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Oracle x86 Servers. Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together. Oracle x86 systems provide the best x86 platform for running Oracle software.
Oracle x86 Servers Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together

Oracle x86 systems provide the best x86 platform for running Oracle software. Oracle’s x86 systems portfolio includes two-socket, four-socket, and eight-socket systems that are based on Intel Xeon processors and designed to run mission-critical workloads. Oracle x86 systems also form the building block for nearly all of Oracle’s engineered systems, whose enhancements from stress testing are included in Oracle x86 standalone systems. Further, as the product development platform used internally by Oracle’s software engineers, Oracle x86 systems are optimized at each level of the hardware and firmware design to be the most reliable and highest performing x86 servers for running Oracle operating systems and databases. Oracle holds the world-record x86 TPC-C benchmark (measuring database throughput) of 5.1 million tmpC using Oracle Linux on Oracle’s Sun Server X2-8.

The Oracle x86 Systems Difference

By designing and enhancing Oracle operating systems and software specifically for Oracle x86 servers, Oracle ensures that the combination of hardware and software is tested and optimized in advance. This means less time chasing bugs, tuning software, and handling compatibility issues. Unlike many other vendors’ x86 servers, Oracle x86 systems are engineered in-house from design through manufacturing. This closely controlled process yields improved hardware quality and permits the type of low level designs that improve Oracle software performance. With enhancements to BIOS, storage Oracle x86 Added Value controller, hard drive, and networking firmware, Oracle x86 systems are specifically optimized and hardened to handle the demanding I/O workloads of Oracle Database and applications. In addition, Oracle’s embedded system management software proactively diagnoses problems to increase the reliability of Oracle software, the result of Oracle co-engineering. Finally, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM are all enhanced with special features that are enabled only on Oracle x86 hardware. Oracle believes that only with an integrated-stack approach can software and hardware achieve their true potential. All of Oracle’s integrated solutions offer extreme performance and reliability by tightly integrating the hardware and software components and carefully testing those combinations. Through its highly customized implementation, Oracle Exadata Database Unique features in Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris for Oracle x86 servers

Oracle firmware extensions to BIOS, Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM), storage controllers, and other firmware Advanced Oraclespecific design of motherboard, power, thermal, and mechanical subsystems Standard x86 chipset and components

Engineered Together: The Benefits of Oracle Database and Oracle Linux on Oracle x86

Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, and Oracle x86 servers represent a special combination of products that have been designed, tested, and used together by Oracle in Oracle’s engineered systems. Oracle Linux has kernel and user-space enhancements that make Oracle Database run faster, including improvements to the I/O and networking subsystems. Oracle Database itself is optimized for Oracle’s hardware flash technologies, such as Oracle’s Sun Flash Accelerator PCIe Cards. One of the most significant benefits to running Oracle Database and Oracle Linux on Oracle x86 systems is the added reliability that comes with using the best-tested combination. Oracle runs its own product development IT infrastructures on Oracle x86 systems, wherein software engineers developing Oracle Database write and test their code on Oracle x86 systems. In fact, Oracle Database and Oracle Linux on Oracle x86 systems replicate the infrastructure used in Oracle Managed Cloud Services, which processes some 16 billion business-critical database transactions per day.

Machine yields the fastest performance available for Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition. Similarly, Oracle Database Appliance provides to users of Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition the benefits of a completely integrated, ready-todeploy system that can accommodate growth with a flexible, “pay as you go” database-licensing model. Oracle’s newest x86 engineered system, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance running Oracle VM server, offers a horizontal scaling solution with a unique, software-defined networking capability for cloud deployments. Finally, Oracle standalone x86 systems fulfill any other system needs for Oracle software, from Oracle Applications to all versions of Oracle Database. Oracle x86 Systems

2-Socket 1RU Rack

4-Socket 3U Rack

8-Socket 5U Rack 2-Socket 2RU Rack

Ready for the Enterprise

Oracle x86 systems ship with a choice of Oracle VM, Oracle Solaris, or Oracle Linux, along with system management software, all at no extra cost for Oracle Premier Support customers. Additionally, Oracle x86 systems provide the best time to value. Oracle x86 systems are delivered with the OS preinstalled and Oracle x86 systems automatically check for recent firmware updates during boot up. At higher levels of the stack, Oracle Database and application software (as well as third-party applications) are delivered as Oracle VM assemblies, eliminating the need to individually customize network and storage options. The overall result is system deployment in hours instead of days.

Customer Support

2-Socket Blade

Hand in hand with Oracle’s single full-technology-stack approach, Oracle provides a unified customer support program. Not only are time-wasting back-and-forth calls among multiple vendors eliminated, but also Oracle Support Engineers can quickly replicate customers’ hardware and software environments for faster problem resolution. Oracle Premier Support provides essential support services including 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive support resources, and product updates. With global coverage and 50,000+ development engineers and customer support specialists, Oracle delivers a complete and dependable, fully integrated service.

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