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center pouch location.. 3. ... This machine can be used to laminate pouches under COLD &HOT ... panel to the position of the “Cold ” and it will start laminating.
Laminator Operation Manual Model No:235-TP : Touch panel indicator

Pouch indicators

Temperature indicators

Laminator Operation Manual Model No:235-TP Laminating speed


No. of rollers


Pouch thickness

75MIC 100MIC 125MIC



Max. width


Pre-heating time


Max. thickness


File size

Up to A4 size






Operation Procedure

Temp. Up

Temp. Down

This machine can be used to laminate pouches under COLD &HOT conditions, in which the interlayer can be pictures, cards, document paper, etc (with thickness less than 0.4mm). The pouches can take size up to A4 paper.


1. Keep this machine horizontally with sufficient space for operation. 2. Please use voltage of 220V/ 50Hz during operation.



1.Flip the support tray and wait for Green light to start lamination.

2.Insert the documents to be laminated at

center pouch location..

Lift back support tray,turn on the power switch, adjust the touch panel to the position of the “Cold ” and it will start laminating automatically. HOT LAMINATING WITH TEMPERATURE CONTROL

3. Place the laminated document at the arrow


4. Lamination will start


1. According to pouch thickness, adjust the temperature transfer switch on the touch panel in accordingly. The indicator is red during the preheating stage. 2. After 4~5 minutes of warming up,the indicator will turn green. 3. Put one interlayer which you want to be laminated into a folio pouch and insert them together into the entrance of the laminator horizontally for immediate lamination. 4. Adjust the temperature from the temperature indicator for your ideal result.

Laminator Operation Manual Model No:235-TP Reverse Button

Press this button when jamming occurs during operation to release

your documents.

Laminator Operation Manual Model No:235-TP

Key parts

REMARKS: Make sure the interlayer is evenly folded before laminating and the folded side will be inserted into the entrance of the laminator at first. Please do not insert the open side of the pouch into the entrance first and the pouch can’t be scissored apart before use. Moreover, please follow the guideline in back of the entrance when inserting to make sure that your pouch is inserted vertically to the entrance. 1. AFTER LAMINATING

After lamination, the documents are very hot. Please be careful not

to injure your hands.


To ensure safety and prevent potential accidents, such as crispation of pouch or fire, please follow below steps. Attention: please make sure that the machine has been turned off and unplugged before maintenance. 1. As to the dirt on the covers of machine, please wipe them off by wet cloth. To avoid the danger of short circuit, please do not place the machine in wet conditions or nearby the window of air-conditioner,and

also please make sure that the machine is dry before operation!

2. Do not operate the laminator for more than two hours at a time. Wait at least fifteen seconds between each lamination. Allow the laminator to cool at least thirty minutes after power off. 3. Do not touch or place any objects on the hot surfaces of the machine, wait for the machine to cool before moving or cleaning. 4. The color of heat-sensitive documents may change during lamination.

5. Interlayers over 0.4mm in thickness are not suitable for lamination. 6. The documents with material that are easy melting, sticky or thinner than 70g/m² paper are not ideal for lamination. 4

1. Reverse Switch 2. Support Tray 3. Touch Panel 4. Power Switch Please read this manual and observe the instructions thoroughly before operating machine. Keep this instruction in a convenient location for future reference.