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    Clairvoyance, Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching Some of the reasons why people have sought my help. Physical & Emotional Issues • Illnesses - e.g. cancer, arthritis,
My Background I am English, living permanently in Denmark and have worked for many years as a Clairvoyant and Healer in lots of different countries. All my life I have been aware of spiritual matters, as my mother is also psychic and my grandfather was a medium. I followed a career in Business & Finance, and ran my own International Company, only to realize that my heart was more in helping people with my spiritual gifts, which led me to leave finance behind. I have received training in:- Healing, Anatomy, Human Biology, Hypnotherapy, Psycho-therapy, Touch for Health (Kinesiology), Pharmacology, Mediumship, Reiki and Sound Healing. I am a life member of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (S.A.G.B.), a teacher for HOF and for the RAB qualification for Therapists in Denmark.

Private Sessions I give private sessions in person, which usually last 2 hours. I also offer appointments by telephone, and for children, either with or without their parents. All sessions are recorded on tape.

Private Sessions: 850 Kr (2 hrs) Telephone Sessions: 450 Kr (per hour)

Contact Details Telephone (+45) 44 95 03 28 Mobile

(+45) 61 10 47 91

Clairvoyance, Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching I believe that everyone who seeks help, needs assistance in each their own way, to live out the beautiful qualities of their own life’s journey. My wish is to help people find the way that will assist them the most - right now.

Martin Duxbury

E-mail & Website: [email protected] www.healing-clairvoyance.dk Paltholmterrasserne 44a 3520 Farum, Denmark. 24th September 2004

Healing, Clairvoyance, Therapy, Body Work, Spiritual Life Coaching. Private Sessions, Workshops & Business Consultancy.

Clairvoyance, Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching Some of the reasons why people have sought my help. Physical & Emotional Issues • Illnesses - e.g. cancer, arthritis, asthma, cysts, multiple sclerosis, headaches, back and spine problems… the list is endless • Infertility

Spiritual Matters • To learn about and make contact with their spirit guide(s) • To find a direction and purpose in their life • To contact lost loved ones

• Insomnia

• Dream interpretation

• Feeling unsafe / anxiety

• To clear their home of

• Relationship issues • Learning difficulties

unwanted “spirits” & “energies” • Interest in spiritual matters

• Emotional distress • To solve patterns from childhood • Work related questions • Weight problems • Sexual problems

The answers you seek are available just ask!


“ Ghost Busting”

I offer workshops in SelfDevelopment, Clairvoyance, and Healing. The workshops contain many practical exercises and are aimed specifically at helping people develop their own natural skills. I also offer workshops, from time to time on other topics as appropriate, e.g. Hand reading & Tarot reading. Full and current details are available on request or by visiting my web site.

I offer a service for helping spirits find their way home. Many people contact me, as they are troubled by spirits, either at work or at home. Please contact me for more details, or visit my website.

Private Sessions I offer Private appointments in person or by telephone, answering questions on any topic, and provide Healing and Therapy as is required.

Sessions include the following: “ True Essence”

Therapy & Life Coaching

I tune in to a person’ s energy and describe their “true essence”, without all their life experiences “clouding” the picture. This enables me to share insights into their life’ s purp o s e, and i n to the particular “gifts” that they were born with.

Often, an individual requires a safe place to “open their heart”, and to work on emotionally strong patterns from their past. I use a combination of my skills in this process, helping the individual on their journey.

The help you need is there Just reach for it!

Spirit Guides During sessions I am guided by my intuitive senses and often, also by the presence of a person’ s “Spirit Guide(s)” as to what will help each person in the most effective way right now. I communicate the purpose of these guides and the gifts that they bring to the person.



I “sense” the effect on a person’ s body, of what is eaten, and of specific allergies. I suggest things to eat, or avoid.

I “feel” and describe what is happening, the energy of those involved, where a situation is going, and suggest possible solutions and the outcome. Each problem is unique and usually requires a remedy specific for that person. I offer advice, healing & healing massage.

Body Work & Medical Intuitive By reading the energy I can identify specific places in the body, where there are difficulties, illness or imbalance. I see changes in the energy, as we discuss different topics, and where the body is directly affected. I work together with the person, sharing lots of information and insights, but also, with spiritual healing, touch/massage directly on the body to balance the energy as I am guided to do.

Deceased loved ones Sometimes, but not always, spirits may choose to visit, often with a message.

Techniques to take home I share some techniques during a session, so that a person can continue the process, as necessary, at home by themselves.