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Part Submission Warrant. Part Name Blinker Fluid (2oz bottle). Cust. Part Number 100123. Shown on Drawing No. BF-2OZ. Org. Part Number 999123.
Part Submission Warrant Part Name Blinker Fluid (2oz bottle)

Cust. Part Number 100123

Shown on Drawing No. BF-2OZ

Org. Part Number 999123

Engineering Change Level A

Dated 24 Oct 2011

Additional Engineering Changes None


Safety and/or Government Regulation Checking Aid No. CA13

Yes X No

Purchase Order No. PO-123000

Weight (kg) 0.2

Checking Aid Engineering Change Level C

Dated 03 Oct 2011



Blinker Fluid Supply Co

Imaginary Fluids Inc

Supplier Name & Supplier/Vendor Code

Customer Name/Division

Main Street

IFI - 001

Street Address

Buyer/Buyer Code

Ireland City


Automotive Postal Code




Has customer-required Substances of Concern information been reported? X Yes



Submitted by IMDS or other customer format: IMDS Node #0000111 Are polymeric parts identified with appropriate ISO marking codes?


No X n/a

REASON FOR SUBMISSION (Check at least one)

X Initial Submission Engineering Change(s) Tooling: Transfer, Replacement, Refurbishment, or additional Correction of Discrepancy Tooling Inactive > than 1 year

Change to Optional Construction or Material Supplier or Material Source Change Change in Part Processing Parts Produced at Additional Location Other - please specify


Level 1 - Warrant only (and for designated appearance items, an Appearance Approval Report) submitted to customer. Level 2 - Warrant with product samples and limited supporting data submitted to customer. X Level 3 - Warrant with product samples and complete supporting data submitted to customer. Level 4 - Warrant and other requirements as defined by customer. Level 5 - Warrant with product samples and complete supporting data reviewed at organization's manufacturing location. SUBMISSION RESULTS

The results for X dimensional measurements X material and functional tests X appearance criteria X statistical process package These results meet all design record requirements: X Yes

NO (If "NO" - Explanation Required)

Mold / Cavity / Production Process MCPP-01 DECLARATION

I affirm that the samples represented by this warrant are representative of our parts, which were made by a process that meets all Production Part Approval Process Manual 4th Edition Requirements. I further affirm that these samples were produced at the production rate of 2oz /1 hours. I also certify that the documented evidence of such compliance is on file and available for review. I have noted any deviations from this declaration below. EXPLANATION / COMMENTS Is each Customer Tool properly tagged and numbered? X Yes Organization Authorized Signature Mr. Biff Loman Print Name Biff Loman Title Salesman PPAP Warrant Disposition: Customer Signature Print Name




Digitally signed using QA Assistant Studio Signature Date: 24 Oct 2011

Phone No. KL5-1212 E-mail [email protected]

Date 24 Oct 2011 Fax No. KL5-1213

FOR CUSTOMER USE ONLY (IF APPLICABLE) Other Date Customer Tracking Number (optional)

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