CS 170: Course Information: Fall 2014 Schedule# Section Time Lecture: 2936 AA Online




REQUIRED:""Precalculus: an Investigation of Functions" Edition 1.3 by David Lippman and Melonie Rasmussen Open Source. PDF available on Canvas 568 pp. PDF not available at the bookstore: List: $0.00


Supplemental: "College Algebra " Edition [π] by Carl Stitz, Jeff Zeager Open Source. PDF available on Canvas 716 pp. PDF not available at the bookstore: List: $0.00


Access to a computer and the Internet. There are over 400 computers on the Edmonds CC campus. o

ACS labs.


Campus Computer Resources


WiFi Connection

Two (2) Deluxe Locking Project File Folders DOCU Manager or equivalent (available at the EdCC Bookstore or Office Max) o

Access to a computer with a compiler and the Internet. There are over 400 computers on the Edmonds CC campus. 

ACS labs. All ACS lab machines should have Visual Studio.Net 2010 installed.

Campus Computer Resources. (downloadable pdf)

The campus also has a wireless network available for students. 


Successful completion of student responsibilities in this class requires access to Canvas via an Internet browser. Additional materials will be posted in the CS 170 area. Instructions for access to Canvas may be located online at the following address: 

E-mail communications should use the student's EdMail account. Instructions are at:


Fall 2014 Section A: must be completed by Thursday, December 11, 2014. Arrangements must be made in advance – please contact the instructor

COURSE MODE: This is a directed reading course, offered online. Classroom time is replaced by content and activities that take place in a managed online classroom (eLearning class). However, the contact hours are flexible and assignments and communication can take place at home or any place with a computer and Internet access. This course does not require campus visits other than for a proctored final exam. For more information about taking an online class, visit

Communications Plan Information

The Triton Alert System information is here: . This System will be used to send notifications regarding campus closures, emergency situations, or evacuation orders in the event of an emergency or inclement weather. Edmonds CC students and employees are automatically enrolled to receive Triton Alerts through their college email addresses. Sign up to receive text and voice messages on your mobile or home phones and/or additional email notifications to personal email addresses. In the event of inclement weather prevents me from getting to campus (and the college is open), an announcement will be posted on Canvas and/or an email message will be sent to your edmail account, at the earliest possible time. However, be sure to check the college's website to see if the college is closed and all classes are canceled.

Class Policies A. Students are expected to follow all Edmonds Community College Policies and

Procedures. Special notice should be paid to: a. Academic Information and Requirements b. Edmonds Community College Policies c. college-wide abilities STUDENT SERVICES INFORMATION: o o

Academic Calendar: Advising:


Center for Student Engagement and Leadership:


College Policies and Procedures:


Counseling and Resource Center:


Diversity Student Center:


eLearning Office:


Enrollment Services:


Learning Support Center:


Library, including online resources:



Services for Students with Disabilities -


Student Printing Guidelines:


Student Support Resources:



The textbook is necessary for properly understanding this material. You are responsible for utilizing this resource.


Read the appropriate section of the text and trace through samples before and making a first attempt at some of the problems. You are responsible for your learning.


Arrive promptly for class; come prepared to take notes.


Participation credit is not given just for attendance. However, attendance will be taken every day. An attendance sheet will be sent around to be initialed at the beginning of each class. It is the student's responsibility to sign in! Points are also given for involvement in the process, and will not be given to those who are uninvolved, distracting to others, or in any way not fully a part of the class effort. Participation includes, but is not limited to: being prepared for class (this includes having read the text), following and contributing to class discussions and doing required research and class presentations.


Students are expected to follow the ethical standards of the college and the profession, as outlined by the ACM. o

Edmonds CC students shall demonstrate Academic Integrity. Instructors are expected to report all violations of Academic Integrity (cheating and plagiarism) to the College. The College's database of such incidents will be monitored by the Office of the Vice President for Student Services. Data will be maintained for three years. Evidence of repeat incidents will result in additional action by the Office of the Vice President for Student Services as governed by the Student Code of Conduct. In this class, cheating or plagiarism on a test, quiz, exercise or assignment will result in a grade penalty ranging from a grade of F (0.0) for the item to a grade of F (0.0 for the class). A second incident in this class will result in a grade of F (0.0) for the class.


All assignments must be primarily your own work. You may NOT: A. directly use work not written by yourself B. do the work with other students (except for group projects) C. share your work with other students. D. use other students' ideas or look at other students' work. "Honesty is the best policy"

G. Although efforts will be made to remain on track, all schedules set out at the beginning of the quarter are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the student to keep informed about changes. The current schedule is always available on the class web site. H. Students must laugh at a minimum of 50% of the instructors jokes. If you are unsure if something was a joke or not, smile, just to be safe. I.

If you require an accommodation for a disability, please contact Services for Students with Disabilities at MLT 159, 425-640-1320 or [email protected]

J. Try to keep a positive attitude. "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." - Herm Albright K. Other procedures may be established during the course of the quarter.

Grading activity




Grading is based on a





100 point scale. The points are:







GRADING SCALE: ((Total points) - 50) / 10 = G.P.A. (Anything over 4.0 becomes 4.0. Anything under 1.0 becomes 0.0). E.g., 85 = 3.5, 62 = 1.2, etc.

EXERCISES will be based on readings from the textbooks and supplemental materials. They will be specified on Canvas. All exercises must be submitted by June 13, 2014, Students are encouraged to complete exercises in a timely manner, and submit each as soon as completed

FINAL TEST will require critical thinking skills beyond memorization. You must know the material well enough to think about its consequences, and you must act on your own abilities, as well as those of the author of the book. Test must be taken in a proctored situation--it can be taken in the testing center at Edmonds..

ETHICS: All work must be done independently. Students may get help, but submitted problem solutions should be substantially the work of the student.

Academic Information and Requirements: "V" grade (instructor-initiated withdrawal): NO 'V' grades will be given. A students who stops attending class without officially withdrawing ("W") will be given a grade of "0.0". "I" grade (incomplete): An 'I' grade will be given only in extreme circumstances, and only if the student has a passing grade two weeks before the end of the quarter. Requires an "incomplete" contract.